Why Are So Many Starseeds Incarnating in the New Earth?

Have you ever looked up at the stars and felt a profound connection with them that you can’t explain?

Have you ever felt a yearning for ‘home’? A home that does not exist in this world but in one far away?

Have you ever felt you were different from everybody else? More sensitive, more intuitive, empathetic, deeper and with a sincere connection to nature?

If so, you might just be a starseed.

Starseeds come in all shapes and sizes, all different backgrounds and with a range of varying beliefs. But there are many characteristics they share which unite them.

Starseed Characteristics

  • A desire to help or save humanity
  • Powerful intuition
  • High degree of empathy
  • Strong connection to nature and animals
  • Has lived previously, especially extraterrestrial lives
  • Ability to communicate with their star cluster
  • Powerful potential for healing
  • Wise for their age
  • Often viewed as an old soul
  • Rebellious nature/does not fit in with social norms
  • Possess unique abilities that often remain dormant until the appointed time
  • Feels a strong sense of purpose or a ‘mission’
  • High creativity or sexual energy
  • Psychic Abilities

Not all starseeds are benevolent. There are some with ill-intentions towards humanity but absolutely nothing is set in stone. A starseed who may not have had good intentions can transform that intention while on Earth. Likewise, a starseed who came here with the desire to uplift humanity may go in the other direction or sink into a sense of negativity if they struggle to cope with the pressures of the human experience.

But many who are incarnating now are here to help humanity in their lifetime. Some are here to help individuals, some to help communities, some to help other starseeds who may have lost their way, some to help the world on a larger scale.

What Do Starseeds Look Like as they Incarnate to Earth?

Humans are typically vibrating at a third dimensional level. It is one reason why a common theme across humanity and individual humans themselves throughout the ages has been one of ‘good vs evil’ or ‘soul vs ego’. It is at the core of everything. Evil is a way to describe a complete disconnection from one’s soul.

Starseeds originate from places in the galaxy that are vibrating at a different frequency in the 5th dimension. Here, the ‘human body’ is not the same as it is on Earth. Pleiadian starseeds, for example, are often described in their human form as being ‘blonde haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned and very tall.’ However, this is a misconception. This is how the human eye has interpreted them. But the human Pleiadian starseed comes in many different physical forms which is not exclusive to hair, eye, skin colour or height.

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This is because the starseed who is still in the star cluster does not have a human form. They are forms of energy and light. Our human mind is only capable of interpreting so much. Some people have interpreted them simply as rays of light. For others, they appear in human form or angelic form, or even in animal form.

So starseeds can look very different from one another; and of course, it is not the appearance that matters. It is what is on the inside.

Why Are So Many Starseeds Incarnating on Earth?

So why are so many starseeds coming here at this time?

This world is going through a profound shift and the entire universe is aware of it. The last few decades have seen an explosion of starseeds incarnating to planet Earth. The Age of Pisces is coming to an end and the next twenty years in particular will be essential to the transition into the Age of Aquarius.

Let’s just say that humanity needs a little help going through this shift!

Like the midwife who holds your hand while giving birth or the teacher who gently nudges you along as you prepare for an exam, the starseed is here to uplift, encourage, teach and motivate humanity through its empathic nature. Change and transition is rarely easy. For the awakened starseed, the innate wisdom and spirituality they carry with them into their human form finds an outlet to express itself and it is through this outlet that they are able to share their light with those around them.

The Age of Aquarius brings with it a monumental shift on both a collective and individual level. Earth is raising its vibration. This happens at a very slow rate by the standards of human years but in the universe where time is infinite, this is a natural and occurring shift.

The Starseed Mission

The Earth has vibrated at a high frequency before. The age of Atlantis saw beings from all over the universe inhabiting the world but when the Atlanteans misused their power and fell into lower-vibrational energies, encompassing greed, envy, jealousy, hatred and excessive pride, their civilisation collapsed and now all we have are remnants of their time here, and for some, distant memories of other lives.

The starseed awakening is here to ensure we don’t make the same mistake. Humanity perpetually runs the risk of sinking into its darker nature with life on earth. Yet in humanity there is so much goodness, so much capacity to love, so much higher-vibrational energy. This is why the war between ‘good and evil’ is one that has existed since the dawn of time. It is the essence of who we are.

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Each human being battles their own war within. The best way that we can raise the vibrational energy of the Earth is to raise the vibrational energy within ourselves. Starseeds too struggle with this – in fact, the starseeds can struggle the most with this as the lower-vibrational energy of this world can become too much to bear.

But once we access the light within and learn to integrate it with our darker sides, we can then share the best of ourselves with this world. It is this profound shift within that leads to the external shift in the world around us. In doing so, we help ourselves and we help humankind and we truly bring the magic of the universe into this world.

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