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March 2023 Astrology Girl and Her Moon

March is a powerful month in Astrology, perhaps the biggest of the year. You may hear many of us astrologers say that every month is significant, but March is really one to remember!

March brings a lot of big planetary shifts and a lot of new energy emerging. Coming off the month of February we had a relatively peaceful month, now having said this, it did feel like February was setting us up for what’s to come in March particularly as we had trickles of Pisces energy and the final remnants of Aquarius energy, so there was definitely a flavour that was being introduced to us in February that we will feel a lot stronger as we move into March.

So let us explore this exciting month ahead!

As always, if you desire to understand how the astrological transits of March are influencing your personal chart, we invite you to explore a Divine Guidance Transits Astrology Reading. This reading will pair each transit with your chart, finding the unique guidance that is only for you.


2 March: Mercury enters Pisces

Mercury has done its full cycle through the Zodiac where it will then enter the final sign of Pisces on the 2nd of March. Mercury will stay for most of the month up until the 19th, and so we have most of this month being invited into the partnership of Mercury and Pisces.

As Mercury transit through Pisces, we will be taking a deep dive into the hidden parts of our lives, the hidden parts of a psyche, of our subconscious, and of anything that keeps us in a a bind.

This transit invites us to explore anything that keeps us in unwanted emotional patterns, and is an energy that helps us find forgiveness, and ways to communicate and express forgiveness to both ourselves and to others.

As we are about to enter Saturn in Pisces for a few years, this is a beautiful energy that is helping to set us up for what’s to come by allowing forgiveness to enter the room, by allowing compassion to enter, and by allowing creativity, spiritual Oneness, and connection to Source energy to enter into our lives. With the influence of Pisces, we find these ways of being by focusing on surrendering, by allowing, by letting go of the need to control our thoughts and need to control our mind, by allowing ourselves to be in a process of flow, acceptance, allowance and forgiving ourselves for wherever that takes us, and to the best of our abilities, enjoying the process as it moves us through the different emotions.

Mercury in Pisces reminds us that thoughts are just thoughts, and we don’t need to attach ourselves to our thoughts. Pisces is the energy of detachment, of dissolution of dissolving boundaries, dissolving anything that ties us into the material world, so this is all a beautiful energy of dissolving our attachment to our thoughts and to anything that represents the ego or the physical self, so that we can start to come into a deep a Oneness with ourselves.


7 March: Saturn enters Pisces

Saturn entering Pisces is not your regular transit –  this is quite a significant planetary shift, as Saturn has been in the sign of Aquarius since 2020 (and we all know what was shifting, happening and changing collectively and personally since 2020). As Saturn makes its move out of Aquarius and into Pisces where it will remain into 2025, this can be a shift that we feel both collectively and personally.

As Pisces is the final chapter of the zodiac, Saturn spending its few years here is inviting us to level up, to mature, to create boundaries and structure around in ours lives both collectively and personally.

If you have Saturn in Pisces in your natal chart, you will also be going through your Saturn return – whether it is your first, second, or if you’re lucky, your third Saturn Return, this is a significant maturing phase in your life (read more about this transit here!).

However for everybody, Saturn entering Pisces will be a shift of energy that calls more attention out of the mind and into the emotions, into your the energetic expression of yourself. This is an opportunity to begin to take our energy bodies much more seriously, take addictions or any behavioral patterns much more seriously, in order to rectify, mature, process, and find ways through them in understanding, allowing, and accepting these hidden parts of ourselves.

Saturn in Pisces can be a very healing period of time which is helping us to make sense of, and build structure, around the areas of our Lives that are really challenging and difficult for us to create any kind of structure around. This can also be a time when we are invited to build strategies and plans in order to make our imagination, our visualizations, our manifestations real. This is a time when we are invited to take those pictures, those scenarios that you dream of in your mind, that you create, that you write about that sit in your mind and in your imagination and make them real.

This is a chapter of applying a plan, applying a routine, building a structure to your life that allows you to create the dream into reality.

Read more about Saturn in Pisces: Saturn in Pisces March 2023: Spiritual Boundaries and Building Faith

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7 March: Virgo Full Moon

A significant day in March, the 7th also brings full Moon in Virgo, which is opposing Saturn.

The influence of Saturn and Virgo under the illumination of a full Moon can feel as if it is showing us what might be creating resistance in our lives, what is happening on the opposite side of where we need to mature and where we need to step up, and how we can finally bring some structure and order into that space to achieve that maturation that is beginning with Saturn moving through Pisces.

This full Moon can bring a point of deep realization, as what is ready to be revealed, is now being revealed. Whether that is a piece of the puzzle that’s been missing, or the entire puzzle that is finally being revealed to us.

This months full Moon acts as something coming into our awareness that can help us to understand where we need to step up to the plate, and where we need to start going down the road of maturing, taking accountability, and stepping into a stronger presence in in our bodies, in our subconscious, and in our hidden selves in order to create the physical reality, the success, and the peace that we desire and crave.


16 March: Taurus in Venus

On the 16th of March, we have Venus entering Taurus.

Venus is ruled by Taurus, so so feels right at home in this sign. This is a really positive and beautiful energy inviting us to get grounded, to connect with the body, to connect with mother Earth, to spend time in nature, to feel connected, safe, and secure in the land and in the ground. It is about connection to physical matter, physical Earth, where we are highly encouraged to use this Venus in Taurus transit to spend more time in nature, to build a deeper connection to the Earth and to the physical world around you, because it’s going to be very useful as we move through the rest of the month.

If you need an invitation to spend more time in nature build and a deeper connection to the Earth, this is it. Whether that means that going for a short walk each day or releasing energy into trees and holding the branches, whatever it might be that you need to connect and feel your body presence in nature will be where the gifts of this transit present themselves.


19 March: Mercury enters Aries

Mercury enters Aries is quite a bold, fiery, and outspoken energy and this seems quite in line for what’s coming up in the following days.

With Mercury in Aries, the thoughts that we are thinking and the way we are communicating all move through the lens of fire. There is speed, a bold quality, and a warrior like archetype that becomes birthed through us. This is an invitation to stand up for ourselves, speak our needs and desires, and really declare who we are and what we are after.


20 March: March Equinox & Sun in Aries

At this time, we have Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun in Aries – we have all of this initiatory, warrior and fighting energy which is where it will be even more important to balance all of that surging energy out with Venus in Taurus to ground, find peace and calm each day through little things, through slowing down, and through being present through connecting to your body.

As the sun enters Aries this is a time of rebirth. The sun has restarted its zodiac cycle and we are looking at a New Year in astrological terms. This is where we find our energy coming back into light after months of fixed, quiet, and dark winter energy. The Sun in Aries is a time of allowing your energy to breathe again, allowing yourself to restart again.



21 March: Aries New Moon

The Moon joins all of these planets in Aries and we have an opportunity here to initiate, to begin, to set an intention, to open up a new opportunity, a new door, a new window of something to emerge, something to be born, a point of your individualism, your expression, your confidence. There is an emergence of your identity, your brand and your image coming through this New Moon.

And we allow this emergence by letting go of and releasing all that you have experienced in the zodiacal year that has now passed (Apr 2022-Mar 2023). We are emerging, and we are coming into a new chapter and a new phase of ourselves as we enter this new astrological year.

This lunation encourages us to set a bold intention and to be courageous and quite assertive in what it is that you want to begin, in what it is that you want to initiate, and really take the reins on what it is that you want to take more authority over in your life.

Is there something that you need to step up to in a stronger way, that you need to be more of a leader in for yourself? This is the energy to not be afraid to plant that seed, to set that intention for yourself to be that leader and to be the voice that you need. We are encouraged to be bold and courageous in our lives where we are able to speak up, to speak out, and to set certain goals while also getting comfortable with setting boundaries.

This is a very bold, courageous and outspoken new Moon, so don’t be afraid to be bold, courageous, and outspoken with your goals and your desires, and with whatever it is that you want and crave from this particular new beginning.

As we are working with Aries under this new Moon, you may have to fight for what it is that you desire and that’s okay. Sometimes we do need to fight for what we want, sometimes we do need to let people know that this is what we want, that this is what we deserve, that this we are capable of and that we are confident enough to to have this life, too.

This Moon reminds us that we are capable, worthy, deserving, and within we do have the confidence to stand in our power, and to stand in what it is that we feel we deserve.

This is quite a beautiful powerful new Moon and with this influx of Aries energy that is letting us know that this is our time to set the intention to win. Don’t be afraid of a powerful, challenging new beginning –  a challenge that if you step into your power you can certainly find access to more excitement, passion, and more connected to whatever your desire may be, for the sake of having gone through that challenge.


23 March: Pluto enters Aquarius

Another major planetary shift this month is Pluto entering Aquarius.

Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2008, where depending on what area of our charts Pluto in Capricorn was moving through, we have each been through major regeneration and recreation of ourselves a number of times since 2008, each in our own way, significant transformation a certain area of our lives.

As Pluto is entering Aquarius this year it will only be here for a few months before it goes back into Capricorn in June – so Pluto in Aquarius this year is just giving us a taster of what this 20-year transit is going to be about.

Even as this is a major movement, it’s also a long drawn-out movement through Aquarius, again – 20 years, that is going to be a slower process of transformation at a personal level – however when it does initially enter the sign there can be pivotal moments of change that can set things in motion where we do experience something big changing at a collective or personal level.

Pluto in Aquarius can bring transformation to our friendships and our groups, and collectively, societies, technology, the way that we connect to each other, communicate, and engage with each other seems to be impacted by this particular transit. It is here to revolutionise and transform the way that we understand our freedoms and the way that we mentally understand the the collective Consciousness. As Aquarius does rule over astrology, we may find astrology, or anything to do with science and quantum physics, may take on a much more powerful role in society throughout this 20-year transit.

The astrology of this event can indicate that something needs to break in order for your power, and in order for society’s power, to be reborn. That’s Pluto’s strength – in breaking things for the sake of rebirth. Pluto breaks in order to reveal the greater power within. With the influence of Aquarius, this breaking is a cracking open and revealing of an inner glow of humanity, of society, of people, of the collective – and in order for us to recognise and to see that glow, we first need to crack open the barriers in order for that beautiful glow to come together and in order for that light to really be present in society.

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25 March: Mars enters Cancer

Mars finally leaves Gemini after an extended stay since August 2022, and dips into the waters of Cancer.

This will be a point of forward motion – as Mars moves ahead we do too. We are finally moving beyond whatever area of life Mars in Gemini brought any kind of a mental discord, back and forth in the mind, anywhere we have been feeling challenged mentally, intellectually, or socially by certain topics, ideas, or other people’s opinions – is finally getting released, and we are moving forward from it.

As we enter the space of Mars in Cancer we are taken from the mental and into the emotional realms. We are being guided to be conscious of our emotions, and to come into a more healthy and dynamic relationship to return to our inner power, where we recognize that our emotions are not in control of us. It is a transit to develop the strategies and techniques to relate to our emotions in a healthier manner, where we recognize in each moment – do we need to take a moment to centre, to ground, to tap into what can support us. It encourages us to understand how we are emotionally feeling about situations before reacting. Mars in Cancer can bring waves of emotion, and so our invitation is to connect inwardly so that we are not in a state of reaction.

This months earlier transit of Venus in Taurus is going to be our best friend during these last two weeks of March. Taurus is connected to the Earth, nature and the body. Grounding practices alongside anything that allows you to connect to your physical senses and feel your body, feel how you’re feeling, and allow those feelings to pass through you by being present and physically in the moment of those feelings without reacting, and without other people being on the receiving end of them, are really soothing as we move through the remainder of the month.


I hope the breakdown of this month astrologically was a helpful.

It is such a big, exciting, fiery and full-of-change month, so if you would like a personal reading to understand how these energies and how the plants are impacting your personal chart and what it means for you for Saturn entering Pisces, Pluto entering Aquarius, or even how to use this Venus in Taurus transit to stay grounded throughout the month, then be sure explore our readings.

I wish you a wonderful month ahead.

Noush x

Noush Girl and Her Moon

Noush is Girl and Her Moon’s Intuitive Astrologer, bringing meaningful guidance, compassion or assurance for you in times of confusion, frustration or uncertainty, through the healing art of 1:1 Astrology Readings.


Noush Joon is Girl and Her Moon’s Intuitive Astrologer, bringing meaningful guidance, compassion or assurance for you in times of confusion, frustration or uncertainty, through the healing art of 1:1 Astrology Readings.

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