2023 Astrology


2023 Astrology Masterclass Girl and Her Moon Flow with the Moon Memebrship

Your year ahead with the stars

A 2 hour Masterclass created for you to co-create with the cosmos, with your unique guidance, and with the flow of Life.

Created to explore both the collective astrology of the year, and guidance to pair these transits with your own chart ~ together we will unravel the language of the stars to understand how the major transits of 2023 will show up in your life.

Exclusive to our Flow with the Moon Membership.

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What we'll cover...

Major transits of 2023

With events such as Eclipses and Retrogrades, the movements of Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn, 2023 is filled with profound astrological shifts.

Together we will explore the essence of these transits.

2023 + your chart

Not only will we explore the collective experience of 2023 Astrology, but we will also unpack how to tie these transits together with your own chart.

A.K.A how to hear your own unique whispers for the year.


Let’s unveil how we can co-create, work with, and make the most out of these astrolgical movements both collectively and individually ~ as they so desire for us.

May 2023 be your year of magic.


Taught by Girl and Her Moon’s Astrologer, Issa ~ this masterclass is designed to meet you with whatever astrological knowledge you may or may not have.

How to attend...

This event is exclusive to our Flow with the Moon Membership.

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