The Best Moon Ritual for You, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Best Moon Ritual for You, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign Girl and Her Moon

Hello astrology lovers, dream walkers and lunar lovers!

2022 is already off to an enigmatic start for so many of us and it’s no surprise really, as this is the Year of the Water Tiger. Tiger years are always a rollercoaster ride, hence why we advise you to hang onto your hats, because it’s going to get bumpy!

If you are a lunar gazer, you’ll already know about the potent power of the Moon, especially when it is in its New Moon and Full Moon stage. The Full Moon in particular is a time of intense transformation and the New Moon is all about starting afresh in some area of your life, helping you to become the best version of who you can be.

The Chinese Zodiac is based off the lunar calendar so it has a special relationship to our lovely Moon. As such, it can be extremely helpful to know what Moon ritual is based for you, based on your Chinese Zodiac sign.

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How a Moon Ritual Can Help You Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

If you don’t know what your Chinese Zodiac sign is, just check it out here.

Unlike the Western Zodiac which assigns a Sun Sign to you based on the month you were born, the Chinese Zodiac goes by the year you were born.

It also assigns an animal to you and in traditional lunar astrology, we take on the traits and characteristics associated with our animal sign.

As the lunar zodiac is so closely associated with the Moon, understanding how to harness your inner zodiac animal during the lunar peak can be very helpful. The lunar energies can help you enhance your natural qualities and assist you in moving forward, particularly if you are focusing on manifestation.

For example, if you are a Horse then you have a powerful free spirit that is keen to explore all aspects of life. If there is something in your life obstructing this free spirit, a lunar ritual encompassing the qualities of your inner animal can help you see things more clearly.

If you are a Rat, then you are a clever and methodical individual who has specific goals you want to reach. A lunar ritual can help you understand how to achieve them, which is especially helpful if you find yourself stuck.

If you are a Pig, then you are a kind, compassionate soul who wants the best for everyone. A lunar ritual can help you understand this at a deeper level and possibly expose you to new ways of doing this by harnessing talents you may not have even known you had.

And so forth!

So want to know what the best lunar ritual is for your Chinese Zodiac sign? Scroll on to find your sign. I have added a crystal with each one. These crystals can enhance the natural power of each Chinese Zodiac animal and make your ritual even more potent!

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Best Crystal:


Moon ritual:

During the Full or New Moon, set yourself a quiet space apart from others. Play soothing meditation music and light some incense. Release worries from your mind. As a Rat, you are someone with big goals and ambitions. Repeat the following affirmation to yourself while holding your crystal in your hand: I will achieve all that I dream of.



Best Crystal:

Black Onyx

Moon ritual:

A Moon ritual outdoors is best for you if possible, so if you can spend some time in your garden or outdoors during a Full or New Moon, all the better! As an Ox, you are the type of person who is willing to work hard for a long time to get what you want, but you run the risk of boxing yourself in which can lead you to missing new opportunities. Repeat the following affirmation while holding your crystal in your hand: I will stay open to new ideas and possibilities.



Best Crystal:

Tiger’s Eye

Moon ritual:

As a Tiger, you are dynamic and adventurous, so Moon rituals are best undertaken in whatever spot grabs you during the time! This could be indoors or outdoors; it could be among others or alone. Whatever feels right at the time works well for you. During the Full or New Moon, hold your crystal in your hand and remind yourself that you have the courage to push through any obstacles in your path. Repeat the following affirmation: I have the strength to persist and reach my dreams.



Best Crystal:


Moon ritual:

You are someone who naturally possesses a powerful intuition, but there are times you may struggle to listen to it. A Moon ritual is a perfect time to connect you to your intuition and help to strengthen it, hence the lepidolite crystal is perfect for you. A Moon ritual among water is especially potent, so this ritual can be done in the bath or even with your feet in a bowl of water. Hold your crystal in your palm and repeat the following affirmation during the Full or New Moon: I trust my intuition and allow it to guide me.



Best Crystal:

Fire Agate

Moon ritual:

Yours is a powerful lunar sign and you are someone who commands a strong presence and a dignified air. As such, you may find yourself embroiled in conflict at times which can be challenging. During the Full or New Moon, harness the power of the fire agate crystal which is grounding and protective. A Moon ritual in a quiet space with palo santo or similar incense burning in your space is particularly powerful. Repeat the following affirmation while holding your crystal: Protect me from harm and give me the strength to achieve my goals.



Best Crystal:

Clear quartz

Moon ritual:

As a Snake, you are someone who thinks carefully and methodically before making a move. You may not show your emotions as readily as some, but a big heart beats beneath your breast. During the Full or New Moon, set yourself a quiet spot with your crystal. Think about the challenges you face and remind yourself that opening yourself to trust helps to heal you in more ways than one. Repeat the following affirmation with your crystal in your palm: I trust in the guidance of the universe and that it will lead me where I need to be.



Best Crystal:


Moon ritual:

As an adventurous and passionate soul, you never really know where life takes you and it’s common for you to embark on new adventures that lead you to exciting horizons. As such, you tend to accumulate a wealth of emotions, both positive and negative. The angelite crystal is a soothing stone that helps deal with negative emotions so they do not consume you. During the Full or New Moon, find a quiet spot where you can be alone, breathe deeply, hold your crystal in your hand and repeat the following affirmation: I release all negative tensions and trust in the path that lies before me.




Best Crystal:


Moon ritual:

The moonstone crystal is the perfect crystal for a sensitive soul such as yourself. As one with a powerful intuition, your connection to your creativity is a powerful one and often things happen to you which you have no explanation for. During the Full or New Moon, take your Moon ritual outdoors if possible as nature helps you connect your Higher Self. Hold your crystal in the palm of your hand and repeat the following affirmation: I trust in the power of my intuition and the strength of my soul to guide me to the best version of myself.



Best Crystal:


Moon ritual:

A Full or New Moon ritual spent in a quiet spot with relaxing meditation music in the background can help quieten your often chatty mind. You are a clever and astute individual with excellent strategic skills. You understand people and know how to get inside their minds. Sometimes, relationships can bring their fair share of challenges and encourage you to meet people halfway. During your ritual, hold your crystal in your hand and repeat the following affirmation: I will make my relationships the best they can be, fair and just to all involved.



Best Crystal:


Moon ritual:

As someone who is determined to get the job done and has a clear view of the way they want things to go, you are known for your determined and steadfast spirit. During the New or Full Moon, hold your crystal in your palm in a quiet space, either indoors or outdoors. Amazonite helps to soothe and ground you, as well as enhance your powers of communication. Repeat the following affirmation to yourself under the lunar energies: I will find the best path forward and take care of myself in the process.



Best Crystal:


Moon ritual:

You are someone who cares passionately about truth and justice and if anyone is to be found championing a cause, it is you. As a result, you can sometimes experience worrying thoughts that can weigh you down. During a Full or New Moon, find a safe and quiet space where you can be alone and hold your crystal in the palm of your hand. Labradorite helps to connect you to your inner self and balance you from within. Repeat the following affirmation: I am a seeker of truth and I will conquer my fears.



Best Crystal:

Rose quartz

Moon ritual:

During the Full or New Moon, the opportunity to connect with your Higher Self is at its peak. A compassionate and kind soul, your desire is to help others bring out the best of themselves. You do tend to see the best in others! Sometimes you can struggle with inner balance, and it is under the lunar energies that you are best able to regenerate. Among nature or in a quiet space inside, hold your crystal close to you and allow its love to radiate. Repeat the following affirmation: I know my true worth and my light will shine forth.

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