Attunement with the Akasha

With Akashic Channel, Seer, and Mystic, Taylor of Akashic Light.

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Equinox Attunement with the Akasha Girl and Her Moon

About this Event

LIVE 23 SEP, 2023

The Equinox is a fertile time to review, realign and honor the harvest — and our Akashic Records are a brilliant domain of access to bring clarity and a depth of compassion into our investigation.

Throughout this live ceremony with Taylor, we will call in our Higher Selves through the Akasha, and/or the signature that desires to emerge for this next cycle that we are stepping into, to witness and observe this vision of our next evolution. We will explore how we can alchemize the energy of the Equinox to create clarity, and to illuminate our inspired visions for this new season ahead.

This will be an opportunity to recognize where we have come from, and to welcome in an inspired vision for our next cycle. A chance to both metabolize the lessons, and to harmonize with our energetic capacities so we can tweak the path where necessary.

We will also play with our own Akashic Pathway and how we can begin to access the Akashic Records as we move forward.

What's included

1 x live ceremony

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Taylor Montague
Taylor of Akashic Light is an advanced Akashic Records practitioner and teacher based in Berlin.

A child born into the Mystic Arts, her winding path of discovery with Spirit was initiated at an early stage. The Akashic Records quickly became foundational and integral to her practice, which is not only an exploration, but a celebration.

Taylors sessions are designed to bring awareness to your healing cycles from an Akashic perspective as you actively shape the energy, patterning and beliefs you are running in your field while calling forth all of the blessings available to you.

A fully Certified Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner, she has trained and studied with Akashic Records experts and has worked with thousands of clients one on one. She has led Akashic Records workshops, classes, retreats and sacred circles and holds certifications from Akashic Records expert *Dr. Linda Howe* and *Helen Vonderheide* as well as various ThetaHealing® certifications through the *Theta Center of Light*. With a background in film and design, the pulse of creativity heavily influences her work.

Stepping aside, she acts as a clear channel between your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, the Akasha, and You.

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