Finding Your Purpose as an Old Soul

Have you ever wondered if you or someone you know is an old soul? Living beyond your years?

An old soul is determined by a unique set of characteristics which set them apart from others. They have an innate knowledge from when they are very young that there is something different about them.

Old souls have always been on earth as they make essential contributions to the progression of the world. An old soul is not bound by convention. They are visionaries, people who see things a different way and have a deep instinct for it.

Awakening as an Old Soul

Our transition into the Age of Aquarius has brought forward starseeds, indigo, rainbow and crystal children, lightworkers and many old souls. Sometimes they are all intertwined. 

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An old soul is one whose spiritual knowledge is especially profound. It is not learned. It is a knowing. Old souls have lived many times before, with many past lives, hence the term ‘old soul.’ 

Their unique perspective of the world and spirituality is born from many lifetimes where they have experienced pain, joy, struggle, euphoria, suffering and love. Through these experiences, they have acquired wisdom. It is the type of wisdom that is born from experience.

Characteristics of an Old Soul

Whether you believe in reincarnation or karma, sometimes it can simply be a feeling, a knowing that you, or someone you know, is an Old Soul.

Perhaps you’ve been called an Old Soul, have always felt wise beyond your years, or feel deeply connected to the term, below are signs you may be an old Soul.

5 Signs You Are An Old Soul

High Sensitivity

Old souls feel deeply. To be highly sensitive means that you feel deeply, and your ability to connect with others is especially profound. The five senses are heightened. Noises may disturb you more than others. You may be able to smell things that others can’t. Your sense of taste may be especially. Crowds may drain or disturb you.

The sixth sense is also highly developed. Sensitive and spiritual, sensing people’s intentions or what they are truly feeling is a common feature of those who are empathic. High sensitivity brings the ability to see and beneath the surface.

Powerful Empathy

Many old souls are empaths. This is the ability to feel other people’s emotions as though they are your own. This is not exclusive to humans either. Some empaths can feel the emotions of animals, trees, and spirits who have crossed over.

People with old souls can struggle in many areas of life as the ability to absorb others’ emotions can feel like a heavy burden at times. Solitude is very supportive in this. But once they have mastered their gifts, they become a catalyst for change in many ways and have the ability to touch the lives of everyone they come across.

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Strong Connection to Nature

An old soul understands that all living things are connected and when they are among nature, they feel most at home. An old soul is often drawn to places where nature thrives such as the countryside or bodies or water. They love to be around animals and when their energies are depleted, nature is one of the most healing places for them to be. Nature supports the spiritual awakening process, whispering deeper meaning and widening the way they see the world. Time in nature also allows them to discharge the emotions of others and connect to their own true meaning.

Innate Wisdom: Wise Beyond Their Years

Old souls are wise, and their outlook on life allows them to see the bigger picture. Their wisdom manifests from an early age. Often, as children, they will astound adults with what comes out of their mouth. They understand the deeper intricacies of life and they have little interest in the material. Old souls tend to have a deep connection to their inner self and no matter what they go through in life, this connection stays with them. They are the kind of person with an unending reservoir of wisdom beyond their years and when they are able to achieve harmonious balance within, they are able to express this wisdom in the world around them to its highest extent. Truth and wisdom allows them to see beyond themselves and into a deeper level of spiritual understanding.

Desire to Make a Difference

An old soul knows they are here for a reason. They came to earth because they have a purpose, there isn’t anything superficial about their desires and mission. Therefore, from an early age there is a strong desire in them to make a difference, either in the world or in the lives of those around them. They are often drawn to people or situations that need help and they have a powerful energy within them that enables them to identify the root cause of the issues. An old soul understands that there are lessons to be learned on the planet and they are here to make their own contribution to the world.

Finding Your Purpose as an Old Soul

Life is not always easy for the old soul. It can be hard to live in a world which is not vibrating at the frequency that you are familiar with. But an old soul is here to help this world rise to that frequency.

We find ourselves on a powerful edge of humanity at this time. Phenomenal changes are happening and this can be frightening for humankind. An old soul has the ability to tap into the source within them and manifest this energy into the physical world, providing a domino effect of light to those around them. 

You know that life doesn’t last forever but the life that is granted is indeed a blessing where the talents and gifts you were given have a purpose and meaning at this time. Find that purpose, nurture it, share it, and let the world benefit from the great power that exists within you.

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