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The Starseeds are here. They have been for quite some time but more and more are incarnating to Earth as we undergo a monumental shift across the planet.

The Starseed is one whose job is to help ease humankind through this shift. Change is never easy. Global change is even less easy.

On Earth, Starseeds look no different to anybody else (though they may have a particularly defining feature, such as an angelic-looking face or especially piercing eyes). But in spirit form, these individuals come from the stars. Different star clusters produce different starseeds and each one possesses their own unique set of characteristics.

While Starseeds are indeed human, they originate from the stars and they have an innate sense within them from the time they are born that they don’t quite belong. The degree of how much the Starseed is connected to their true self depends on how immersed they become in the physical realm of this world.

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What is the Arcturian Starseed?

An Arcturian Starseed is someone who originated from the Arcturus star system or constellation. They have an Arcturian soul. This particular starseed has a very powerful connection to extraterrestrial beings. They are extremely advanced and wise souls and it is believed they do not incarnate very often.

Arcturians, like all Starseeds, have a specific purpose. Generally, theirs is to bring wisdom from their planet to our planet so that humanity can advance further.

Arcturians are some of the rarest Starseeds due to not wanting to incarnate often. This is because Arcturus is vibrating at a different energetic frequency in the seventh dimension. Earth is vibrating between the third and fifth dimensions. So being in physical form is not very appealing to them.

Those who do choose to incarnate here are intelligent, intuitive and spiritual. They are powerful spiritual healers and will often be drawn to a profession in this area. As healers themselves, they are highly evolved.

As Arcturus is also highly advanced technologically, Arcturian Starseeds may also be drawn to roles based in IT or computing.

It is believed that the Arcturian Starseeds have been incarnating to Earth for around 40,000 years. Their most prominent place of incarnation was Ancient Babylon. It was thanks to the Arcturians that this civilisation made such phenomenal advances in astronomy, architecture, geometry and more. 

Can you resonate with the Arcturian energy?

Types of Starseeds

There are a number of different types of Starseed.

Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian and Lyran to name a few. Each Starseed has its own individual qualities and specific mission. Some Starseeds pair up. For example, Pleiadian and Sirian Starseeds will often pair up in romantic relationships!

Arcturian Starseed Signs

Have you been wondering if you or someone you know is an Arcturian Starseed? Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot can give us signs, as can past life exploration and communication with your spirit guides.

Or, read on to find common qualities this highly advanced type of starseed shares.

Emotional Healer

All starseeds are healers on some level but the Arcturian is one of the most advanced types of starseed and their emotional healing abilities are extremely profound. There is a telephathic nature to their healing where they can manipulate negative energy and transform it into positive, even when the person struggling with it is not in their vicinity. There is an essence of spirituality and desire to help imbued in this telepathy and healing style.

Regular Stargazing

Arcturian starseeds often have good memory of their origins. They know that they come from the stars and they often engage in frequent stargazing of the night sky as they long for the place they originally came from. It is their desire to spread the innate knowledge within them to life on Earth.

Interest in Ancient Civilisations

Many Arcturian starseeds are highly intelligent and they have a deep interest in ancient civilisations. Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt interest them, but so too do the civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria as many of them were there at the time. The wisdom of these civilisations live within them and part of their soul mission is to bring forth this wisdom into the modern age as Earth is now at a turning point in its history.

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An Enjoyment of Scientific Discussions

Arcturian Starseeds are very interested in science and technology and they like to think about how both can be used to advance humanity forward. This also stems from the time of Atlantis when science and technology was even more advanced than it is today.

Strong Vivid Memory and Excellent Organisational Skills

Arcturians have extremely powerful memories and they like to plan. This is a logical type of starseed who uses its inherent wisdom in a methodical manner. They are not overwhelmed by emotions, though they do possess great compassion.

A Pioneering Spirit

It is not unusual for an Arcturian Starseed to feel a strong desire to become an inventor or pioneer, especially in regard to scientific or technological advancement. They are light years ahead of others and their mission is to manifest the wisdom and knowledge they possess into reality.

Arcturian Starseeds, Awakening & Earth

As Earth and humanity move forward into a new era, each starseed brings its own special gifts to the planet. The Arcturian with their level-headed and methodical nature has a unique gift in spreading this knowledge to others while maintaining their compassion and desire for the betterment of humankind. They are here to help others, as all starseeds are.

If you have a strong sense that you are an Arcturian Starseed, know that your mission here is a very valuable one and your presence will help humanity shift into the new era. Your light, wisdom and knowledge is a crucial part of the transition that everyone in this world is now experiencing.

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