Soulful Astrology of May 2024 Monthly Horoscope for each Zodiac

Welcome to May. It’s softness and joy. Pleasure and expansion. Grounding into who we are. And opening into who we are becoming.

May is grounding. It is abundant. It is fertile. And it is rich.

May holds within it the energy of peace, love, and alignment. It offers the space and the support to return home to ourselves, tend to ourselves, and align with the richness of this life.

May is a new space. New lands. We have walked through Eclipse Season. We have walked through the high tides of transformation that was April.

And as we reach these new lands, the energy shifts in the month of May. It slows down. It opens up. It offers us space.

Yet within this space it too, offers exciting cosmic movements. The kinds that are joyful, supportive, loving and healing. The kinds that feel like love letters and warm whispers to step forward into more of ourselves, and more of life.


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May 2024 Monthly Horoscope Overview

A 5 month in numerology, there is an expansive energy flowing through May. An opening. A sunrise. And a change that sings to our hearts, guiding us into who we are becoming.

With an abundant Taurus New Moon, and a sweet and playful Sagittarius Full Moon, one of the most anticipated astrological movements of the year meets us this month – the movement of Jupiter into Gemini, where it will journey until June 2025.

Beginning in Taurus Season and later moving into Gemini Season, within these major cosmic events, May brings opening after opening no matter your zodiac sign.

Spacious. Abundant. Loving. Openings.

Important Astrology Events in May 2024

May 2 Pluto Retrograde

The Planet of transformation begins its retrograde in Aquarius on May 2 2024 – October 11 2024. It is our backwards spin through the underworld. Our dance with transformation. Our return to the depths of our own becoming.

Pluto Retrograde will begin in Aquarius, shifting back into Capricorn on September 1 2024.


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May 7 New Moon in Taurus

A cosmic gift. A planetary celebration. May 7 2024 brings the new Moon in Taurus. A New Moon in an earth sign that invites us to bask in the richness of being alive, letting this richness fill us into overflow.

Taurus New Moon horoscopes and insights here.

May 13 Sun conjunct Uranus

It’s a day of liberation and independence, expansion and growth. As the Sun and Uranus come together in our skies on May 13 2024, it is a new door opening, with new potentials, ideas, pathways, and confidence. An opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, offering a new level of confidence.

May 15 Mercury in Taurus

Mercury enters Taurus on May 15 2024 where it will remain until June 3 2024, brining with it an invitation of patience, persistence, and beauty to imbue our minds. Mercury is the mind, as at it travels through the lands of Taurus we are guided to think long term, take space to consider and think before making decisions, to find stillness, and notice the abundance and beauty that is overflowing in this world.

May 18 Venus conjunct Uranus

Openings. Abundance. Love. Desire. As Venus and Uranus come together in our skies on May 18 2024 it is a beautiful day to open wider to the desires that are calling your name. To whisper into the ethers your desires. To call in love, or take a chance in love. And to set any financial goals.

May 18 Sun conjunct Jupiter

The Sun in astrology is our core. It is who we are, our identity, spirit, selfhood. Jupiter in astrology is expansion. It is growth, opportunity, blessings and our planet of abundance. As the Sun and Jupiter come together on May 18 2024, we are opening towards our futures. Much like Sun conjunct Uranus earlier in the month, it is a new door opening.

May 20 Gemini Season

The Sun enters Gemini on May 20 2024 – June 20 2024, bringing with it curiosity, playfulness, and a concentration the mind and communication, and our social life. As the Sun enters the sign of the twins, Gemini, we switch from Earth energy to Air sign energy, where things will may feel like they are quicker, lighter, dynamic.

Sun in Gemini horoscopes and insights coming here.

May 23 Venus conjunct Jupiter

Much like Venus conjunct Uranus earlier in the month, as our planet of love and planet of growth come together in our skies on May 23 2024 it is a day of opportunity, growth, abundance and blessings in the space of love, relationships, beauty, money, goals, and desires. The perfect time to set your intentions and offer your dreams and wishers into the ethers.

May 23 Venus in Gemini

Venus enters Gemini on May 23 2024 where it will remain until June 17 2024 offering playfulness in the spaces of love, relationships, finances and desires. Openness, curiosity, playfulness, and new ideas.

May 23 Full Moon in Sagittarius

One of the most loving full Moons of 2024, the Sagittarius full Moon meets us on May 23 2024 bringing with it freedom, expansion, liberation and love. Bringing with it beauty, love, abundance and joy.

Sagittarius Full Moon horoscopes and insights here.

May 25 Jupiter in Gemini

Another major astrological event of 2024 happening towards the end of the month is Jupiter entering Gemini on May 25 2024 for the rest of 2024 until June 9 2025. With over a year in this energy, it’s a chapter of intellect, immense curiosity, learning, and sharing. It is an opportunity to strengthen and build confidence in the way we communicate, socialise, and approach learning new things.

And it opens the mind, inviting us to consider new ways of seeing things, understanding things, making the space for the acceptance of different opinions and ways of being in the world.

After a 13-month stay of Jupiter in Taurus, Jupiter in Gemini is our invitation to expand the horizons of our mind. To play within the mind as if information and learning were the most exciting and empowering spaces available. To try new things and explore new perspectives. And to develop our relationship with adaptability and freedom.

May 2024 Horoscopes for all Zodiac Signs

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