Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse Magic: October Astrology 2023

It’s a Solar Eclipse.

Our first Eclipse in the sign of Libra in over seven years, this New Moon Solar Eclipse initiates a new purpose-filled era in the lands of this sign within us, one that will continue to unfold, evolve, and shift within us over the next 12 months.

As we surrender to this new journey, we will find ourselves, a year down the road, completely transformed.

Libra Solar Eclipse Times & Dates

  • Wellington: Sunday 15 October, 6.54am
  • Sydney: Sunday 15 October, 4.54am
  • Tokyo: Sunday 15 October, 2.54am
  • Singapore: Sunday 15 October, 1.54am
  • New Delhi: Saturday 14 October, 11.24pm
  • Dubai: Saturday 14 October, 9.54pm
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Saturday 14 October, 8.54pm
  • Paris/Berlin: Saturday 14 October, 7.54pm
  • London: Saturday 14 October, 6.54pm
  • New York/Toronto: Saturday 14 October, 1.54pm
  • Los Angeles: Saturday 14 October, 10.54am

A celestial body that has been present with every human that has walked this Earth, the Moon holds the shared memories of humanity across time.

The hurts and the joys. The fears the love. The inner workings that live within each of us that somehow tie us to one another. The tides that move the waters upon our Earth and simultaneously the depths of our subconscious. The dreams we hold. The themes of healing and dreaming, becoming and shedding that move through our collective body like whispers in the wind. The Moon nurtures. The Moon holds. The Moon loves.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

A Solar Eclipse meets us as the Sun, Moon and Earth come into a perfect alignment while also coming into partnership with the Lunar Nodes – the Lunar Nodes that represent destiny, purpose, alignment, and evolution.

While we are familiar with the dance of the Sun and Moon that brings us a New and Full Moon every 28 days, Eclipses occur when the Moon reaches its upper and lower thresholds of its tilted elliptical orbit – these boundaries that represent the Lunar Nodes.

When the Moon reaches these thresholds and comes into partnership with the Lunar Nodes, it also forms a perfect alignment with the Sun and Earth. It is here that the new Moon becomes a Solar Eclipse, and the full Moon a Lunar Eclipse.

This interaction with the Lunar Nodes are what makes Eclipses so special – representing themes of destiny, purpose, evolution and soul.

It is within this alignment that the Lunar Nodes have a gateway, a portal, through which they can be heard, through which our call of destiny, alignment, and evolution can reach deep into our bodies.

These are the alive and felt frequencies within the air as it touches our skin, or within the waters invoked from deep within. The wisdom, insight and energy that is needed both deep within our individual bodies and the body of humanity.

What does October’s Libra Solar Eclipse Mean for You?

The South Node has been in Libra since July of this year, and so while it is a beginning, it is just as much a release.

The South Node invites us into healing and releasing. Healing the outdated patterns that live within the energy of that zodiac sign. Releasing the layers that seem to only hurt and hinder our love and fulfilment. And while in Libra, it invites us to look towards the other, how we relate, connect, give ourselves, and come together in any kind of partnership – and if we are doing so in a healthy, life-giving, empowering, and real way.

Part of Libra’s identity formation comes through having themselves mirrored back to them through others. It says ‘let me see my life through your eyes’.

This love and interest in coming together with another is genuine, building themselves just as much as honouring the beauty of the other. What Libra is learning in the process is how to look through those eyes of the other without leaving the self, how to attune with the other while remaining in its own essence, and how to bring focus and support to the needs and desires of the other without forgetting its own.

This is where we are all being guided over these next 12 months of the South Node in Libra.

The direction and purpose of this Eclipse cycle is that of genuine connection, real love, healthy relationship dynamics and partnerships, whether romantic, friendship, business, or something else, that feed us just as much as we feed them – and so in the process, we are shown all the ways in which we are facing away from this direction and purpose.

The direction is connection with the other that seems to also deepen our connection to the self, instead of taking us away from it.

The purpose is a strength and confidence in remaining attuned to ourselves, our own needs and desires, while also coming together with another, their needs and desires.

This Eclipse begins a journey of healing the way we value ourselves among the lives of others, the safety we feel within relationships and the balancing act of remaining ‘me’ while also coming into a ‘we’.

We are met with a renewal of energy that brings to light patterns of self-abandonment, undervaluing ourselves, self-sacrifice and pleasing efforts to attain a feeling of safety and acceptance – so that we may begin unravelling these cycles, returning to the core of where they all began and offer ourselves true healing and empowerment.

As much as this Solar Eclipse is about the other, really – it is about you.

The beauty you hold, your value that is undeniable, and the light and essence that you bring into any and every interaction and partnership with another. We must honour this within ourselves. We must celebrate this within ourselves.

Eclipses hold an energy of purpose.

They bring the kind of cracking-open-changes that when we look back on, seem to be the very doorway into everything good, whole, and real that follows for years to come. Eclipses ask for an essence of surrender and trust. Seeds are being planted in this very moment, whether we can clearly see it or not. Trust this.

Libra Solar Eclipse Workshop Ritual Girl and Her Moon

Libra Solar Eclipse Workshop: The Opening

Within the portal of the Libra Solar Eclipse, The Opening is a workshop, journey, and energetic reclamation of your Self, your light, your path, and your purpose withIntuitive Energy Master, Vocal Alchemist and Soul Mentor, Patti Higgins

Within this energetic container we invite you to land on the Earth, arrive in your body, and bow to your Soul light letting it guide and speak for itself. Together we will begin building out your purpose, your presence, and your path.

Learn how to distinguish your energy and channel as its own entity, and to discern the energetic frequencies that are for you, and not. Allow yourself to journey through the vast frequencies available on this planet and beyond without losing your anchor to you, your medicine, your light, your purpose, and your structure.

Access this workshop via our Flow with the Moon Membership.

Libra Solar Eclipse Horoscopes

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Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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