Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: October Astrology 2023

It’s a Lunar Eclipse. Where the Full Moon bathes in the light of the Sun, while they both dance in the frequency of alignment, evolution, and purpose, of the Lunar Nodes.

This Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse brings a two year chapter to close, both within our skies, and within ourselves.

Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Times & Dates

  • Wellington: Sunday 29 October, 9.23am
  • Sydney: Sunday 29 October, 7.23am
  • Tokyo: Sunday 29 October, 5.23am
  • Singapore: Sunday 29 October, 4.23am
  • New Delhi: Sunday 29 October, 1.53am
  • Dubai: Sunday 29 October, 12.23am
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Saturday 28 October, 11.23pm
  • Paris/Berlin: Saturday 28 October, 10.23pm
  • London: Saturday 28 October, 9.23pm
  • New York/Toronto: Saturday 28 October, 4.23pm
  • Los Angeles: Saturday 28 October, 1.23pm

October’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus meets us on 28 October and aside from the already special element of it being an Eclipse, holds another layer of release. While the month’s Libra Solar Eclipse was the first of its cycle, this Taurus Lunar Eclipse is the last.

In November 2021, we stepped into a new cycle of Eclipses in Taurus. For these last two years we have been unfolding, releasing, building, healing, becoming in the world of Taurus. Today, we meet our last Taurus Lunar Eclipse. With the Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio we are invited into a deep release. The end of this cycle. A closing of the door. The final moment in this season of us.

Who have we become in this time? And who we do we now stand as at the end of this road?

Opposing the Sun deep in the underworld of Scorpio, no other sign reminds us more that transformation is a constant, and it is our nature to shift, evolve, shed, become, and release.

The Scorpio Sun under this Taurus Lunar Eclipse holds the space a death and rebirth within and reminds us that to receive we must first release, to be reborn we must first die, and throughout the process, there must be an element of surrender. For we cannot control transformation, we cannot orchestrate our rebirth, and we cannot journey through these emotions solely through the mind.

As we emerge from this cycle we are invited to arrive in the lands of deep embodiment, where our movement is sustainable and our pace directed by the self, as opposed to the messaging of the world around us.

The direction of this Lunar Eclipse, whether we feel our arrival or perhaps we’re still on our way, is the direction of inner resiliency, longevity, sustainability, and an eternal hum of peace no matter the movement around us.

There is a simplicity here. Deep reserves of inner worth and acknowledgement of our value. There is a staying power, where we are so deeply rooted in our body and our energy that things seem to shake us less. We may bend but we no longer break. We are the trees with roots reaching as far down as its branches reach up. We are here, in the moments that are real, stripped away of what was only noise, arrived in our bodies and landed on the Earth.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse comes as a final release of anything that sits in the way of our full arrival in these lands.

2024 Tarot Reading Girl and Her Moon

As the Taurean song of peace and simplicity lay at the purpose and evolution of this lunation, the waves of the Eclipse invite a deep release.

A release from within our bodies – the emotions in our fascia and the memories in our muscles, the patterns in our nervous system and the tension in our posture, the fears in our hearts and the stories in our minds. A final release so that we may arrive in these lands of thriving, embodied being, presence, and deep trust in ourselves meeting with anything that may present itself upon our path forward.

To reflect on your last 2 years with Taurus Eclipses:

How much deeper have I have arrived in my body? And how much more space can I now occupy?

How much greater value can I see in myself? The worthiness that was always there, that can now be felt, experienced, embodied and lived?

How much greater trust do I have in myself to meet the waves of life? Do I know, feel, and embody the remaining power I have? The lasting power, the wind may shake me but it cannot break me.

How I have been building myself, my skills, my presence, and my value:

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