What Scorpio Season 2023 Means for you: Horoscopes for all Zodiac Signs

Scorpio Season Horoscopes 2023 Girl and Her Moon

Welcome to Scorpio Season. An inward season of depth and determination, of focus and renewal, and of passion and intuition.

When is Scorpio Season 2023?

Scorpio Season begins on 23 October 2023 and takes us to November 21, 2023.

What does Scorpio Season Mean?

Beginning within Eclipse Season, this next month brings deep renewal and transformation and is filled with vast cosmic movements and invitations. Underneath all this movement in our skies and setting the stage for it all is the Sun journeying through the sign of Scorpio. As the Sun, representing our sense of self, consciousness, and life force, enters the waters of this Pluto-ruled zodiac, we are invited to step into the world of Scorpio, too. 

Scorpio is an archetype that desires to take us within the unseen aspects of ourselves and life around us. It guides us to reclaim what is real within us, what is lasting, and what true internal power and security is. It strips away all that is not real, only to return us to what is, while inviting us to remember our strength and security in reaching into the mystery and navigating the unknowns of life.

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A fixed sign in Astrology, no other zodiac teaches us that cycles are constant more than Scorpio – the Earth that moves through her four seasons and never sways from the path, the Moon that lives and relives her eight phases and nothing else. Transformation is a fixed constant and to Scorpio, each moment is filled with both birth and death.

This fixed nature brings a power to Scorpio, a determination and laser focus. Scorpio Season brings passion to what we are claiming, clenching its hands and refusing to let go until what were once visions come into reality. It goes after its desires with a tenacity like no other, reminding us that to remain centred and determined on one thing is to be utterly transformed by it. To remain dedicated and actively taking steps upon the path that calls our name is to be completely reborn in the process.

Swimming deep within the waters of emotion that we all live within, Scorpio reads the tides and intuits the frequencies like no other. It senses, it sees, it penetrates into the other reading the emotion behind the words, the intentions behind the action, and the patterns behind the ways of being.

It is throughout this season that we all come deep into these waters. Our intuition becomes sharper, our sight extends beyond our two eyes and our senses begin to fine tune to the environment around and within us. It is a season to trust in the emotional movements of your body, your hunches, gut responses, or insight that seems to drop in from places unknown.

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What Scorpio Season Means for Your Sign

As the Sun shifts through Scorpio, it simultaneously travels through the space within our chart, and therefore within ourselves, that Scorpio lives within, emphasising this aspect of us and bringing to light certain areas of our lives. It is through looking at our Rising sign that we can understand the astrological house that is being illuminated this season. 

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Aries Rising

It’s a season of inward exploration, mystical consideration, and real intimacy. Scorpio Season invites you into this unseen realm and asks for time and space alone to reflect, consider, feel, and allow all that you meet to transform the core of who you are. This space alone acts as a doorway into deeper vulnerability within relationships. This season, and Scorpio itself, represents the merging of self with another. It is the transformation that meets us through descending into such deep love and intimacy, and the trust and surrender needed to share all of ourselves with another.

There is an acute sensitivity and awareness of unspoken energetic exchanges within interactions throughout this next month, for your ability to read, see, know, goes beyond the surface.

Taurus Rising

Scorpio is your opposite zodiac sign Taurus, yet also your partner, existing on the same axis and moving towards the same ultimate direction. This season invites you to step outside of your comfort zone and bring in new perspectives and space. Perspectives that will catalyze and transform how you move through the world. Perspectives that will likely come from the eyes of another, acting as a mirror to see yourself anew through. Space in any set ways that will allow for change to occur. Space in concrete beliefs, routines, and identities that will allow the unknown to peer through, and the mystery to come alive.

Gemini Rising

Daily steps, routines, and habits may feel small in the moment, but for you, Gemini, and for this season, they are transformational. Your daily movement walks you directly into where you desire to be going, or at least, it can be. Allow yourself to explore new habits that support a coming deeper into yourself and deeper into life – or, commit further to the ones that do. This season invites depth into your everyday living, both within and without, and asks you to come deeper into your body, holding the space for a somatic and emotional release of what once felt heavy.

By the end of our time in Scorpio waters, you may find that you’re simply a new person, Gemini.

Cancer Rising

A water sign in a water Season, it’s time to remember that your emotions are your strength, Cancer. Your emotions are what guide your daily movement and your greatest desires. Your emotions add meaning to your visions and are the motivation within your passions. And, your emotions are what bring you closer to another.

This Season is about you, Cancer. About allowing yourself and your creations to be seen for who you are beyond the surface. Allowing yourself to express your depths with the knowing that you deserve the space you occupy – no matter how big that may feel at times. And allowing you to love, and be loved, in truth, security, vulnerability, and full expression.

Leo Rising

As the Sun shifts through Scorpio it moves through the lowest part of your chart, Leo. It illuminates and calls you into your roots, your lineage, your inner child, and your early conditioning. It calls you to venture through and begin unravelling the patterns that sit deep within your body that are no longer yours to hold, or perhaps never were. This is a season that brings reflection, not just into the recent past but into the foundations from which you have grown, and the spaces within that foundation that hold anything but truth. Scorpio desires for each of us to reclaim the true meaning of empowerment, which may first guide us to look at any ways we have given away our power. It’s your season to reclaim yourself, from the ground, and perhaps even deeper, and up.

Virgo Rising

How does your intuition communicate with you, Virgo? Does it speak through insights, soft whispers, or instinctual feelings in the body? Does it make itself known through your emotions and visions, daydreams or desires? This is a good season to touch deeper into how you connect with your intuitive knowing, Virgo, as it will be dialled all the way up. It’s also an aligned season to begin trusting its voice more – trusting your hunches and your emotions, regardless of what logic might say.

Your mind needs feeding this season, Virgo. Allow yourself to dive deep into the interests that call your and the topics that ignite a passion from within – for they may be your doorway into total transformation.

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Libra Rising

Scorpio Season invites you to sink deep into your body, Libra. To hear its desires and its hurts, its memories, and its hopes. It is within the body that patterns, beliefs, and shifts await to take you deeper into self-value, self-honouring, and self-worth. Through somatic movement, yoga, massage, dance, or something else – your body is the portal back home to yourself this season.

There is an invitation to solidify the dreams you are building and commit to tangible action, to play in your senses and sit in awe of your body, and to build your skills and your relationship to both inner and outer security and wealth.

Scorpio Rising

It’s your season, dear Scorpio, and as the Sun illuminates the 1st House of Self, we are often gifted both a strengthening of the self and our identities, and a total transformation of it. It’s a shedding to find what is real. And a dropping of layers to emerge as the truth of who we are.

This is a beautiful season to consider how you see yourself, and how you desire to see yourself, how you move through the world, and how you desire to. To take stock of the traits and ways of being that no longer fit and the ones desiring to birth themselves through you. It’s a season to celebrate who you are, how far you have come, and to solidify your visions for the future. And, it’s a season to take your tenacious determination and claim your path forward.

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Sagittarius Rising

Despite all that we see and feel in our physical environment, there seems to be a world, or perhaps many worlds, existing far beyond time and space. This season takes you there, Sagittarius. It brings you into the subtle energy flow of all that exists beyond the senses. It takes you into realities that have been labelled the akasha, creation, divinity. In this realm knowing speaks louder than words, intuition louder than logic, energy louder than form – and it exists within, asking for inward journeying, space alone, and deep reflection. It is also within this world that we find ourselves within the waters that all of humanity seems to live within, and this season the door is open.

 There is an invitation this season to explore how to trust and strengthen your intuition, imagination, and connection with energy. It is also a season to explore how to work with boundaries, whether physical, emotional, or energetic – for that open door can take us into more than what is ours to hold in this moment. 

Capricorn Rising

Scorpio Season may be a vastly different energy to yours, Capricorn, yet within it a common thread is held – that of determination. This is a month to look forward and to build upon your inner strength, trust, and knowing that the mountain that calls your name is also the mountain that you were built to climb, and that you have everything required within you to reach its top.

This season invites inner visioning, daytime dreaming, steps outside of your comfort zone and a reclamation of your trust in yourself. It invites you to look to your community for support and observe what lives beyond all that is currently etched into the collective consensus –into the dreams that live outside of what might feel like the norm, safe, known, and outside what a part of you, and perhaps many others, have considered reality, and possible.

Aquarius Rising

It’s a season to turn up your magnetism, Aquarius, and allow it to work in your favour. As the Sun shines in Scorpio, it also shines in the highest point of your astrological chart. The part of the chart that receives the most sun, seeming to symbolise the part of yourself that also reaches the most people, and makes the most impact. This season illuminates your legacy, career, or the thing you desire to build that will last beyond you. It shines a light on your public persona and how the world seems to view you. And it is this season that brings favour to this part of your world. It brings support, magnetism, life force, determination and focus. What do you wish to create in this area of your life? What message do you wish to share? It’s your season to claim those answers.

Pisces Rising

This season brings perspective, Pisces, as if you are standing upon the highest mountain and seeing life from this view. From here you can see left, right, backwards, and forward. You can see both the details and the whole, patterns and structures, where we are coming from and where we are emerging – and Scorpio brings a keen intuitive knowing to this sight, bringing it beyond the surface and penetrating unseen motivators and movements.

Throughout this time, you are invited to sit upon this high mountain and observe the bigger picture often, Pisces, whether your own big picture or the one that you seem to be held within. This season holds the space to consider, reconsider, and claim your beliefs, to transmute your lived experiences into deep wisdom, to broaden your horizons of what is known, and transform into the you that seems to be waiting beyond your current self.

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