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10 Things to Know About Scorpio Rising Girl and Her Moon

The eighth sign of the zodiac is Scorpio and we have here an intense and magnetic sign, one that undergoes dramatic transformations throughout their life. 

Scorpio Rising is familiar with challenges and obstacles to such a degree that it becomes normal to them. This Rising Sign has the ability to transform themselves and their lives so that when they reach the pinnacle of their transformation, they become a catalyst in effecting change in the lives of others.

The Rising Sign is the sign that represents how the world views you and the lens through which you see the world. There is tremendous power to someone with this Rising Sign and others notice it immediately. It is common for reactions to this sign to be either one of awe or one of fear!

While the Sun Sign represents the essence of who you are and the Moon Sign represents your emotional world, the Rising Sign is the prism for how your energy filters into the world. It is the immediate impression that you give to others. 

You will know a Scorpio Rising when you see them. One thing they all have in common is intensity, especially in the eyes. A Scorpio Rising will look at you as if they are staring straight into the depths of your soul. Their piercing gaze will either unnerve you or fascinate you.

It is believed by some astrologers that Scorpio is the only Rising Sign that can override an entire natal chart. In other words, this particular Rising Sign has a lot of powerful emphasis on Scorpio lessons throughout its life.

It is rare to come across a Scorpio Rising that has had an easy life! The life of this sign is often tumultuous, filled with challenges, obstacles, battles within themselves and battles on the outside. A Scorpio Rising can plummet to the depths of hell but can also rise to the peak of heaven. No matter what other signs dominate their chart or other aspects they have in their chart, Scorpio themes will be prominent throughout their lifetime, which will be learning – often tough – lessons about transformation.

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Scorpio Rising in Soul Astrology

In Esoteric Astrology (Soul Astrology) the lesson of Scorpio Rising is to transform darkness into light. Scorpio Rising is learning to navigate the world through the Fourth Ray of Harmony Through Conflict. It is here that Scorpio Rising is tested. This sign must undergo a series of tests which involve aspects of the physical world – money, sex, career, physical health etc – and the emotional world – jealousy, envy, anger, fear etc – and it is through these tests that eventually they come to learn how inhibitions in these areas and the negative patterns that emerge from them are limiting to the Soul.

Scorpio Rising will then use its innate determination to transform this negativity into positivity. The Soul is locked in a battle with the Ego; in fact, with Scorpio Rising, the undercurrent energy of this sign is a fight for the Soul itself. Through these intense lessons, the Soul eventually wins over the Ego. The Ego submits to the Soul and at its highest point, the two work together in harmony to make change for the better in both their external and internal worlds.

It is the ultimate triumph of the spiritual self over the material self, a transition that humanity itself is currently going through.

All Scorpio Rising must face the darkness within themselves before they are able to transform this darkness into light. Through an understanding of this darkness, they are then able to see the darkness in others and help them transform it too.

10 Things to Know About Scorpio Rising

So what are some things to know about this intense sign?

They go where angels fear to tread

One of the most identifying qualities of the Scorpio Rising is that they will often go where angels fear to tread. This sign has a natural inclination towards the dark side of life. Whether this is placing themselves in dangerous situations or exploring someone’s dark side, this sign will intentionally or unintentionally find themselves facing the darker side of life. The Pluto influence on this sign gives them the ability to withstand heavy stuff.

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Scorpio Rising is resilient. This sign has a tremendous ability to withstand struggle. They can be knocked down over and over again but they will always find their way back up again. 

Penetrating gaze

Sometimes you can spot a Scorpio Rising by their eyes alone. No matter the shape or colour of the eye, the gaze itself is extremely penetrable. A Scopio Rising gaze can make you feel uncomfortable because it is so intense. However, many of them don’t even realise they are doing it – it’s just their natural look!

Strong sex appeal

Scorpio Risings are sexy without meaning to be. Scorpio is the sign that rules the sexual organs and when it manifests as a Rising Sign, sexuality becomes a prominent feature of this sign. No matter what their physical appearance is, this sign is very alluring and people are often drawn to them for this powerful sex appeal. This sign may naturally ‘dress’ in a sexual fashion or their facial expressions may come across as seductive, often unintentionally.


That mysterious stranger dressed all in black in the corner with the broody manner and piercing stare? That’s most likely a Scorpio Rising!

Scorpio Rising have a naturally brooding manner about them. They don’t even intend to have it. But think of the scorpion itself which sits apart from the others, waiting in the corner. Scorpio Rising is quite the same (though without the actual stinger!)



Scorpio Rising is a brave sign and this is in part because of the Mars influence over the sign. Scorpio traditionally has two rulers – Mars and Pluto. Like the other sign Mars rules over, Aries, bravery is a common theme of this planet. Scorpio courage may not seem apparent at first but when push comes to shove, this sign stands up and acts when it counts, and they don’t care what anyone thinks of them.


Scorpio Rising comes across as very guarded. They are protective people and they guard themselves well. This sign can struggle with trusting others and therefore they may have a wall up. But if you can get past the shield, there is a loyal and loving individual beneath it with a big heart.


Scorpio Rising is a very loyal sign. They defend their family and friends (to the death!). Once this sign commits themselves to a person or cause, they will not waver in their loyalty. However, if this sign is betrayed, run! This sign does not forget a betrayal and can be formidable when their heart has been hurt.


One of the more difficult qualities associated with this sign is jealousy. This is not to say that Scorpio Rising are jealous people. But this sign can struggle with jealousy, particularly in romantic relationships, unless they have some aspects to balance it out or their chart has other signs that are more laid-back. Because of the intensity of this sign, it means every emotion is amplified and where jealousy exists, it can be highly destructive in nature. A Scorpio Rising’s challenge is to find a way to transmute their jealousy into positive energy which many learn to do later in life.


With great intensity comes great passion. When a Scorpio Rising sets their sights on someone or something, they set their passion among them as well. This passion can be a tremendous force for good or it can be destructive in nature when the passion is directed in a negative light. At their best, Scorpio Rising is able to direct their passion into forming healthy connections with others, creative projects and improving the world around them. Their passion enables them to make phenomenal achievements which leave others in awe. Sometimes it is just a question of learning to balance it.

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Scorpio Rising: A Powerful Transformer

At their worst, this Rising Sign can be jealous, vindictive, and self-destructive. Their intense energy becomes used for selfish means and an inclination to destroy preoccupies their thoughts.

However, at their best, this is a strong, compassionate and dedicated sign which excels in healing and helping others find themselves in their own journey of discovery. This is a brilliant leader and an unwavering and loyal friend and ally.

In the wild, the scorpion’s venom has been known to have extraordinary healing abilities. While this venom can kill, when used at the correct dosage, it can also heal.

This is the lesson for Scorpio Rising as they learn to harness their power through the challenges they meet in life. Which path will you choose? Will you use your gifts for selfish reasons and to pave a path of destruction? Or will you use it for its higher purpose, to heal yourself, others, and the world around you?

Use your venom wisely – and remember. With great power comes great responsibility.

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