What Your Moon Sign Says About You in Astrology

Are you feeling that shift into the Age of Aquarius?

Astrologers tend to differ on when the exact start of the Age of Aquarius is but many agree that we are in the current transition from the Age of Pisces towards the sign of the water-bearer.

The Age of Aquarius brings radical changes. Aquarius is a radical sign itself! Ruled by the planet of rebellion and individuality, Uranus, Aquarius is the sign that epitomises the word ‘unique.’ Aquarius marches to the beat of its own drum. Aquarius is progressive. Aquarius is different. Aquarius shakes things up and isn’t afraid to go against the grain. 

The Age of Aquarius also brings an interest in subjects that have been repressed or forgotten about in the Age of Pisces. Where the Age of Pisces centred on conventional hierarchy, the Age of Aquarius focuses on individuality and a new type of equality.

One of these subjects that the Age of Aquarius brings forth into the New Age is astrology. Astrology lovers are already there – but don’t be surprised if astrology is taught in schools and universities in a hundred years or so! Times are changing radically. Astrology, once a popular subject among mainstream society (think Dr Dee who was a special astrological advisor to Queen Elizabeth I of England in the 1500’s) became almost taboo for hundreds of years when the Age of Science appeared. And though Science has brought many wonderful advances to the world, astrology remains one of the deepest, most profound and complex of all sciences. 

In the Age of Aquarius, it is experiencing a revival.

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Your Moon Sign – What Is It?

Most people know about their Sun Sign, the sign that represents the month you were born. But as lovers of astrology know, a person is far more than just their Sun Sign. They are a mishmash of planets, signs, conjunctions, oppositions and so many other astrological wonders that make up a natal chart.

The Big Three are the Sun Sign, Rising Sign and Moon Sign.

Your Rising Sign represents the hour you were born. It represents things such as your appearance, how you view the world, how you react to the world around you and, in esoteric astrology, it represents your soul purpose. (If you feel you can’t really identify with your Sun Sign, you may find it’s because your Rising Sign is especially powerful! Some astrologers believe that the Sun Sign doesn’t begin to fully flourish until passing the age of thirty around the time of the Saturn Return).

Then there is the Moon Sign. This is the sign that we show very few people. Usually, only our nearest and dearest see it. This is the sign that represents our emotional undercurrents. It is deeply precious to us and also the most vulnerable of our signs for it shows where our emotional wounds lie, as well as our emotional pleasures.

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It often comes out the most in our relationships or when we are feeling particularly passionate about something.

The Moon Sign can be very complex. While we may be able to recognise both our Sun Sign and Rising Sign in ourselves, we may find it more tricky to spot our Moon Sign. The Moon Sign highlights what is going on beneath the surface and very often we tend to stay above the surface, choosing not to explore what lies beneath.

So what does your Moon Sign mean for you? If you don’t know your Moon Sign, you can find out here. Once you’ve got it, read on to discover more about yours.


Moon in Aries

If your Moon is in Aries, your emotions are enthusiastic and playful. You know what you want and you want it right now! Especially in relationships, you can appear impatient and impulsive, but you have a heart of gold and you will defend those you love fiercely and without question. Aries is the sign of the warrior and you will fight for what you believe in, especially if it touches you at a deep emotional level.


Moon in Taurus

If your Moon is in Taurus then it is comfort that you desire above all else. You tend to reach conclusions slowly, especially in your relationships, and you crave a serene and beautiful environment as this helps to stabilise your emotions. You are very selective with those you allow to get close to you, but once they are in your inner circle, there is no more loyal or trusting friend than you.


Moon in Gemini

If your Moon is in Gemini, you crave interaction with others. You may even have a reputation as a bit of a party animal! This Moon is a social butterfly and tends to mingle with lots of different people and is always curious to learn about others. While this Moon can appear a bit frivolous, the greatest strength of this sign is its ability to fit in with anyone, anywhere, and for this reason they are excellent for bringing people together.

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Moon in Cancer

If your Moon is in Cancer, you are deeply sensitive. You have a deep empathy and connection with others. Your feelings are hurt easily because of your powerful sensitivity but you are always able to feel when another is in need. You are compassionate and nurturing and extremely protective of those you love. The Moon is at home in Cancer and this is an intuitive sign that often needs its own space as it is important to recharge its emotional energies.


Moon in Leo

If your Moon is in Leo, you like to be the centre of attention among your close circle of family and friends. Noble and big-hearted, you are someone who cares deeply for others, but sometimes you might have trouble expressing this on the outside. If your pride has been wounded, you can lash out. Close relationships are extremely important to you and it’s important for you to feel needed and appreciated.


Moon in Virgo

If your Moon is in Virgo, you are a compassionate soul who likes to be of service to others. You have a tendency to worry and sometimes can find yourself ruminating on the same thoughts over and over again! Practicing mindfulness is very helpful for you. This Moon is analytical and reaches conclusions through analysis, including emotional ones. As such, this Moon can come across as distant at times but nothing could be further from the truth. This is just the way this sign expresses itself.


Moon in Libra

If your Moon is in Libra, you sometimes feel as if you exist just to keep the peace. Peace and harmony is something you crave. You prefer surroundings that are calm, beautiful and peaceful (which is why being out in nature is so good for you) and you cannot stand disharmony in your relationships. You shy away from conflict and prefer to avoid it entirely so the first sign of trouble in your relationships can lead to a disappearing act from you. You are deeply romantic and to love and be loved is the ultimate goal.


Moon in Scorpio

If your Moon is in Scorpio, your emotions are hidden far deep beneath the surface. You are extremely astute. You may present any sort of character to the world but there is no doubt that your emotions run deep. You are excellent at seeing beneath the surface, especially in others, and you have little trouble getting to the core of the matter. When emotionally wounded, you may not express yourself immediately but the wound will fester and sometimes result in you lashing out days – or weeks – later. You might find yourself shutting down from someone if you have been hurt. Acknowledging your emotions is important for you.


Moon in Sagittarius

If your Moon is in Sagittarius, you are very curious about others and the world around you and you are always seeking the next great adventure. You have a passion for expanding your worldly knowledge. It is difficult for you to stay in one place for too long. You can be very blunt and honest – a little too honest sometimes! It can be difficult for you to settle down in relationships but once you find the one, you are in it for life.


Moon in Capricorn

If your Moon is in Capricorn, you take your emotions very seriously! While not being extremely sensitive, you do take your emotions into account when making decisions. As such, you have the potential to be a powerful intuitive who is able to unite head and heart in the best possible way. But when your emotions are stifled or repressed, you can seem cold, distant and overly methodical in your decision-making.


Moon in Aquarius

If your Moon is in Aquarius, you can be quite detached from your emotions and have a tendency to be quite cerebral about things. You typically respond based on values rather than emotions and while others are being hysterical and running around like headless chickens, you are cool as cucumber. Expressing your emotions may not be the same as everyone else’s and this may be why they have trouble figuring you out. But you have a caring and loving heart.


Moon in Pisces

If your Moon is in Pisces, you are deeply romantic, caring and sentimental. When thinking or speaking about the object of your affections, you become full-on Shakespearian. Moonlit walks, poetry, and a dozen red roses are your preferable forms of expressing what lies in your heart. You are creative and empathetic and you are able to envision a better world than the one that lies before you.


Embrace Your Moon Sign

Your Moon Sign is your emotions. It is your subconscious, the hidden veil behind the door to the outside world. It is what you keep locked deep inside you which only precious few ever have the privilege to see.

It can be easy to repress or bury the Moon Sign, especially in a world where our vulnerabilities can so easily be used against us. But it is a vicious cycle, for those who hurt our emotions, whether willfully or intentionally, are those who have not healed from their own emotional wounds. 

Sharing our emotions means expressing our vulnerabilities. The world can be judgemental, but it has empathy too. Finding those special people who nurture our innermost feelings is a blessing; and loving ourselves enough to be accepting of our vulnerabilities is the greatest gift we can give to our Moon Sign, to ourselves and to the world at large.

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