What the New Moon in Virgo Means for you: September Astrology 2023

Virgo New Moon September 2023 Girl and Her Moon

September 14 2023 brings a beautiful New Moon. Held within the arms of the Goddess Virgo, we are blessed with this New Moon in a grounded, practical, and divinely inspired Earth Sign. In the Moon’s journey through her cycles, the New Moon is where she begins again. She has emptied herself bare, and it is here that she rebirths herself anew into the world.

Virgo New Moon Times & Dates

  • Wellington: Friday 15 September 2.39 pm
  • Sydney: Friday 15 September 11.39 am
  • Tokyo: Friday 15 September 10.39 am
  • Singapore: Friday 15 September 9.39 am
  • New Delhi: Friday 15 September 7.09 am
  • Dubai: Friday 15 September 5.39 am
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Friday 15 September 4.39 am
  • Paris/Berlin: Friday 15 September 3.39 am
  • London: Friday 15 September 2.39 am
  • New York/Toronto: Thursday 14 September 9.39 pm
  • Los Angeles: Thursday 14 September 6.39 pm

We have been journeying through Virgo Season for some weeks and are now blessed with an invitation to begin a new chapter within its realm; the realm of refinement and purpose, direction and clarity, self-analysis and integration, and the journey of becoming the highest potential that sits within us – the truth of who we are.

Part of Virgos divine mission is to become on the outside who we are on the inside, and the continual refinement, analysis, stripping away, building through repeated action, and intentional movement required for that mission.

This archetype holds a beautiful gift of seeing the highest potential in all things, including the self. With this clear sight, each step taken is intentional and in service to this highest potential. Whether this is through taking care of our bodies with food, movement, or a self-care routine. Whether it is through learning about what lives within our mind or peeling back layers through therapy. Whether it is through building organisation and order, setting in place habits that hold us or supportive plans to help us move forward.

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Soul Purpose Tarot Reading Girl and Her Moon

If you were offered a new beginning, a fresh start, an opportunity to begin again, with the divine mission to make who you are on the inside reflected in every aspect of your living experience – the way you express yourself and the narratives you hold of life, your relationships and the way you contribute to the world, the way you meet each day and the steps you take over and over, the way you relate to your emotions and the way your feet touch the earth – if every moment and area of your life were a reflection of who you are – what would it be saying, and more importantly, what would you want it to be saying?

This New Moon is an invitation to reflect on this new chapter and what it could look like, and with that begin building it.

It reminds us that we have the permission to choose what grows in our lives, in our bodies, minds, and auras. It invites us to lovingly tend to ourselves as the garden we are, weeding and planting, tending, and nurturing.

While many of us may have learned to attune to the needs of the other before the needs of ourselves… While many of us have learned to turn away from our preferences and guidance, trust in our own direction and attunement to our own truth…

This New Moon invites us to come back to ourselves, lovingly reminding us of this permission. Permission to choose what grows here. Permission to tend to that growth day in day out. Permission to touch in deeper to the needs, preferences, guidance, direction, and truth of our own.

Mercury Direct

Just hours after the Virgo New Moon, Mercury finishes its retrograde motion on 15 September 2023, and starts moving forward once again in the same grounded sign of Virgo.

While New Moons on their own can feel like a beautiful opportunity to begin again, having Mercury begin its direct motion hours after only adds to that momentum. It’s a door-opening, fresh air, new energy kind of few days.

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New Moon Aspects: Uranus and Neptune

With this New Moon Trining Uranus, Virgos seer-like quality of seeing clearly what is in alignment and what is not receives immense support. Uranus offers a glimpse into the divine unfolding of our plan, reminding us that each step taken – whether big or small – is part of the intelligent path of our Souls evolution – and with this truth guides us break down what no longer fits, or what we no longer fit within, and take a step outside of those confines.

As the Sun and Moon Oppose Neptune in the heavens, the planets sits in a loving position to Uranus. With this, divinity is etched into the very fabric of this lunation, just as it is within us. While there is an element of self-creation inviting to be known under this lunation, there too, is an element of surrender. For we are not on this journey without the loving guise of Life. For the entire journey is Life.

Virgo New Moon Horoscopes

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