How to Ground Your Energy

How to Ground Your Energy Girl and Her Moon

You’ve probably come across the term ‘grounding’ or you’re keen to know how you can ground yourself in a way that is hassle-free and simple, hence you’ve found this article! 

Whilst the term is still not relatively common, more and more people are beginning to acknowledge the importance of grounding – especially those who are prone to stress or who work in the esoteric sector, such as with crystals, Tarot, energy healing and such.

Being grounded means that you are connected to the Earth and in tune with your own energy. It means that you are present within your body and that you have a good balance between the physical and the ethereal. It is the understanding that the Earth’s natural magnetic forces help to restore and replenish us. It is the knowledge of how the Earth’s natural resources can replenish us on a spiritual level when the demands of the physical world become too much.

Sometimes, if we veer too much into the spiritual world – which is common for those who practice esoteric arts – or if we find ourselves prone to escapist tendencies to escape the struggles of daily life, we can find our energies out of sync. We become more and more ungrounded and we struggle to cope in our physical form.

The desire to connect to the spiritual world is one that all of us possesses. When we become too immersed in the physical world, our soul seeks ways to express itself. At its best, this comes in the form of creativity or helping others in some way.

But at its worst, it seeks escapism. At times, this can relate to escapist habits such as drugs or alcohol, but it can also occur with magical practice.

Grounding is essential for everyone, both magical practitioners and non-magical practitioners. In short, it gives your soul the break it needs so you can stay healthy in more ways than one.


Ways Grounding Helps

There are so many benefits to grounding. Some of the physical benefits are:

  • Restores balance to the body
  • Increases healing speed
  • Decreases pain
  • Alleviates stress
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves blood flow
  • Improves energy
  • Improves sleep

On a spiritual level, some of the benefits are:

  • Restores spiritual balance, especially if you have been working with esoteric practices.
  • Recharges your energies
  • Enhances your abilities
  • Keeps negative energies at bay
  • Protects you from hostile astral entities
  • Helps develop your gifts for manifestation
  • Balances the soul

How to Ground Yourself

Now that you know the benefits of grounding, how do you do it?

The great thing about grounding is that there is no overly complicated way of doing it. There are also several options you can take to do so. Some of the most effective ways are listed below.


Earth Yourself in the Ground

Yep – literally earthing yourself into the earth is a wonderful way to ground yourself and absorb the planet’s electrical charge.

This can be done on any natural surface, such as a beach, pavement or grass.

Simply walk barefoot on the earth’s surface. That’s it! You can also stand if you prefer – trees and flowers do it all the time. Aim for at least thirty minutes every day or several times a week and you will begin to notice a difference.


Earthing Sheets

These are very interesting because they connect you to the earth’s electrical charge while in the comfort of your own home.

Earthing sheets are made by specialists companies and their aim is to ensure you reap the benefits of grounding while sleeping or lying down.

The earthing sheet is to be placed under your normal sheet in bed and there is a plug that you insert into your socket that connects the sheet to the ground. Bear in mind that the socket does not actually have to be on – electrical charge does not run through as a current to your sheet. Instead, the plug is simply to connect the energies to you.

Earthing sheets are said to promote better sleep, tackle insomnia and heal you while sleeping.

There are other types of earthing products such as earthing socks and earthing mats that you can try. 

These are especially helpful if you struggle to find time or space to ground yourself in the outdoors.



One of my favourites! Crystals are of the earth. Their properties and abilities are taken from the essence of the earth itself so you can imagine how they can be very helpful in aiding you in a connection with the planet.

Meditating with a grounding crystal can help recharge your batteries and balance your energies within. 

Simply find a quiet spot indoors or outdoors, hold the crystal in the palm of your hand, close your eyes and imagine roots from the earth reaching upwards and connecting to your tailbone. Imagine a red light surrounding you and the roots firmly attaching themselves to you. 

Visualisation with crystals is a wonderful and fun way to ground yourself. It also helps improve psychic ability.


Grounding – the Ultimate Self-Healing Technique

Remember, grounding is a self-healing practice that anyone can do. Sometimes when we are stressed, run-down or when we have exhausted our own special abilities to such a degree, we can become so trapped in the cycle of stress that we forget we can break out of it any time we choose.

When we take time to ground ourselves every day using the technique that works best for us, we begin to notice an improvement over time.

Consistency is key. But implementing consistency into your life is the first step towards greater self-care. The more you ground yourself, the more you reap the benefits of the earth’s natural resources on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level.

Don’t forget – the earth is there to help you. The next time you feel run-down or depleted, try grounding. You will be amazed at the changes that transpire!



Iberia Tor

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