Who Were the Lemurians? Lemurian Starseeds & Energy Healing

The vast and lost continent of Lemuria is believed to have existed millions of years ago on Earth. It preceded the ancient civilisation of Atlantis which existed roughly 260,000 years ago and was known as the fourth Golden Age of the planet.

Here in Lemuria lived beings who arrived from all corners of the universe to set up home. This was when the first starseeds arrived on the planet from places such as the Pleiades, Orion and Sirius.

Their energy was most powerful in places like Australia, New Zealand, the Polynesian Islands and Hawaii. These were not human beings as we know ourselves to be today. They did not have physical bodies. They were fifth-dimensional, androgynous, and possessed a powerful desire to heal the Earth. Their vibration was peaceful, their energy gentle, and communication empathic.

Lemurians and Crystal Healing

It was the Lemurians who first introduced crystals to the planet. The crystals we use today which can be found in many metaphysical stores possess the ancient and sacred power of Lemuria, hence why those who are reconnecting with their true selves are able to harness the power of crystals and use them for spiritually energetic and healing properties.

Some of these crystals which are buried within the earth form cosmic grids which mother Earth to the stars. They were formed millions of years ago as channels to help this planet as it transitions into the New Age.

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Lemurian Civilization

The Lemurians were fifth-dimensional beings, meaning that they were vibrating at a very high frequency. They had special abilities such as telepathy and shapeshifting and they were operating on a high frequency of love, light, harmony, awareness, and advanced intuition.

Today’s modern humans are third-dimensional beings. While we maintain our natural energy of love and light, we also fall into the struggle of our ego which inhabits lower-based emotions such as fear, anger, jealousy, hatred and greed. This is why humankind finds itself in a perpetual struggle of “good vs evil” both on an individual and collective level.

As human consciousness sank from fifth-dimensional to three-dimensional, Lemuria sank into the water, as did Atlantis after it. Experiment after experiment was instigated by the universe to see if humans could maintain a human body and have free will but still be connected to their source energy of love and light. But each experiment failed.

The sinking of the continent did not mean it was the end of the Lemurians. While many returned to their original constellation in the universe such as the Pleiades or Orion, some remained on Earth and spread to various parts of it, such as Egypt and the Americas, taking their spiritual wisdom with them.

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Lemurian Starseeds

The world is going through a powerful spiritual shift which began in 2012. This was the year that ended the age of Atlantis. Many ancient Lemurians are incarnating to Earth now with their healing, empathy, guidance, compassion and love for the planet. Starseeds and Indigo children have been incarnating for the last sixty years and more still are coming in, especially as the Age of Aquarius continues.

Many starseeds have been here before. A starseed incarnating to Earth at this time is here to lend their divine spiritual gifts to the planet for global ascension. This is a frightening time for many people on the planet. Old structures are breaking down to make way for new ones. Conflicts are emerging and causing devastation. We are experiencing a real Tower Tarot card moment in the history of the world.

A starseed carries with them a powerful knowledge of the universe which lies deep within them, often accessed through dreams, meditation, and intuition. Many starseeds are going through a spiritual awakening as they reconnect with their innate oracle abilities. Many have been here before in the time of Lemuria and Atlantis.

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Spiritual Healing With Lemurian Energy

Healing with Lemurian energy is something anyone can do and a number of those who are starseeds, indigos, crystal or rainbow children are in the process of powerful spiritual awakenings and enlightenment which help them connect to this energy.

Lemurian energy healing was conducted by more than one person during the days that this continent was thriving. Working with crystals is also a fundamental part of Lemurian healing as it was the Lemurians who introduced crystals to the Earth realm.

This energy is the energy of healing which can be sent to an individual or a group or to the world at large. Group healing is the most powerful form of working with Lemurian energy and a wonderful healing ritual would be as follows:

  • In a circle with your group, affirm you hold the light of Lemuria by speaking, “The light of Lemuria is with me.”
  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply several times while envisioning this light washing over you.
  • Acknowledge that no individual takes the lead and you are all acting as one.
  • A collective message of healing will reach the group.
  • Open your eyes and say, “Thank you for sharing this light with me.”

Lemuria: Ancient Wisdom & The Starseed of Today

Until this day, Lemuria and Atlantis together still experience much resistance from society. Their existence alone is disputed and many scholars argue that there is no scientific evidence that they ever existed. The Netflix documentary, Ancient Apocalypse, came under fire for suggesting the existence of Atlantis and providing evidence for it, which highlights how hostile reactions can be to bringing this knowledge into society.

However, the knowledge and wisdom of these ancient civilisations is finding a way to reach people. Many individuals have reported past life regression sessions where they had a life in Lemuria or Atlantis. Some believe that Lemurians still live in Mount Shasta, which is the place where one of the chakras of the world is located. Journalists are attempting to put forward the idea that these civilisations did exist through extensive travel and meeting with indigenous people of different nations.

What one chooses to believe is their own prerogative, a freedom granted to every individual. But if Lemuria or Atlantis are resonating with you and you feel drawn to them in a way that you cannot explain, go with your instincts. The magic of the ancient world is awakening and it is here to assist and guide humanity as we enter the new world.

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