Ways to Raise Your Vibration Fast

Everything is made up of energy. From the trees, to rocks, to animals, to humans, to thoughts, to emotions – it is all energy. Different energies vibrating at different levels.

There are higher vibrations and lower vibrations. Perhaps it is because of the intelligence we have been granted, but humans comprise of some of the most erratic vibrations on the planet!

The sense of peace you feel when walking among the trees or the woods, catching a glimpse of a running stream or enjoying the feel of fresh air on your face – this is down to vibration. Nature in its pure form has a high vibration. This is why nature bathing or spending time among nature is so highly recommended – it’s very good for our vibration!

Cuddling a puppy or kitten, making your favourite cup or tea or sitting down to watch a feel-good show – these are also good for our vibration levels!

Similarly, lower vibrations are everywhere too. When we hear about tragic stories in the news. When we see people behaving in a nasty or aggressive manner. When we are in an environment that doesn’t fit with our inner alignment, with pollution, smog or litter everywhere – these can easily affect our vibrational levels.

Perhaps the most crucial thing to remember is that we truly are in control of our vibrational levels. So even if we are in a place where everyone else has lower vibration or we are surrounded by sights that conjure unpleasant feelings within, we do have the power to decide what energetic frequency we wish to vibrate at. When we are familiar with this fine-tuning, our surroundings are irrelevant – we have the power to raise our vibration with the power of thought.

To become a master of fine-tuning your own vibrations, there are different ways to do so. Sometimes you may find yourself in an unexpected situation which means you’ll want to raise your vibrational levels quickly!

Essentially, raising your vibration is all about filling yourself with good feelings so you want to think about things that make your mind and body happy. Here are some ways to do so.

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Ways to Raise Your Vibration Quickly


This is probably the best way to raise your vibration fast. Just ten minutes of meditating is enough to raise your vibration levels. You can do this with music or with some incense to help satisfy your senses; but simply relaxing your mind for a few minutes a day can help bring a sense of balance and peace within and get those vibration levels on the up!

Mindful Eating!

The food we put into our bodies plays a big role in our vibrational levels. Junk foods, sugar foods, processed foods and foods high in saturated fat have a sluggish effect on our bodies, while wholefoods, raw and natural foods, pure foods and lots of leafy green veg, superfoods like goji or raw cacao, good fats like avocado and extra virgin olive oil, and nuts and pulses like chickpeas all keep our bodies happy and raise our vibration. They are also good for our mental health. So the next time you feel like stopping by a fast food chain and picking up that burger, swap it for cauliflower rice with avocado or a spinach salad with salmon. Your body will thank you for it! 

And don’t forget water – steer clear of tap water and use either filtered or bottled.

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Hug Someone

Whether it’s your other half, your dog, your cat, your family or friends, hugging raises your vibrational levels and brings a sense of happiness to you. It is an instant mood lifter. There is a reason why you love the feeling of another’s arms wrapped around you!

Get Moving!

Exercise raises the chemicals in your brain that make you feel good so aim for ten minutes of intense exercise or thirty minutes of moderate exercise to get those vibrational levels rising.

Practice Loving Yourself

Low vibration is a result of negative thoughts and negative feelings. Low vibration levels can lead to self-destructive behaviour patterns such as substance abuse, some personality disorders or depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. All of it is intertwined – our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are linked. When one is out of sync, the rest will be affected too.

Loving ourselves is the single most important thing, both for ourselves and to raise our vibration. Practicing positive self-talk is essential. The more we talk ourselves down, the lower we go. But the more we talk ourselves up, the higher we rise. It sounds so simple and yet it is extraordinarily difficult for so many of us to do.

Practice a little at a time, just a few minutes each day. Remind yourself of all your superb qualities. Don’t focus on what you perceive to be your flaws. Focus on your virtues and all the things about yourself that you are proud of. Focus on what makes you unique. Focus on your achievements. You will find that the more you focus on these positives, the more your vibrational levels will rise. 

Remember, you are unique and brilliant and you deserve to be happy.

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Spend Time in Nature

Nature is wonderful for raising your vibration. Spending time among the trees, fields, breathing in the fresh air and simply enjoying the scenary of nature untouched by humans is a beautiful thing. It brings automatic peace to your soul – it is food for your soul! Spending as much time in nature as possible is highly recommended for raising your vibrational levels.

Magical Supplements

In the case of raising vibration as well as opening your third eye chakra, there are some of nature’s natural foods and supplements which can play a potent role in doing this. Here is a list of some which are especially effective:

  • Mucuna
  • Shilajit
  • Purple corn flour extract
  • MSM
  • Reishi
  • Lion’s mane

*If you are on medication, be sure to speak with your doctor or health professional before taking supplements.

Raise Your Vibration!

Remember, raising your vibration is all about promoting positive feelings within you. This doesn’t mean sudden quick rushes of joy which can be attained with external substances. It means going inwards, finding that part of you which feels good and then nurturing it by whatever means necessary.

Some of the suggestions listed here work wonderfully but as you go along your journey of raising your vibration, you will find unique ways that work for you. All souls are different and all have different requirements!

Raising your vibration regularly will bring greater joy than you can imagine and you will also find gifts within you being activated. It is an exciting journey to take and I wish the greatest blessings on you as you go forward. The vibration of the world is changing and we are changing with it. The more we individually lift our vibrational levels, the more we raise humanity up. Joy starts with the Self.

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