Year of the Tiger 2022: What This Means for You

Year of the Tiger 2022 What This Means for You Girl and Her Moon

Welcome to the Year of the Tiger 2022!

Having just left the Year of the Ox, the Year of the Tiger begins on February 1st 2022 and promises to bring a lot of excitement and intensity with it!

This is typical of Tiger years and is typical of Tiger personalities in general. As the third sign in the Chinese Zodiac, the Tiger is known for its courage, dynamism, sensitivity, and rebellious streak. These colorful characters bring passion and excitement with them – there is never a dull moment when a Tiger is around!

If you are a Tiger, life is likely to be a whirlwind of drama and adventure for you. Laughs and cries are the norm. In Eastern Astrology, it is believed that a Tiger born during the day is likely to have a more hectic life than a Tiger born at night.

And if you know a Tiger, you have probably been swept up in their rollercoaster a few times!

The Tiger is a member of the Third Trine in Chinese Astrology. There are four Trines in total. The Third Trine consists of the Tiger, Horse and Dog – a group of creatures known for their humanitarian instincts and desire to change the world.

So when a Tiger year comes along, it’s time to hold onto your hats and get ready because the winds of change are coming!


What Chinese Zodiac Sign Are You?


To know what 2022 will mean for you, you first have to know your own Chinese Zodiac sign.

You probably already know, but if not then you can find out your Chinese Zodiac sign by inputting your date of birth here.

Remember, each Chinese Zodiac sign is accompanied by an element – fire, earth, water, metal and wood. If you were born a certain year, for example, you would be an Earth Snake, while in another year another Snake would be a Wood Snake, and so forth.

The elements bring different energies to the individual. Fire, for example, often brings passion and daring, while Water brings a calmer temperament and greater caution.

2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger. So while the Tiger itself is a dynamic and passionate soul, Water brings some well-needed stability and groundedness. With the presence of Water energy dominating this year, it means that the Tiger’s natural impulsive energy is reined in a little.

So what does the Year of the Water Tiger mean for you? Scroll down to find out!



Big changes are coming for your relationships and in your business dealings. If you are planning on launching a business or have a business idea in mind, this year bodes well for you. Tiger energy brings you that magnetism and zest you need, especially if you have been feeling like you’re in a slump lately. Just watch out for Mercury Retrograde season and avoid signing important paperwork at that time, as things can go haywire!

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There’s a radical change on the way for you and you might find yourself changing a number of things on a personal level, which could involve appearance, your home décor, and even your career. You need to be quite careful during Tiger years, as you are someone who prefers certainty and tends to dislike surprises. This Tiger year will be filled with them so make sure to prioritize the necessity of being able to adapt.

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This is your year and it is going to be a mindblowing one for you. You may be called into a position of leadership and others will be looking to you for inspiration. Your voice is an important one this year and you may be called to the front line, championing a cause. Look behind you – there is an army at your back. So have faith in yourself and believe that you are able to achieve anything you set your mind to – because you can! Romance is also on the agenda, so be prepared for some unexpected revelations in that area throughout the year.

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Huge transformation is ongoing for you during this Tiger year and you probably started feeling the effects of it in the Ox year of 2021. You’ve been forced out of your comfort zone and as much as you would like to just stay where you are, the universe has got bigger plans for you. The lesson for you this year is to work on your self-confidence. Tiger energy is brimming with confidence so it’s time to take a leaf out of the Tiger’s book and harness that confidence for yourself. So long as you stay on the right path and trust yourself, you will find success in your endeavors.

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The Year of the Tiger promises to be a rollercoaster for you – expect the unexpected! There will be ups and downs, highs and lows, but perhaps the most significant aspect of it for you is demonstrating the strength of your power this year. It is likely you will be called into a position of authority or leadership which may test you to your limit. But you have a natural flair for getting things done and so long as you stick to your convictions and do what you feel in your heart to be true, you cannot go astray.

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A time of greater spiritual understanding is upon you and it’s likely you’ve already felt it this past year. This is going to be an exciting year for you and you may have some big events lined up. Don’t be surprised if they don’t go entirely to plan. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – sometimes, the unexpected can result in even greater outcomes that we could have imagined! It’s likely you will make some new connections and forge new friendships this year which will have a huge impact on you – so stay open to all forms of learning!

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You and the Tiger are members of the same trine in the Chinese Zodiac and this promises to be an enlightening year for you. Your sense of justice is especially prominent this year and it’s likely you will end up in situations which require your noble and brave spirit to champion worthy causes. The Tiger brings you greater courage and a desire to right wrongs that you see. Be careful not to jump in headfirst though! This year may spell recklessness for you and it’s best if you avoid being too hasty. Always look before you leap and follow the guidance of your intuition.

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Tiger years can be a bit much for you but this one looks like it will be one of golden opportunity. Keep an eye out for new prospects and opportunities coming your way. There will be a bunch of surprises waiting in the wings for you and there’s also a lot of emphasis on relationships for you this year. If single, several love interests are on the way and any of them could develop into something more serious. If already in a relationship, it looks like this is the year it will be make or break. You will grow stronger together as you enter the next phase of your relationship, or it will fizzle out. You will know in your heart what the right thing to do is!

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Relationships are a powerful theme for you during this Tiger year. If you’ve been feeling burning passion for someone, this is the year to let them know. It could spark off a series of spectacular and explosive events, so be prepared. This is a wild and exciting year for you. Take the good with the bad or not at all! There is also some incredible opportunity to show everyone what you’re made of. You may have to take a stand that makes you a little unpopular but if you believe in the strength of your convictions, you will come out the winner.

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This Year of the Tiger may have you taking a totally different turn of direction entirely, so the key is to go with the flow. If you find yourself deviating from your original plans, don’t let yourself spiral into a frenzy of worry! Trust in yourself and trust in the plans the universe has for you. There’s also a lot of emphasis on your creativity this year. It’s a great year to write that book, or paint that portrait, or launch that project! This Tiger year also brings you a sizzling romantic life, so brace yourself!

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The Tiger shares the same trine as you and this is a year of great fortune for you. You have the chance to elevate yourself in more ways than one and there is the potential for great spiritual growth this year. You may find yourself in situations where you feel you have been ‘called’. Go where fate takes you and try not to question it too much. Your sense of humanitarianism is especially strong this year and you may find yourself championing new causes. There may be some conflict and opposition but this year is in your favor – you can do anything you set your mind to!

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Tiger years are quite hectic for you at the best of times, but this one brings landmark success in several areas of your life, so long as you stay true to yourself! It may not always be easy, but that’s just the way things go. If you can push through the challenges and obstacles, you will find roaring success. Tiger energy brings you extra courage and passion. Don’t let fear of the unknown prevent you from expressing your true authentic self and coming into your own personal power. You may find yourself in a position of influence this year. Embrace your power!

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