Sagittarius Full Moon June 2023: Invitations, Horoscopes & Ritual

Sagittarius Full Moon June 2023 Invitations, Horoscopes & Ritual Girl and Her Moon

As we step through the gates of this new month, we are met with an illuminating Sagittarius full Moon on 3/4 June, where themes of wisdom, truth, finalisations, and closure present themselves.

Sagittarius Full Moon Times & Dates

  • Wellington: Sunday June 4 – 3.41 pm
  • Sydney: Sunday June 4 – 1.41 pm
  • Tokyo: Sunday June 4 – 12.41 pm
  • Singapore: Sunday June 4 – 11.41 am
  • New Delhi: Sunday June 4 – 9.11 am
  • Dubai: Sunday June 4 – 7.41 am
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Sunday June 4 – 6.41 am
  • Paris/Berlin: Sunday June 4 – 5.41 am
  • London: Sunday June 4 – 4.41 am
  • New York/Toronto: Saturday June 3 – 11.41 pm
  • Los Angeles: Saturday June 3 – 8.41 pm

Each zodiac represents a different expression of what it means to be alive, and as we explore each of these archetypes, we simultaneously explore the canvas that lives within us waiting to be discovered and journeyed – meeting new corners of ourselves, discovering new depths, surrendering into the cosmos that lives within.

As we deepen into the invitations that present themselves through astrological transits, we deepen into our individual human experience.

Because what it means to be alive is vast, multi-faceted, contradictory, complex, wide, varied, unfathomable in scope.

Within us lives every colour to exist. Within us exists every frequency. Within us awaits every country, culture, sound, song. Every emotion. Every flavour.

There is much awaiting within you, and Sagittarius invites us to explore, and be with, all of it – to explore, and be with, all of us.

Sagittarius reminds us that as we traverse the lands that surround us, we simultaneously explore our inner worlds. As we immerse ourselves in different culture, philosophies, beliefs, knowledge, or wisdom, we are meeting the different expressions of who we are, and what exists within us.

Learn Astrology Girl and Her Moon

Cyclic in nature, for as long as humanity has recorded, the Moon has been dancing the same one dance.

Beginning at a new Moon birthing from silence, darkness, and nothingness, she then builds, and builds, and builds until she is full. Reaching a full Moon where she is at the peak of her journey and reaching a place of culmination, finality, and completion she then begins shedding, releasing all that she has become so that she may return to the nothingness from which she came, in preparation for a new rebirth.

A full Moon then, is a culmination of what began under a new Moon.

In November 2022, a Sagittarius new Moon beckoned us forward into creation, initiating a new exploration, beginning a new journey, seeking truths and wisdom, and dreaming adventure into being. A culmination of this cycle, as we sit in the centre of the year and meet the Sagittarius full Moon, this journey we have been exploring comes to a close.

Full Moons illuminate. Full Moons reveal. Full Moons finalise. Full Moons release.

Under this Sagittarius full Moon on 3/4 June depending on your time zone, we are invited to step back and allow the light of the Moon reveal what was previously hidden from our sight. To see what truth, or perspective shift, has been waiting to reveal itself acting as a final piece of the puzzle. The puzzle that can support our understanding of the world, our philosophies, the meaning we place on life, and our place in it.

We have been traversing the lands of life, what have you learned? What truths have you been gathering, and what story does it tell? What story are you living?


As the Sun in Gemini sits opposite the full Moon in our cosmos, we feel the pull of both ends of the same spectrum that the Gemini/Sagittarius axis represents.

With the Sun shining through the lens of Gemini, we are invited to bring together all the pieces we have been gathering – the information, the learning, knowledge, and contrasts – or, to step back and see the bigger picture of what we have been gathering step by step, and piece by piece.

It can be difficult to understand the full puzzle through only looking at each piece individually. Can you instead step back, and let it come together?

Sagittarius represents a ‘higher realm’. It concerns itself with what can feel like larger than life thoughts and explorations. While it doesn’t necessarily concern itself with the mundane or the details, it is the foundation upon which we can then find meaning within the mundane, and it is the bigger picture that gives purpose to the details.

Under this lunation, let your truth-gathering, exploring, adventuring, fully-human-lifejourneying reveal its wisdom to you.

Let the picture come together.

Allow this picture to reveal the vast lands, beauty, philosophies, and cosmologies that exist within you, too. Let it teach you something about who you are, and your path in this vast world.

And allow this wisdom to support your actions and direct the small steps, the purpose and direction of your path. Invite these higher realities to support your very human reality, to feed into it, to buoy it.

As the full Moon this week comes to a close, we finalise a chapter knowing that each ending is a new beginning. There is much on the horizon. There is much awaiting our exploration. There is much waiting to be discovered, both within and without. For Sagittarius is expansion. Sagittarius continues. Sagittarius grows. Explores. Goes beyond. 

Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual June 2023 Girl and Her Moon

Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual

Psychic Protection and Energy Alignment Class

Taught by Energy Worker, Reader, Healer & Intuitive Kapualani.

Journey into the world of Psychic Protection and Energy Alignment under the Sagittarius Full Moon. Tune in to subtle energy exchange, learn healing techniques, and practice healthy psychic boundaries and self energy alignment.

Understand and establish foundational ways to connect with your own psychic abilities. Learn how to acknowledge, shield, clear and protect yourself psychically.

This ritual is to our Flow with the Moon Membership.

In the Flow with the Moon Membership we hold monthly ritual and workshops under the new and full moon, as well as astrology classes and studies each month – along with access to all past ritual, workshops, healings, and classes.

Join us here for June’s Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual, along with access to the Gemini New Moon Workshop, and Live Astrology Masterclass. See all upcoming events in the membership here.

By joining you will also receive instant access to over $10,000 of past workshops, classes and ritual.

Sagittarius Full Moon Horoscopes

Watch your Full Moon Tarot Horoscope by Kapualani here.

Happy Full Moon,

Jordane x

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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