Everything Virgo: Dates, Purpose, Traits, and Season

Everything Virgo Dates, Purpose, Traits, and Season Girl and Her Moon

Virgo. The Virgin Goddess before the title held sexual implications. The adaptable mutable sign taking us from one season to the next. The earth. The body. The vessel. The self-contained. The sacred act of refinement so that we may reach closer into purity. The grounding of the Divine. The expression of purpose as service.

Whether your Sun, Moon or Rising is Virgo, or perhaps you have many planets here, or it’s the direction of your North Node and therefore your purpose… Maybe your best friend, child, or partner exudes the essence of Virgo and you are ready to get to know them on a deeper level… Or perhaps you feel the call of this beautiful archetype calling you towards it… Whatever it is, there is deep medicine within this sign.

When is Virgo Season?

Virgo Season begins 23 August and continues into 22 September.

It is throughout these weeks that we are invited to step into the essence of this archetype, to feel it in our bodies, to commune with its wisdom, and to observe the world and the self through its lens. We all have Virgo alive and existing within us, operating in different volumes and expressing itself in different parts of our lives. As the Sun shines in this grounded Earth sign, the Virgo in us steps into the spotlight, and there is much we can learn from it.

The Purpose, Wisdom, and Traits of Virgo

An Earth sign traditionally associated with femininity outside of gender, Virgo has been connected to many ancient Goddess’ throughout varying mythologies that speak to purity, harvest, service, and spiritual dedication.

Referred to as the Virgin Goddess in ancient astrology and mythology – there are differing opinions on the original meaning of the words “virgin” and “virgo”, yet many suggest their origins come from Latin, meaning “maiden,” and Greek meaning “unto oneself.” There is an understood wholeness within Virgo, a dedication to oneself, a strength within self-sufficiency. No other person or outside force can possess the goddess, for she belongs to herself.

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Virgo and the Purification of the Self

The zodiacal circle of twelve signs is split into two halves. The first half, Aries to Virgo, is the development of the individual self. These signs are self-directed, aimed at both creating and learning about who we are, offering self-definition and clarity. The second half, Libra to Pisces, symbolises our journey out in the world and our relationship to other people and society. It is the process of taking the defined self and interacting with all that lives outside of the self.

By the time we reach Virgo, we have been on a journey of establishing who we are; through the courageous initiation of Aries, the building of stability and endurance with Taurus, the development of the mental spheres with Gemini, learning how to nurture ourselves with Cancer’s safety and belonging, and exploring the individual need to express our unique self with Leo.

Virgo, the sixth zodiac, is a culmination of this journey of the Self.

It is where we begin to integrate all we have learned, who we have become and all that we have realised, to then refine, purify, and ultimately become a clear, grounded, and intentional vessel for who we are, and who we choose to be in the world. It is a synthesis of the individual. The refinement and ordering of all the experiences and explorations which came from the first five zodiac signs.

This space Virgo takes up in the zodiac and the role it plays is reflected in the essence of the sign in our lived reality. It is reflected in our daily lives as the refinement and definition of self throughout repeated action, routines, and habits. It is shown through clarity of direction and its highly intentional movement. It is reflected through deep and continued self-analysis, behavioural-analysis, learning and integrating, transmuting, and becoming.


Holding the wisdom that the journey is the destination, it is throughout time and continual integration of experiences that this archetype will repeatedly ask us to purify ourselves, meeting what is underneath each time and reaching closer into the truth of who we are with each step.

Virgo holds a beautiful gift of seeing the highest potential in all things, including the self. With this clear sight, each step taken is intentional and in the direction of this highest potential, each step is in service to the realisation and embodiment of the perfected divine as human.

Whether this is through taking care of our bodies with food, movement, or a self-care routine. Whether it is through learning about the mind or peeling back layers through therapy. Whether it is through building organisation and order, setting in place habits that hold us, or detailed plans to help us move forward.

If you were to witness yourself in this wholeness, how do you then treat yourself, your body, your mind, and your emotions? How does your perspective of yourself shift and what does it now show you? How do you show up for yourself each day, support yourself, trust yourself? This is Virgo. Each step on purpose. Continually purifying our perspectives.

Holding this intimate connection with the highest potential of all things, Virgo is the Earth when operating on her own; self-sufficient, and highly intelligent in bringing together a vast number of moving pieces in her thriving eco system. It is the intelligence of our body when treated with respect and love.

These two bodies, that of the Earth and the human, thrive when in the right environment. Virgo is the conduit that maintains this right environment, continually stripping away that which is out of alignment.

Virgo and Pisces: The Axis of Service and Healing

In Astrology, each zodiac exists on an axis in partnership with its opposite sign. Seemingly opposing one another, yet each an antidote to the other for this spectrum to come alive and be utilised. Seemingly opposite, yet one. Virgo cannot exist without Pisces just as Pisces cannot exist without Virgo.

The axis that these two signs live within is often referred to as the axis of service and healing, where heaven and earth meet. The zodiac of Pisces is all-that-is, boundless, existing beyond time and space. Virgo, on the other hand, is the sacred vessel of the body. It is the act of tangible steps, routine, and ritual. This partnership is the vessel through which the divine, being Pisces, lands in our bodies and on the Earth, which is Virgo.

In this way, the incredible force of discernment that is Virgo allows the filtering and purification of the boundless nature of Pisces into a clear and intentional direction and purpose. Through the self-definition and continuous refinement of self, the way in which the divine uniquely flows through us is clear.

As we connect with the Virgo that lives within us all, it is as if we are gifted a key that unlocks our sense of purpose and direction that is unique to us.  It invites us to explore how we can apply our innate gifts and highest and most divine potential that lives within us in a useful way, in the world, physically realised.

Virgo asks; How can I bring this state of divinity that flows through me, the gifts that I hold and the unique self that I have intentionally crafted, into the tangible world? What can I do to support my gifts, to support myself as I share them, to maximise their impact, and bring as much of this divinity down into the tangible world?

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Balancing our Inner Virgo

When we are in a healthy relationship with our inner Virgo; we trust ourselves to take the imagined dreams and divine desires and filter them into steps and actions. When we are in a healthy relationship with our Virgo, we honour that we are never a finished product, but are whole as we are and this wholeness will continually change as we continue to refine and integrate. When we are in a healthy relationship with our Virgo, we have a clear sense of who we are, our direction, what is for us and what is not.

When our Inner Virgo is asking for balancing; some of the ways in which we can sense this part of us needs further attention is if we are perceiving the self as incomplete and therefore not enough as we currently are.

Virgo, when asking for love, can manifest as a pre-occupation with the highest possibility of all, and of self, in a way that takes away from all the goodness, beauty, and wholeness that exists as we are in this moment. But Virgo, when integrated with Pisces, reminds us of the perfection in all, the divinity in all, and the evolution in all.

When our inner Virgo is still awaiting our presence and support, there can be a certain dissatisfaction with our creations or work. We are pulled into the pressured perspective that because something can always be better, it isn’t worth sharing as it is. Yet a loving and truthful Virgo and Pisces remind us of the divine that flows through us, and that it does so for a reason. Our creations, our work, our desired direction, is all on purpose. And it is through the steps of doing and sharing, that we can come into deeper relationship with this purpose. It is through the action as we continue to create that we touch deeper into ourselves and into all of Life.

We know that our inner Virgo is needing support when we are taking its purifying essence and applying everywhere but within, seeing only what isn’t in alignment in other people, sensing an incessant need to purify our homes, our bodies, or our habits in a way that holds control over us. But the medicine within Virgo is the refinement of Self from absolute respect for the self, the beauty, wholeness, and divinity that sits within us. It comes from love for the self, directing this medicine inward. The medicine of Pisces, too, invites us to step back, breathe out, and surrender. For we cannot control what we cannot control.

Virgo Season Meaning

After journeying through the outward and magnanimous expression of Leo Season, we quieten, turn inward, and arrive at Virgo.

Here we are fine tuning the self. Stripping away what does not belong to us and with that, reaching into the truth of who we are underneath it all. While in Virgo Season, we are invited into this self-refinement.

We are invited to cleanse our bodies or purify our homes, to bring order to what feels messy and surrender where we can’t. To take what feels big and break it down into small steps and little wins, and to concentrate on those steps, on how they compound, on how we evolve through and with them.

We are invited to clear away all the noise, the extra, the outside, all that is not ours. To explore who emerges as we do so, to re-meet who awaits us underneath it all.

And we are invited to bring order and purpose to all that sits around and within us. To bring all that we have been learning, exploring, and experiencing this year and beyond, and integrate it into one well-functioning whole, truth, and direction within ourselves.

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