What Are Spirit Guides? Communicate With Your Spirit Guides

What Are Spirit Guides? And How Do You Communicate With Them?

We all have spirit guides that we receive messages from. These are spirits that have been assigned to us in order to help us navigate our way through life.

We are living at a crucial time in our history. The world is shifting and each human being is being called to reconnect with the deepest part of who they are. Their soul, their essence. The goodness, kindness, compassion and light that exists within them. On some level, everyone is experiencing this calling.

Our spirit guides are here to help us. Some of them have been assigned to us since birth. Others may turn up at specific points in our lives to help us through it, to heighten our awareness and intuition, and bring us greater understanding.

It is easy to feel alone in this world, especially when life becomes challenging. For those going through a spiritual awakening, life can be frightening and lonely.

But our spirit guides are always here to help and guide us. The only thing we need to decide is whether we will allow them to help or assist us.

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Who Are Our Spirit Guides? Types of Spirit Guides

A spirit guide is anyone who exists in the spirit world and has chosen to accompany you on your life journey, either throughout your lifetime or temporarily. There are many types of spirit guides.

They could be a loved one who has passed on, or someone you knew in a previous life who has chosen not to incarnate this time around.

They could be an ancient ancestor who brings with them resonate wisdom to help you as you go through this life. They could be an entity that has been chosen for a specific time in your life, whose personal attributes and experiences will help you when the time comes. Or they could be an archangel, ascended masters or even animal guides and elemental guides.

Are They a Spirit Guide or Something Else?

Note that if a spirit or entity encourages fear, misery, unhappiness or any other negative emotion in you, this is not a spirit guide. Sometimes our spirit guides may seem a bit strict in the way they communicate with us – I have a Roman Soldier who doesn’t mince his words. But ultimately, his aim is to encourage me and help me be the best of myself. As a Roman Soldier, he encourages me the best way he knows how!

But a spirit which brings negative energy which is fear-based or hate-based is not a spirit guide. This is something else and their intentions towards you are not good. They may even sometimes speak to you in a soft or soothing way as a way to gain your trust. That is why it is so important to recognise the intentions behind their communication, rather than the way they communicate with us.

We as humans still have very limited knowledge of dimensions other than our own. Our understanding of spiritual entities is still at its beginner’s stage as we live in a world that demands physical proof before acknowledging something’s existence.

Unfortunately, this also makes us vulnerable to malevolent energies. Hence, being able to connect with one’s inner self and their truest essence is essential in identifying different entities and their intentions. 

This is most often achieved by eliminating fear. The absence of fear enables us to hear our inner voice.

Remember, your spirit guides will never want you to come to any harm or for you to inflict any harm. They want your highest good. For you to be the best of yourself and the best of you is love. It is the true you, the loving wonderful side to you, that they want to nurture and bring out into the world.

How to Communicate With Your Spirit Guides?

Some people are naturally adept at communicating with their guides and the spirit realm and it comes naturally to them. For anyone who needs a little more practice, these are some wonderful ways to communicate with your guides.

Your spirit guides can help only you if you allow them to. They will never try and force help or guidance onto you. It must be welcomed willingly. Once you ask for assistance from your or invite your spirit guides in, they will find their own way to reach out to you. When communicating with spirit guides you are building a relationship with your guides.

They may do so in the form of dreams, signs, symbols, leading you to certain information, messages you receive in your head, a verbal message from someone in physical form – the possibilities of communication are many!

Here are three wonderful ways to make contact with your spirit guides:

Use Crystals to Help Communicating with Spirit

If you feel a particular resonance with crystals, these are some very powerful ways to communicate with your guides. Some crystals are especially strong for contacting other realms such as angelite, shamanic dream quartz, labradorite, amethyst and selenite. But ultimately, if you find yourself in a crystal store and a crystal is calling out to you, you can bet that this crystal is being guided to you for a reason.

Holding the crystal in the palm of your hand while meditating or keeping it under your pillow while asleep are great ways to harness its energies and make connection with your guides.

Spirituality: Keep Your Pineal Gland Clear

The pineal gland is situated at your forehead in between your eyes and is where the ‘third eye’ is located. This gland enables us to access the subconscious parts of us which is where spiritual knowledge and communication resides. 

Unfortunately, much of the world we live in today is not compatible with a healthy pineal gland. From the water we drink to the food we eat to the stress of our lifestyles, the pineal gland is easily calcified which makes it harder for us to access the more spiritual sides of us.

Eating pure, organic foods and staying away from processed, sugary and junk food is highly recommended. Drinks such as shilajit decalcify the gland. Filter your water or drink bottled water – add pure lemon juice in. Gotu kola and tamarind are good additions to your diet. Iodine has the potential to cleanse the pineal gland so seaweed, sea salt and chicken/beef liver are good sources.

A cleansed pineal gland enables you to access your subconscious with greater ease which includes connecting you more easily to the spiritual world.

Join us for our Dreams & Spirit Guides Workshop where we will be creating with the intuition that lives within us all and tapping into the unseen realm of our dreams and spirit guides, learning how to fine tune our sensing so that we may open to, connect, and collaborate with our spirit guides. 

Connect with your Spirit Guides through Meditation

Meditation is a fabulous way to connect to your spirit guides and in fact should be practiced every day anyway as it provides a range of health benefits, helping to calm your mind and remove stress from the body.

You can try guided meditations or find a quiet place where you can sit, possibly with a crystal in your hand. Breathe deeply several times and let the thoughts in your head pass by. Ask to connect to your spirit guides. The messages will flow freely. Let the answers come in without judgement or fear.

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Your Spirit Guides Are Here For You

Remember, your spirit guides are here for you. They are here to help guide you through life and sometimes they may be with you from birth, other times they may visit you temporarily. Sometimes our spirit guides are spirit animals and again they may come temporarily or be with us from the beginning.

Trusting in yourself and your own innate wisdom is the greatest power you possess. When you trust yourself, when you trust in the divine light that exists within you, you will find your soul path and begin to notice synchronicities all around. Your spirit guides are always there for you. You are never alone. Always remember that.

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