How Tarot Can Help You Understand Your Soul Purpose

How many times have you laid awake at night and asked yourself, ‘What is my reason for being here?’

Our soul purpose is perhaps the most curious mystery of life. Everything that happens in life, from the time when we are a newborn baby right up until the time we depart from Earth, is designed to bring us closer to our soul purpose. 

Some people discover their soul purpose early on in life. For some, they may never become conscious of it. Nor is it set in stone that everyone only has one soul purpose. Some may have several or many. There are no set rules because in the spiritual world, these rules do not exist.

We do the best we can as humans and we try to understand things on a spiritual level to the best of our ability. We do not always get it right but we are not expected to. This is why we are human and why we came to Earth in human form – because we are flawed, imperfect, and because we don’t know everything. Earth is a school and it is through the trials, errors and challenges we experience that we come to understand ourselves at a deeper soul level. And it is through joy, happiness and awareness that we come to discover more about who we are and about the world in general.

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How Tarot Can Help Us Understand Soul Purpose

Anyone who dabbles in Tarot will know the phenomenal power of this form of divination. Essentially, Tarot is a tool that our soul uses to communicate with us.

It is not so much a case that this is a brand of magic that is exclusive only to a select few. There are indeed a number of gifted Tarot readers but anyone can read Tarot if they are willing and open enough to read it.

Tarot reading is about belief. It’s about opening yourself to the possibility of the unknown and nurturing your subconscious mind. The soul does not operate with the linear mind. The linear mind merely filters information through it so we can understand things at a human level.

But the soul and everything that exists at a deeper and spiritual level is coming from the subconscious mind and it is here that Tarot readers can decipher the meanings of the cards they pull.

Imagery in the Tarot is extremely profound. While we can learn the meanings of cards, it is our intuition that possesses the most powerful aspect of Tarot. Our intuition speaks to us in another language. It is a form of knowing. We do not know how we know. We just do.

When we know the meaning of Tarot cards, when we delve into the imagery of the cards, and when we are fully open to our intuition, we can learn a great deal from the cards about ourselves and the world around us.

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Girl and Her Moon Soul Tarot Reading

How to Use Tarot to Understand Our Soul Purpose

Particularly when we are feeling lost and alone, it is helpful to look at things from a higher perspective. We may feel so overwhelmed by our day to day lives as our conscious mind goes into overdrive that we forget about the bigger picture.

It is during these times that consulting the Tarot about our soul purpose can be especially helpful. It can bring us clarity, wisdom and strength. It can set us on a clear path if we feel we have strayed off the beaten track. It can bring comfort.

In short, it can really help us!

So how can we use Tarot to understand our soul purpose? This is one method to do so.

  1. Take your Tarot cards. Pick the deck that resonates most with you at a deeper level. If you have only one deck, that’s fine too.
  2. Separate the Major Arcana cards from your Minor Arcana cards. You will only need the Major Arcana cards for this practice.
  3. Shuffle your Major Arcana cards with the question in mind: What is my soul purpose?
  4. When it feels right, stop shuffling, cut the cards and pick the card at the top of the pile. You can pick 1 – 3 cards. See how you feel with the first card pulled but if you need more clarity, pick another one or two.
  5. Take your time in letting the information from the card absorb on an intuitive basis. Here’s an example reading. Let’s say the first card I pick is the Moon. The Moon indicates that my soul purpose revolves around Moon aspects – the subconscious mind, intuition, imagination, creativity. I may also be here to learn the lessons of deceit, illusions and even mental illness, which is another aspect of this card. Then I may pick another card. Let’s say it is the Emperor. Part of my soul lesson involves learning about qualities of the Emperor – control, structure, responsibility. I may also be here to learn about tyranny, intolerance and stubbornness.

Of course, the soul purpose cannot be fully known through any card reading but what it can do is bring us clarity and greater insight into who we are and how we are here. While it may seem like a simplified way of understanding our soul purpose, which is of course a very complex and many-layered thing, it can provide a piece to the puzzle and even bring us some much-needed guidance.

So try this method if you are curious to know more about your soul purpose. Even better, keep a Tarot diary. Your soul is magnificent, powerful and mysterious. All the answers will not be revealed in one reading, but life is a journey where answers unravel themselves at the time that is right. Trust in the process and above all, trust in yourself.

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Soul Purpose Tarot Reading Girl and Her Moon

Soul Purpose Tarot Reading

Taking it to another level, exploring a tarot reading with a professional reader is a beautiful place to begin. Here at Girl and Her Moon, we have been offering in depth and deeply healing Soul Purpose Tarot Readings for thousands of incredible people across the globe.

This reading is perfect for anyone that is seeking a deeper connection with their soul, and wanting to access inner guidance to live a life of alignment and authenticity.

We believe that each of us possess gifts and strengths that are completely unique at a soul level – and our purpose in this life it to fully embody and step forward into these gifts.

With this reading we will be accessing your souls intuitive knowing and translating it into clear and tangible guidance; allowing you to step forward and into flow with your unique, magical path for this lifetime.

We will look deeply into your who you are at a soul level, your souls purpose in this lifetime, gather advice and guidance for soul development and progression, look at where you are and where you are not currently in alignment with your true calling, and bring to attention what resources are available to you right now to flourish.

We are all born with a deep yearning in this lifetime, a passion, an inner spark, a calling – which to us, is your soul leaving clues as to why you are here in this life.

If you want to truly step up and into your full potential, this is the place to start.

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