Spiritual Meaning of Wolves

Spiritual Meaning of Wolves Girl and Her Moon

The relationship between wolves and humans has long been a profound one. One of the most respected animals in the world, they have also been feared across history also.

There is a deep and intense spiritual power associated with wolves. In Native American culture, wolves feature prominently in the mythology of almost every tribe. It is believed that God roamed the earth in the form of wolves. Reverence for the wolf is sacred.

Wolves are some of the most widely-known animal spirit animals. When someone is drawn particularly to wolves, it often means that there is a wolf spirit animal with them. 


What Does the Wolf Symbolise Spiritually?

The wolf symbolises loyalty, guardianship, ritual and strong bonds with others. Wolves often appear as spirit animals when someone is beginning to merge deeper with their spiritual side. They can appear when someone is undergoing a spiritual awakening.

Wolves symbolise strong intuition, powerful instinct, high intelligence and an innate sense of protectiveness.

Wolves themselves live in packs and they are deeply loyal to one another. Whether we ourselves are alone or with others, wolves are a reminder to us that no one is an island and when we experience deep bonds with others, we provide ourselves with the opportunities to grow on a number of levels.

Humans and animals share a spiritual essence. Spirit animals turn up in our lives when it is time for us to embark on a new spiritual journey or when we are ready to learn new spiritual lessons.

When the wolf appears to you spiritually, it is an indication that your connections with others are going to deepen and strengthen.

It is a sign that your intuition is going to become stronger. You may feel a sense that you are awakening in some way. It is common for wolf spirit animals to show up when someone is beginning to discover spiritual gifts they have such as clairvoyance or mediumship.

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How Do You Know If A Wolf Is With You Spiritually?

There are a number of ways to tell when the wolf is with you spiritually.

Sometimes you will just know. There may be a deep knowing within you that compels you towards the wolf. You may suddenly find yourself gravitating to wolf posters or wolf ornaments or googling articles about wolves online. You may seek out wolf literature or films/TV shows with wolves in them.

This is your soul’s way of trying to get closer to the wolf spirit animal.

Other ways wolves can show up is during deep meditation. Deep meditation involves taking yourself into an almost trance-like state and allowing your mind to be free of all thoughts. It can take a while to reach this state but once you do, if a wolf comes to you, it is a sure sign you have a wolf spirit with you.

Another way the wolf spirit animal appears to you is in your dreams. If you keep dreaming of wolves, this is a strong sign that you have a wolf spirit animal. Taking note of whether the wolf speaks to you or not can also indicate why the wolf is with you, as can the behaviour of the wolf. Is the wolf happy, angry or sad? Is there more than one?


Freedom & Loyalty

Two of the most powerful spiritual meanings associated with wolves are freedom and loyalty.

A wolf spirit may arrive in your life if you are struggling in these areas in some way. If your freedom is being stifled, the wolf reminds you that you are a free being and you have every right to be who you are and express yourself freely. 

If you have been struggling with loyalty, experienced betrayal, or have trouble trusting others, the wolf reminds you that not everyone is untrustworthy and there are those out there who are worthy of your trust. It can be a sign that it is OK to open up to others.

The wolf is a symbol of healing and can indicate that where there have been past wounds, now is the time to heal yourself and remind yourself that you are worthy of the life you wish to lead.

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Let the Wolf Guide You

As a spiritual message, the wolf often speaks to our sense of vulnerability. We too can be like wolves at times. We may be mistrustful, cautious and keen to show no signs of weakness. But when we choose to be vulnerable and let others in, we open ourselves up to new and wonderful experiences such as the ability to have strong bonds and fulfilling, loyal relationships with others.

If a wolf spirit animal is with you or you are drawn to the wolf spiritually, it is a classic sign that you are undergoing a spiritual transformation. The wolf is the pathfinder. Through the strength, knowledge and wisdom of the wolf, we can find ourselves and, in doing so, find our path forward.

Trust is a big factor with wolf spiritualism. The wolves in the wild must trust one another if they are to survive and the same goes for us. When we shut ourselves away from others, either from fear or being hurt or due to too much suspicion, we shut down a piece of us that ensures our survival. The human heart is one of the most important parts of ourselves that we need to survive. Not just to survive, but to thrive – to become our whole, authentic selves, experiencing life in its entirety.

The spiritual wolf is a reminder to trust. It is through trust that we remember why we are here and the unique purpose that we came here for.

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