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Invitations of the Virgo Full Moon March 2023: Horoscopes and Ritual

Virgo Full Moon Times & Dates

  • Wellington: Wednesday March 8 – 1.40 am

  • Sydney: Tuesday March 7 – 11.40 pm

  • Tokyo: Tuesday March 7 – 9.40 pm

  • Singapore: Tuesday March 7 – 8.40 pm

  • New Delhi: Tuesday March 7 – 6.10 pm

  • Dubai: Tuesday March 7 – 4.40 pm

  • Moscow/Istanbul: Tuesday March 7 – 3.40 pm

  • Paris/Berlin: Tuesday March 7 – 1.40 pm

  • London: Tuesday March 7 – 12.40 pm

  • New York/Toronto: Tuesday March 7 – 7.40 am

  • Los Angeles: Tuesday March 7 – 4.40 am


While we may live by the Gregorian calendar, astrology exists within its own measurement of time. This week’s full Moon is a final release before the astrological new year on March 20, 2023.

Observing the cycles of the Moon, we know that a full Moon is a culmination. The Moon has been building and building, getting fuller and fuller – until she reaches absolute fullness, until she cannot build any longer.

From here, the only option is only release.

As her light brightens the night sky, she acts as an illumination for our inner selves. As if a torch, bringing light into our shadows, revealing what was previously unseen.

Amongst revelation, the natural direction is release. The full Moon teaches us that awareness itself is transformative.

March’s full Moon is the last full Moon of the Astrological New Year. It is a liminal space in time sitting on the threshold of old and new. A release of the last 12 months before we begin anew. An opportunity to witness, to have illuminated and mirrored, to have felt and realised experiences, of all that is ready to be released, of all that is to remain in this ending chapter of our lives, of all that we are lovingly saying goodbye to.

Just as the tides of the ocean dances under a full Moon, as do the emotions within us. Just like the waves, our emotions are stirred from within, they are brought to the surface, moving so that they may be heard, inviting us inward so that we may offer them presence, a witnessing, acknowledging, loving, and accepting.

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Sitting in the realm of Virgo, this full Moon on 7 March, 2023, speaks to us through our bodies, through the mundane of day-to-day functions and supportive routines, habits, and rituals, and through the grounded, practical, and deep medicine within clarity and organisation.

As the Moon shines in Virgo, the Sun resides in its opposite zodiac sign, Pisces – the realm of the mystical, the magical, and where Oneness resides. Astrology teaches us opposites are really one, and when we are connecting with opposite signs such as under a full Moon, the invitation is to integrate the two into one.

~ How can we bring the magical (Pisces) into the mundane (Virgo)?

 ~ How can we allow grounded tools and practical habits (Virgo) to be the container through which the mystical and the divine (Pisces) are experienced?

 ~ And, how can we allow our physical bodies (Virgo) be the most aligned and supportive home for our Spirit (Pisces)?

Under this lunation, the backdrop of celestial bodies paints a picture of breaking free and new opportunities, as a trine Uranus cracks open any perceived limitations that we are ready to see beyond. A wide square to Mars offers some fire and tension acting as fuel for change and action, and Saturn making its long-awaited move into Pisces points to another threshold of old and new Self and Life stage crossed.

March itself is a gateway of change, and this full Moon is amplifying this. Full of release and change, there is deep magic within this lunation.


The essence of Virgo reminds us that we are our own medicine. That we are our greatest healers. That there is magic found in the mundane and it is through presence-filled practices, rituals, and tools that we can provide ourselves with the exact nourishment and nutrients that we have been craving.

Virgo guides us into the Earth, who offers a grounding of safety and support. It places our hands to our heart inviting us to our most healing practices and asking us to show up with consistency and love for ourselves. Virgo illuminates and turns up the volume of the whispers of our bodies, so that we may listen while sit in awe at the wisdom of our physical selves.

With all transition, we are often led to our edges where the only option from there is to let go. To let go of the beliefs of who we once were, so that we may be reborn into who we are now, and into who we are becoming.

The Moon is meeting her edges on this day, where all that is left is surrender. Surrender to all that she has been building and creating herself into.

The same is for us.

Later in the month when the New Astrological Year begins on 20 March, 2023, we are beginning and entirely new 12-month cycle. This full Moon is where we say goodbye to all that we are leaving in this almost-finished chapter. This is where we allow the brightness of the full Moon to illuminate the parts of ourselves that we no longer require to carry with us any longer.

It’s a Moon of illumination and release, intuition and breaking free, healing, and inner goodbyes. Virgo is a healer, and so are you. Allow this full Moon to guide you into your inner healer.


Virgo Full Moon Ritual

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~ 1 x 1.5hr workshop on the Chakras

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Virgo Full Moon Horoscopes

Watch your full moon tarot-scope by Kapualani here!

Happy Virgo Full Moon,

Jordane x


Jordane is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, numerology and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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