Earth Chakras: Healing the Energy Vortexes of the Earth

Within every human being exists seven chakras. These major chakras are energy centres that generate and spread spiritual power. A chakra point, when healthy and flowing freely, enables us to become the best versions of ourselves which naturally spreads to the world around us.

When the chakra system is running improperly or has been wounded in some way, this blocks the energy from flowing freely and results in obstacles and blockages within the individual. For example, a heart chakra which has been wounded (i.e. experiencing a broken heart after a break-up and not addressing it in a healthy way) can stifle the energy, resulting in lack of trust, a cold outlook towards love, or, conversely, a desperate need to be loved “at all costs” which can result in unhealthy relationships based on attachment.

Humans are a mirror of the planet we live in. It is the manifestation of human thought that has led to the world around us. Like humans, the Earth suffers and struggles, but also experiences joy and happiness. Like humans, the Earth has light and dark within it. Like humans, the Mother Earth also has seven chakras across her energy system.

Energy Vortexes and the Major Chakra Points of the Earth

The Earth’s chakras are high energy points located at different places of the world. Her seven earth chakras are hidden from the naked eye but it is believed that being near them boosts your inner power and spiritual energy.

Most of the Earth’s chakras are located on ley lines. These are invisible lines that run throughout different locations on earth and hold divine power. When we are in proximity to these ley lines, we too begin to feel the divine power that flows through them.

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Where Are the Earth Chakras Based?

The following locations are where each major chakra is believed to be based. Acting as power points of the planet, these spots vibrate high energy across specific spots on Earth. So if you are on a spiritual journey, keep these chakra sites in mind (no doubt your soul will guide you to them if it is meant to be!) as you travel across the earth’s energy system to find these spiritual locations.

Root Chakra: Mount Shasta, California

The Earth’s Root chakra is the chakra energy that connects your energy to the Earth itself – located at the base of the spine within our bodies. Mount Shasta is considered a holy place by the Native Americans whose connection to Mother Earth is ancient and sacred. Close proximity to Mount Shasta increases your sense of being grounded and helps you to trust in yourself, others and your inner self. When the root chakra is in balance, we remember and feel our sense of belonging.

Sacral Chakra: Lake Titicaca

The centre point of life’s pleasure, The Earth’s Sacral Chakra represents creativity and sexuality. Located between Peru and Bolivia, it is believed that swimming in these sacred waters fuels your creative spirit and helps you express your sexuality with greater freedom.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Uluru & Kata Tjuta, Australia

The Solar Plexus governs confidence, vitality and power. A solar plexus that has been wounded can result in low self-esteem or, conversely, too much confidence which turns into excessive pride. The Solar Plexus chakra of the Earth is located in the Northern part of Australia and is said to be the world’s lifeline and provides the life force to all living things.

Heart Chakra: Glastonbury, England

The Heart Chakra governs love, compassion and healing. The Earths Heart Chakra is considered to be one of the most sacred, and is located in the surrounding areas of Glastonbury such as the sacred site of Stonehenge, or places within Glastonbury itself, such as Glastonbury Tor, and are the highest vortexes of energy. Magic surrounds this area of England where it is believed druids once lived and their energy still lingers. The legend of King Arthur is a prominent feature of Glastonbury and it is believed that when England is in its greatest danger, Arthur will rise again. This chakra can bring about harmony within your heart and help you heal.

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Throat Chakra: Mount Olives, Israel

The Throat Chakra of the Earth, which is located in Mount Olives, Jerusalem, governs truth and communication. Many are drawn to this Land as they feel the energetic power of this earth chakra. This is the energetic power which gives one the power to speak. Being in close proximity to this power helps you to reach deep within you, find the truth and express it to the world.

Third Eye Chakra: Glastonbury, England

This is the second chakra located in Glastonbury, England. The Third Eye Chakra moves, and is responsible for intuition, clarity and awareness. It connects the spiritual world to the physical world. This is the only chakra believed to move around and at this time its location is believed to be with the Heart Chakra. It moves because the doorways to the spirit world are forever changing. To be in close proximity to this chakra brings heightened intuition and a deeper connection with a divine power.

Crown Chakra: Mount Kailash, Tibet

The spiritual wisdom of Tibet is famous throughout the world and the sacred place of Mount Kailash is home to the seventh and final chakra, the Crown Chakra. This chakra opens the gateway to a higher power and is one of the main spiritual hotspots in the world. It governs faith and spirituality. It is through the Crown Chakra that one forges a connection with the Divine and ascends through spiritual transformation. This is the crown of the Earth itself.

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