Lilith in Astrology: What is your Lilith Sign?

Everyone has a dark side and when we delve into astrology, there is no deeper and more fascinating entity than Black Moon Lilith when it comes to exploring the darker side of our nature.

But does dark mean bad? No, not necessarily. The darkness within oneself is a part of who we are. The key is not to destroy your dark side. It is to face it, understand it, acknowledge it, and integrate it until it becomes subservient to the light within.

This is true mastery and it is one we can explore at a deeper level with Black Moon Lilith.

What is Lilith in Astrology?

Black Moon Lilith is not a planet, nor is it even a moon. It is a point in time. It is where the dark side of the moons orbit occurred during your time of birth.

It is Lilith that reveals the darkest side of your nature. It represents the deepest romantic and sexual desires of your nature, it is the dark divine feminine. It is in sex and romance that some of our greatest shame transpires throughout life and it is here that Lilith reveals to you aspects of yourself that you may have buried or forgotten due to this sense of shame that may have been ingrained somewhere along the way.

Lilith does not just represent the sexual or romantic desires we may have kept hidden. It reveals what lies beneath your controlled exterior. It shows the murky hidden waters that hide beneath the face you show to the world. It encourages you to accept the side of yourself that may be considered unsavoury, or what you perceive to be unsavoury.

The dark side of our nature is a fascinating topic of such depth that few venture into these unseen and sometimes frightening territories. It is easier to pretend it doesn’t exist, to carry on living life as normal, to accept the parts of ourselves that are considered ‘acceptable’.

But burying our dark side or ignoring it does not rid us of it. A dark side demands attention just as the light side does. When we only pay attention to our light side, our dark side grows resentful, unhappy, and in many cases, vengeful. It will manifest one way or another and with each passing year, it will grow more determined to make itself known. A dark side that is not addressed may result in a disconnect within the individual between their sense of self and what appears to be a strange entity that lives within them. It leads to a splitting of character and as time progresses, this dark side which has yearned for attention for so long becomes more out of control, more hard to handle.

It is up to us to acknowledge our dark side. To understand it, learn about it and, ultimately, embrace it. This does not mean giving it everything it wants. It means having such a powerful understanding of it that we understand how to tame it. Like a wild beast that is intent on ripping us to shreds, we have the power to tame this beast and ultimately make it work for us. This is true mastery of light and darkness.

Black Moon Lilith in the Birth Chart

Understanding where Lilith lies in our astrological birth chart can help us understand ourselves at extraordinary levels. Lilith represents desire but also fear of this desire. Many are often hidden in our subconscious.

But when we take time to learn, when we take time to embrace, we learn more about ourselves and we become the truest version of who we are.

Not only this, but when we come to understand Lilith more, we begin to understand how to fearlessly express ourselves and how to wield our energy for its highest purpose. There is great power and potential in Lilith to help us understand the art of getting what we want using charm, persuasion and seduction.

The transformative nature of Lilith ultimately leads to healing. By understanding our dark side, we may use our light to heal the wounds that have been inflicted on us.

For an in depth astrology reading, exploring Lilith with the rest of your energetic make up, explore our astrology readings.

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Lilith Placement Through the Zodiac Signs and Houses

Checking out your birth chart will help you find your Black Moon Lilith sign. Read on to gain an idea of what Lilith means for you. This will show you where your subconscious desires may be guiding you and where you may be holding yourself back in life. 

Lilith in your birth chart highlights where you may feel shame and how this sense of shame is holding you back from your true potential. Remember, where there is strong shame there is equally powerful desire.

Lilith in Aries or the 1st House

This placement has felt shame for asserting themselves and there is a subconscious fear of being self-centred or coming across as selfish. There may be a tendency to people-please to detrimental degrees or on the other end of the spectrum, coming across as overly domineering and bullying as a way to deal with these subconscious feelings. Accepting their natural assertiveness is key for them to bring balance to themselves in this area.

Lilith in Taurus or the 2nd House

This earth sign placement has felt shame for not sharing with others, holding onto possessions and for enjoying themselves. They may feel as though they should suffer and that enjoying themselves is a sin. They may feel ashamed for engaging in self-indulgence. Allowing themselves to experience joy in many forms is key to integrating this side of themselves into their personality.

Lilith in Gemini or the 3rd House

This placement has felt shame for their social skills and for the way that they communicate. They may have been belittled at some point for the way they interact socially and a fear of society and communication may have developed. They may feel stupid for asking questions or anxious about how they are perceived. Self–acceptance and working on their confidence is key to building their social skills and allowing their natural talents in the realm of communication to flow freely.

Lilith in Cancer or the 4th House

This placement has felt shame for being dependent on others or coming across as needy. They feel an almost irrational dislike for anyone who displays these behaviours. Somewhere along the way, their natural nurturing nature was stifled and because of this, they developed an abhorrence asking for help. Self-acceptance and being honest with their true needs is key to their empowerment.

Lilith in Leo or the 5th House

This placement has felt shame for seeking the spotlight or for calling special attention to themselves. This can lead to debilitating behavior. A natural desire for the spotlight has become stifled and they may seek to hide from it entirely or go to the other end of the extreme and engage in self-destructive tendencies to find it. Working with this placement, it is important to accept that a natural need for attention is not something to be ashamed about and to understand that one is born with this placement for a reason which is for the highest good of the individual.

Lilith in Virgo or the 6th House

This placement has felt shame for paying attention to detail and for focusing on the practical and ordinary things in life. There may be a desire to come across as ‘out of the ordinary’ in order to appease this shame. They may leave projects unfinished or go to great lengths to prove they are different to everybody else. Self-acceptance of who they truly are and a deeper awareness of what makes them feel comfortable and happy is key to their empowerment.

Lilith in Libra or the 7th House

This placement has felt shame for seeking approval or needing companionship. They may project a particularly tough exterior to prove that they don’t need anyone. They may shut themselves away from others as a subconscious way to deal with this shame. Accepting their need for companionship and embracing the side of them that cares about approval is key to their sense of empowerment

Lilith in Scorpio or the 8th House

This placement has felt shame for their desire for intimacy, depth in relationships and yearning to go beneath the surface. They may attempt to deal with this shame by abstaining from sexual or romantic contact or go to the other end of the extreme and engage in self-destructive tendencies in this area. Embracing the side of them that has these desires and accepting who they are is key to their empowerment.

Lilith in Sagittarius or the 9th House

This placement has felt shame due to their curiosity and sense of restlessness. Somewhere along the way, they may have been made to feel that their keen sense of adventure and deep curiosity was wrong. They may attempt to deal with this shame by boxing themselves into a routine and shutting themselves away from adventure or new opportunities. Embracing their curiosity and accepting themselves for who they are is key to unlocking their true nature.

Lilith in Capricorn or the 10th House

This placement has felt shame due to their desire to succeed. They may have been made to feel that they are not good enough or that they don’t have the skill or talent to achieve their goals. There may be issues with self-esteem and they may settle for less as they do not feel they are deserving. Building their self-confidence and embracing their natural talents is key to their empowerment.

Lilith in Aquarius or the 11th House

This placement has felt shame due to wanting to be a part of a group or the crowd. They may attempt to appease this shame subconsciously by becoming a lone wolf, shutting themselves off from others, sometimes to their own detriment. Embracing their natural desire to be part of a group will help unlock their full potential.

Lilith in Pisces or the 12th House

This placement has felt shame due to their compassion, spiritual side and deep emotions. They may feel a sense of hostility towards those who display these emotions and may attempt to reject this side of themselves. It is important for them to be true to their nature and recognise that this side of themselves is the best of who they are. Doing so will help them find empowerment within.

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Embrace the Power of Black Moon Lilith in Astrology

It is important to remember that Black Moon Lilith represents only one aspect of our shadow side. We as individuals, our experiences, and our natal charts give a clearer picture of who we are and the sides of ourselves we are repressing.

When we understand our Lilith, we begin to see how this manifests in our daily lives. This deeper understanding leads to an awareness and slowly we can begin to forge a relationship with our shadow.

Remember that the shadow is not there to hurt us. It exists for a reason. It is there to help us understand ourselves at a deeper level and enable us to recognise our highest potential. It is only when we allow shame of who we are, when we repress our shadow, that problems start to arise.

Someone, somewhere, may have made us feel ashamed for who we are. But we should never be ashamed. Both light and dark exist within us and neither was meant to be given more attention than the other. By acknowledging all sides of ourselves and having a deeper understanding, we can then integrate these sides together. It is then that we reach our full potential. It is then that we become the true masters of ourselves.

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