June 2024 Astrology Forecast & Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to June 2024!

June brings openings and movements. It’s a new energy. A different energy. A midway point of 2024 as marked by the Solstice, initiating a change of direction for the remainder of the year.


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June 2024 Monthly Horoscope Overview

With an abundance of Gemini Season energy as we begin the month, allow lightness to find you. The atmosphere offers a quick and light movement. Where what was once heavy or stuck becomes fluid and changing. Where what was once stagnant becomes open and freeing.

Gemini Season brings an emphasis throughout June on the mind; clearing, expanding, freeing and opening.

It’s a few weeks with an emphasis on communication; creating new bridges between one another, freeing and moving energy as we share it through our voice, understanding our truth with greater breadth as we share it through our words.

As we meet the culmination of both the month and the year, the Summer Solstice brings brightness and receptivity, nourishment and transition.

Tides continue to move as Cancer season begins, where we are invited to move forward with intuition, with heart, with the truth and meaning that flows through our emotional body.

As the Sun moves into Cancer, the second half of June invites us to connect within, listening the pulse of our truth, allowing the whisper of our knowing to guide us in this new season, this new chapter, this distinct second half of the year.

This month, there is play and there is healing. Connection and intuition. New lands and a new season. Receptivity and nourishment. Initiation and forward movement.

June Astrology Forecast and Transits

Our most impactful astrological transits of June 2024:

Jupiter trine Pluto: June 3

A day worthy of excitement, it’s the partnership of Jupiter and Pluto in our skies on June 3 2024. An energy that will be active throughout the entire week and beyond, as Jupiter and its recent move into Gemini comes into a specific angle to Pluto in Aquarius, it’s healing and its transformation. Its expansion and opportunity. Its depth and insight.

Jupiter in Astrology is our planet of growth, optimism, and opportunity. Pluto is our underworld, death and rebirth, and an immense force of power. A trine is an angel of 120° and is a beautifully harmonious angel. These planets are bringing out the best in each other. They are partnering in harmony.

This day, and much throughout June, is a force of transformation, as if there is something inside of us simply ready. Ready to open. Ready for the change that has been calling our names. Ready to remember our power. As Pluto comes into contact with Jupiter while in Gemini this is our opportunity to take our power back from those narratives and perspectives that only seem to restrict us, keep us away from our lives.

New Moon in Gemini: June 6

A new Moon meets us as the Sun and Moon come together in the cosmos. And even more like a cazimi, it represents a new beginning. Happening in the curious and open air sign of Gemini, it’s a new Moon inviting us to breathe new life into the canvas of our minds. To clear space, map the narratives that are running, observe the stories present, and choose to plant something new.

It’s a lunation that shares true wisdom – the templates you are running can be changed. Gemini reminds us that perception is alchemy. Words are creation. And as we see through new eyes what we see shifts. This lunation, this season, as you open we mind, life opens to us. And i’s a new Moon that reminds us of the power in our voices. Inviting us to move and shift energy through words. As we speak worlds are created, reality is shifted, new doors are opened, old ones are closed. As we speak emotion moves, stagnancy shifts, awareness sparks, ideas stream through. As we speak, everything is rearranged.

As we meet this new moon in Gemini on June 6, speak your wishes. Plant them in your mind as if they were seeds. Reclaim your voice. Speak as if every word was a spell, for Gemini invites us to believe that perhaps, they are.

Cancer Season: June 20

Gemini Season comes to an end as the Sun shifts into the comforting waters of Cancer. From June 20 – July 21, we are held within the invitations of healing, nurturing, safety, family, home, and emotion.

Cancer is home. Not just our physical home, but everything in life that is home. Our family. Our culture. Our roots. Our body. Our loved ones. Our comforts and securities. Our favourite meal from childhood. The book we keep around. A warm crackly fire. Memories in a scrapbook. Cancer is the sanctuary that lives within and the sanctuary that we create around us. Cancer, a water sign, is also our emotional world, offering the gift of sensitivity and heightened intuition.

As the Sun journeys through the waters of Cancer, we are invited to come home – to ourselves, to our needs, and to our loved ones, to our bodies. It’s an internal season, a private month. It’s a moment in time to return to what and who really matters to us, and to be nurtured and filled up by those chosen things and people.

June 20 or 21 is also the Summer Solstice, or winter solstice depending on your hemisphere and timezone.

Mars square Pluto: June 11

As Pluto sits at the entry gates of Aquarius after its era defining move into the air sign on January 20 this year, as Mars enters Taurus on June 9, it comes into a square aspect with Pluto just a few days later.

If Mars is how we consciously direct our energy, Pluto speaks to our unconscious direction of energy. While a square can feel or bring about tension, it’s intention the same as any other aspect – to bring together these two seemingly separate layers of ourselves. And to have us look at something. Our awareness always follows tension.

Pluto is our depths, our psyche, our unconscious. It is found within our undercurrents, the messages in our dreams, and emotions from deep down within. As Mars and Pluto form a square, there is deep insight to be found.

Whenever a planet touches Pluto it is an avenue through which the unconscious can become conscious, and while this planet is Mars, it is through our instinctual desires, passions, and drivers that we can begin to peer beyond the veil of ourselves. It is through noticing where our impulses are directing us, through noticing the body and how it wants to move, where it wants to move and what it wants to create and experience that will have us touching into desires that are born from deep within, desires that are real, empowering, freeing, and feel very much on purpose.

Full Moon in Capricorn: June 21

Capricorn is sacred responsibility. It is our aspirations and our ambitions. Our fortitude and focus. Our devotion to the vision and the determination to build it into fruition.

Capricorn calls us into the mastery of ourselves, speaking to the inherent need within us all to realise our own potential. To become who we are here to be. To journey the path that is ours. To build something beautiful, meaningful, and worthy in this life that we have been given.

Capricorn, guided by the vision, the whisper, the knowing, is the responsibility within us all to ground that vision, whisper, and knowing into the tangible, into its manifested reality.

Capricorn is here to create its legacy.

The first of two Full Moons in Capricorn throughout the year, this full Moon on June 21 illuminates themes that will continue into our next lunar cycle, coming to a culmination on our second Capricorn full Moon on July 21.

Saturn Retrograde: June 29

Beginning 29 June and continuing into November 15, Saturn moves through its annual retrograde in Pisces.

While Saturn connects with each of us in our own unique way, its intention remains the same throughout – to bring us into the mastery of ourselves. A road which requires responsibility, challenges, limitation, focus, determination, time, commitment, and structure. Saturn represents the innate need to realise one’s potential. To become what we are here to be. To journey the path that is ours.

It is both the inherent challenges steeped in the climb, and the gift of who we become through reaching the top.

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces invites us to explore how boundaries can support your energetic and emotional health. How could structure support your connection to the Divine? How can responsibility empower your dreams, imaginations, and artistic expression? Could self-discipline feel like a language of love, instead of a punishment? And could limitation offer a focus and clarity for your dreams and desires?

June 2024 Astrology: All Transits

  • June 3: Jupiter Trine Jupiter and Mercury enters Gemini
  • June 4: Mercury conjunct Jupiter and Venus Cazimi in Gemini
  • June 6: Gemini New Moon
  • June 9: Mars enters Taurus, Venus square Saturn, Sun square Saturn
  • June 11: Mars square Pluto
  • June 12: Mercury square Saturn
  • June 14: Mercury Cazimi
  • June 16: Venus square Neptune
  • June 17: Mercury square Neptune, Venus enters Cancer, and Mercury conjunct Venus
  • June 20: Sun square Neptune, Cancer Season, Sun enters Cancer, and Summer Solstice
  • June 21: Capricorn Full Moon
  • June 29: Saturn Retrograde in Pisces

June Horoscopes for your Zodiac Sign

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June in the Flow with the Moon Membership

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Live Solstice Ceremony: Basking in Creation

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