Pisces Full Moon Magic August 2023: Horoscopes & Ritual

Pisces Full Moon Magic August 2023 Horoscopes & Ritual Girl and Her Moon

August comes to a close with a beautiful and mystical full Moon in Pisces on 31 August 2023, our second full Moon of the month. Synchronistically closing August is a lunation also representing closure.

Pisces Full Moon Times & Dates

  • Wellington: Thurs 31 Aug, 1.35pm
  • Sydney: Thurs 31 Aug, 11.35am
  • Tokyo: Thurs 31 Aug, 10.35am
  • Singapore: Thurs 31 Aug, 9.35am
  • New Delhi: Thurs 31 Aug, 7.05am
  • Dubai: Thurs 31 Aug, 5.35am
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Thurs 31 Aug, 4.35am
  • Paris/Berlin: Thurs 31 Aug, 3.35am
  • London: Thurs 31 Aug, 2.35am
  • New York: Wed 30 Aug, 9.35pm
  • Los Angeles: Wed 30 Aug, 6.35pm


Pisces represents the space of Oneness from which we all came, existing in the realms of pre-incarnation. It is the dissolution of boundaries, where you are I and I am you, where we are nature, the stars, and life itself.

Pisces is limitless, existing beyond time and space, and it is a zodiac that takes us into a boundless space of love and oneness through imagination, intuition, creativity, empathy, and emotion.


As the Moon comes into her fullness embodying this esoteric sign, it invokes a certain sensitivity to what is unseen. Under this lunation there is an attunement to the beyond, where we are gifted insight into these unseen realms of existence that we all swim within.

Pisces reminds us that we are the thread that links both the spiritual and the physical, the energetic and the tangible. And this full Moon brings our conscious awareness into the spiritual, into the energetic, into the ways in which we live within, and are guided and directed by, these intangible realms.

There are ease-filled themes of release under this lunation.

Not a forceful release, a soft release.

The release that occurs when we soften our hands and exhale. The kind of release that naturally occurs as we reach into love, divinity, belonging and peace.

Allow your connection into the Divine guide you to release what is yours to release. To close not just this month, but also the chapter that is ending within you. To release anything that has you believe that you are on this journey alone. To release the fear that keeps it all on your shoulders, that it is all up to you, all weight you must carry.

Pisces shows us that we are held by, and within, something greater. Whether we can name, identify, or even hold this something greater within our conscious awareness or not, we are still held by it.

How different would your moment-to-moment experience feel if you knew that you were held? What would you let go of? And what would you then have the space to dream into, to reach into as possibility, to envision as what could be for you and your life?

Saturn sits by the Moon as she reaches her fullness offering it a container to sit within.

As a full Moon naturally occurs when the Moon sits in opposition to the Sun, as Saturn sits next to the Moon it also opposes the Sun. On one side of the cosmos we have the Moon and Saturn, and the other we have the Sun. The Sun, our personality, our conscious awareness, looks directly at the Moon and Saturn. It shines a light on it. It makes sure we are looking at it, too.

Saturn entered Pisces in March of this year for the first time in 27 years and will remain there until 2026.

Currently in retrograde, Saturn invites a deeply reflective and inner exploration of our relationship with divinity and structure, the groundedness of our relationship with the spirituality, and the tangible application of our creativity and imagination.

Tonight, the Sun is shining its light on this. The Moon is reflecting her light on this. Our conscious awareness is brought to it. As is our intuitive knowing and emotional world.

This Full Moon is an illumination of these themes, bringing it to the surface of our felt experience so that we may release. Release what we have realised so far. Release the unhealthy ways in which we approach our connection to divinity and imagination.

Is it used as a direction of escapism, or can it be harnessed as a doorway that takes us deeper into our human experience? Does our connection to the energetic feel separate, disconnected, or at odds with our connection to the physical, or can they support one another, collaborate, feed into and build each other up?

How can responsibility to your divinity be you greatest nutrients?

The direction is that of the bridge builder. The steward. The channel. The world builder. The vessel.

What is releasing so that you may reach deeper into this?

Pisces Full Moon Ritual

Becoming the Bridge: Piscean Healing with Girl and Her Moon founder, Jordane.

Find out more about this ritual here.

We exist within both the seen and unseen realms. We are both the seen and unseen. Energetic and physical. Spiritual and human. And a huge part of our human experience is that of marrying these two realms. Being the bridge for these two realms – the meeting point, the vessel, the channel.

This workshop explores the becoming of this very bridge through the lens of Pisces and Virgo.

Dive into the waters and frequencies of pisces as if a pool to dive and swim within. Explore how it feels on your body and the ways in which it shows up in your life. This container is an opportunity for you to get to know this deeply valuable frequency so that you can begin to relate to and learn from it beyond a class, beyond the confines of astrological learning, and in the experiences of your life.

This ritual is exclusive to our Flow with the Moon Membership.

In the Flow with the Moon Membership we hold monthly ritual and workshops under the new and full moon, as well as astrology classes and studies each month – along with access to all past ritual, workshops, healings, and classes.

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Pisces Full Moon Horoscopes

Watch your New Moon Tarot Horoscope by Kapualani here.

Happy Full Moon,

Jordane x

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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