The 7 Types of Soul According to the Michael Teachings

Before arriving on Earth, our soul chooses the type of life, body and experiences it will have in order to progress on its spiritual journey. As humans, this can be hard for us to fathom sometimes. If we choose our lives before we are born, why would we pick one with hardship or challenges? Why not pick one which is easy, where we are happy all the time?

This is down to your soul and the journey it has chosen so that you are able to advance at a spiritual level. It is important to remember that hardship and challenge exists for a reason. It creates contrast. When we experience what we don’t want, we then realise what we do want and this is when we begin to manifest the life that we do wish to have.

The greater the hardship, the greater the contrast. The greater the contrast, the more powerful the manifestation. If your life has predominantly been one of hardship, you will come to realise through negative emotion that hardship is not something that you want.

You will begin to strive for something different because you now know what you don’t want. You don’t want negative emotion. You want positive emotion. The only thing that holds you back is resistance to this new manifestation. 

Sometimes, the desire to stay within negativity can be all-consuming and difficult to break out of. Take, for instance, the person who is always complaining but when there is nothing to complain about, they feel lost? They have spent so long complaining that they feel their very existence must revolve around complaining!

This is just one example of resistance. There is great sadness in the world but it is through this sadness that we develop a desire to put an end to the sadness. It is from witnessing the suffering of others that we feel compelled to make a better world. It is from observing suffering within ourselves that we realise we don’t want to suffer. 

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We learn through struggle and strife the type of world we want to see and the type of life we want to lead. When we are unable to break out of this struggle, it is because we are choosing resistance – the desire to stay within the struggle rather than the desire to break free from it.

It sounds simple to deal with but anyone reading this will agree it is not always simple and not so easy! Or at least, it is only as easy as we allow it to be – and it is astonishing how often we do not allow ourselves to have what is good for us!

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The 7 Types of Soul

Life is like a school that our souls come to in order to learn and evolve. Here we find ourselves divided into three parts: our Soul, our Ego which we develop according to our life experiences and surroundings, and our Human Consciousness.

The Soul and the Ego will often engage in battle with one another, or rather, the Ego will fight to survive and the Soul will simply just be.

It is believed from the Michael Teachings (a spiritual entity that relayed information to the planet as we move deeper into a time of developed consciousness) that there are 7 different types of Soul that fall into one of the sub-categories. It may seem like a simplistic way of explaining a complex topic but this is not to say that there are only 7 different types of people. People are extraordinarily unique and no two humans are exactly the same.

But the 7 different types of Soul share characteristics. It is through these characteristics that they come to learn their different lessons on Earth.

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What Are the 7 Different Types of Soul?

The 7 different types of Soul according to the Michael Teachings are:


Server Souls are identified by their acts of service to others. A desire to be a caregiver and nurturer is innate within them. They are the Souls who alleviate the suffering of others. They are extremely caring and self-sacrificial with high empathy and a powerful aim to ensure others’ well-being. A Server Soul (is with all Souls) is not defined by hierarchy. Some of the most powerful people in the world can be Server Souls. The late Queen Elizabeth II was a prime example of a Server Soul as she dedicated her life to the service of her people, country, Commonwealth and the world at large.


These are the artists of the world. Every Soul is a creator and the Artisan Soul is here specifically to express themselves through the art of craftsmanship and creativity, however this may manifest. They naturally gravitate towards roles of artist, writer, poet, engineer, actor, architect, mechanic and craftsman. They prefer to spend more time among fantasy than reality and it is through their powerful creativity that they help to structure the world around us.

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The Warrior Soul expresses itself through courage and action. These are protective souls who strive to overcome challenges. They are determined to reach their goals. Loyal and steadfast, they are perceptive and excellent navigators of conflict. Often, a Warrior Soul will choose a challenging life as soon as they reach Earth as this builds their momentum, providing them with the opportunity to nurture their innate strength and resilience. Warrior Souls make excellent leaders and provide courage to others in challenging times.


The Scholar Soul expresses itself through the intellect. This is a Soul that has a powerful thirst for knowledge. They are analytical and always keen to learn, excellent researchers who have a talent for applying their knowledge in a practical way. This is an extremely observant individual with fantastic communication skills and they make excellent scientists, professors, researchers and mathematicians.


The Sage Soul is an entertainer, someone who is extremely charismatic and expresses themselves through the art of storytelling. The Sage often enters the world of entertainment and media and they are excellent at sharing their wisdom and communicating with others. There is a dynamism to their presence and they are able to influence others with their wit and energy. The Sage views the world as their audience in which they take centre-stage.


The Priest Soul inspires others to be the best of themselves and they seek to express themselves through compassion and spiritual guidance. It is the mission of the Priest to help people connect with their Higher Selves. They make excellent counsellors and listeners. The Priest Soul is often a beacon of light in the darkness for others and their kindness and understanding help see people through the darkest of times.


The King Soul has a powerful commanding presence and sense of authority. The King feels a natural inclination toward the protection of others. They shoulder a lot and take on much responsibility. They can be found in any profession and any environment but their very presence and authoritative nature make them natural leaders. They take charge of situations and their primary mode of thought is always to ensure the protection and well-being of others and their ‘kingdom.

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Which Soul Are You?

You may already have an inkling which type of soul you are but you can also take the test here.

Sometimes, a soul will overlap with other souls. You may find you are a Warrior Soul and yet have Priest qualities too. This is perfectly normal.

Whatever soul you are, remember we are all here with a special purpose and a desire to experience spiritual growth through human lessons. We have incarnated to Earth at a very special time and the spiritual journey grows more prominent and potent for us all. Always trust your inner guidance and know that your Highest Self is always looking out for you.

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