New Moon in Gemini June 2024 Astrology Magic & Horoscopes

Welcome to the Gemini new Moon. A lunation that shares true wisdom: the templates you are running can be changed. It’s a fresh start. A new day. An invitation to set intentions into the ethers.

Gemini reminds us that perception is alchemy. Words are creation. And as we see through new eyes what we see shifts.

This lunation, this season, as you open your mind, life opens to you.

When is the Gemini New Moon June 2024?

The New Moon in Gemini meets us on the June 6 2024.

  • Wellington: Friday June 7, 12:37am
  • Sydney: Thursday June 6, 10:37pm
  • Tokyo: Thursday June 6, 9:37pm
  • Singapore: Thursday June 6, 8:37pm
  • New Delhi: Thursday June 6, 6:07pm
  • Dubai: Thursday June 6, 4:37pm
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Thursday June 6, 3:37pm
  • Paris/Berlin: Thursday June 6, 2:37pm
  • London: Thursday June 6, 1:37pm
  • New York/Toronto: Thursday June 6, 8:37am
  • Los Angeles/Vancouver: Thursday June 6, 5:37am

Gemini is an Air sign. It’s a new Moon that invites us to breathe new life into the canvas of our minds. To clear space, map the narratives that are running and observe the stories present.

How is this world alive within my mind shaping and creating the world alive outside of me? How is this world outside of me a mirror to all that is alive in my mind?

Play in this space. If you change something inside, how does this change reflect itself in your life? With a lens of curiosity much is revealed.

New Moon in Gemini Astrology

A mutable sign, Gemini is our invitation to switch things up. Play with new ideas. Choose anew. Explore new actions. Let new perspectives find us. Choose to see from a new lens.

It’s an astrological invitation to loosen our grip on the way it has been. Unbind ourselves from what we are ready to let go of. Gemini is a direct channel so that we may let in new air, create new space. Breathe out. Breathe in. It’s another day. A fresh new slate. A new opportunity.

The fluidity, openness, and opportunity of Gemini Season, Jupiter in Gemini, and this new Moon and the freedom it brings, why not try it a new way?

Why not step outside of your normal?

It’s a lunation of curiosity and play, a space to welcome in fresh new energy, and clear out what is stagnant.

Sun & Moon conjunct Venus

As our goddess of love Venus comes into the heart of this new Moon, we can consider it an opportunity to seed new possibilities of love, beauty, harmony, pleasure, and creativity. What do you want for yourself in these areas of life? It’s an opportunity to feel your self-worth and solidify your value in both the knowing of your body and the narratives of your mind.

As the Sun, Moon and Venus birth new worlds together in Gemini, allow your heart and mind to come into partnership for a moment. This planetary meeting is a beautiful time for connection – to ourselves, to life, and to one another.

It’s a celestial invitation of optimism, to share your words, share your thoughts. Open your mind and your heart to others, their words, and their thoughts.

The interchange of energy moving between each of us is alchemy, it is beauty, it is life. Communicate. Share. Listen. Feel the energy spark as you do. This is where the magic of this new Moon comes alive.

Sun & Moon square Saturn in Pisces

As the planet Saturn in Pisces squares this new Moon, it asks – what are the boundaries of the intel I am taking in? What role do I allow discernment to take in relation to the intel I am taking in?

Ruled by the Mercury the planet of communication, Gemini is the oracle, the channel, the cosmic channel receiving and disseminating, collecting and dispersing. It holds the capacity to tune into all, to track all, to observe all reality channels through the information alive in every moment. Adaptable. Curious. Open. Excitable.

Saturn asks – with all data information available at our fingertips in each moment, how are you curating your personal reality?

Saturn asks – with all perspectives available, which are you choosing?

Where are you looking? What are you saying?

What are you tuning into? Who are you listening to?

Where are you channelling your precious focus?

What are you planting into the fertile soil of your mind?

With this square to Saturn, it’s a new Moon that reminds us, reminds you, of the power of your voice, inviting us to move and shift energy through words. It amplifies and activates our voice.

As you speak worlds are created, reality is shifted, new doors are opened, old ones are closed.

As you speak emotion moves, stagnancy shifts, awareness sparks, ideas stream through.

As you speak, everything is rearranged.

New Moon in Gemini Ritual

Gemini New Moon Ritual: Realm of Mind: Tending, Playing, Nourishing & Updating the World of your Mind 🌀🧚🏻

Access via the Flow with the Moon Membership.

The mind; a vast inner landscape in a constant dance with life. We experience life, the mind perceives, and begins to process. This experience, this perception, and inner processing begins to build the minds landscape, creating narratives, establishing beliefs, designing the structures and frameworks through which it can continue to operate.

This landscape, these narratives, beliefs, structures, and frameworks then begin to filter the way we perceive and understand our next set of experiences. They become the lens through which we look, and the framework through which we begin engaging with our lives.

Beliefs are powerful things. Perspectives can entrap us, or they can free us. This landscape that has become our minds starts to become all that we can see in our outer reality, shaping our experiences. It starts to become all that we can experience in our lives, colouring our interactions.

Gemini and it’s ruling planet Mercury are the archetypes of the Mind. The worlds that live between our two ears. The world that becomes the glasses through which we see ourselves and our lives.

Gemini also represents movement, fresh energy, a shifting, mutable flow of air, curiosity, openness and freedom. And this ritual is where we bring that fresh new energy into the realm of our mind, tending to its landscape, clearing out what has expired and planting new seeds of dreams, ideas, perspectives and intentions.

We allow our minds and its structures, beliefs, narratives, and frameworks through which we perceive the world to be updated, refreshed, cleansed. We allow ourselves to open to greater curiosity, play, and opportunities that are for us. We begin building a new world within us, all beginning with the mind.

Available in the Flow with the Moon Membership, join us here.

Gemini New Moon Horoscopes for your Astrological Zodiac Sign

This New Moon will affect everyone in different ways, particularly our mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).

Watch below for your Gemini New Moon Horoscope for your zodiac sign by Dilosh. Be sure to watch your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign!

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