Capricorn New Moon December 2022: What it means for you

Capricorn New Moon December 2022 What it means for you Girl and Her Moon

It’s our final new Moon of 2022. Our second new Moon for the year in Capricorn, it appears this ambitious sea-Goat appears at both thresholds of 2022, as both our first and last new Moon of the year.

This new Moon acts as a doorway to peer into our next venture, sitting at the transition point of new year, a new energy, and new chapter of our lives.

Capricorn New Moon Times & Dates

  • Wellington: Friday December 23 – 11.16 pm
  • Sydney: Friday December 23 – 9.16 pm
  • Tokyo: Friday December 23 – 7.16 pm
  • Singapore: Friday December 23 – 6.16 pm
  • New Delhi: Friday December 23 – 3.46 pm
  • Dubai: Friday December 23 – 2.16 pm
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Friday December 23 – 1.16 pm
  • Paris/Berlin/Johannesburg: Friday December 23 – 11.16 am
  • London: Friday December 23 – 10.16 am
  • New York/Toronto: Friday December 23 – 5.16 am
  • Los Angeles: Friday December 23 – 2.16 am


Key themes:

Initiation, ambition, vision, inner compass, success

Capricorn element:


Ruling planet:



Capricorn brings us down to earth. It is discipline and structure. It is organised and practical.

Ruling over the physical and material realm, it invites responsibility and accountability in the name of self-creation and achievement. Capricorn wants us to be proud of who we are and the life we have created. And it wants us to be an active participant in the path we walk and the life we live. It reminds us that responsibility for Self is a deep gift of possibility and individuality.

Our final new Moon of 2022 sits at 1 degree of this cardinal sign, initiating a new vision, a new ambition, and a new story of success. It invites a focus on what we want to begin, what chapter of ourselves and our lives we are ready to initiate, and what and where we are ready to advance.

While the Sun sits in Capricorn, the Moon joins it. Here we have our desires (sun) and needs (moon) coming together, sprouting forth a new chapter of our lives.

As the name suggests, a new Moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Meeting us just two days after the Earth initiates a new cycle (Solstice) and the Sun begins Capricorn season, this New Moon is filled with multiple sparks and layers of beginning energy.

Regardless of what your Sun sign may be, within every one of us exists each of the twelve zodiac signs. And as the cosmos immerses itself and takes on the lens of this grounded and ambitious sign, the spark of Capricorn that lives within each of us all also becomes activated.

We get to meet the parts of ourselves that are innately responsible, the parts of ourselves that know we are a match for the dreams that sit in our hearts no matter how big they feel. We get to meet and embody the self that is determined, ambitious, and patient. And we get to lean on ourselves as we methodically approach, plan, and structure the path of this new beginning.

Soul Astrology Readings Girl and Her Moon

With the influence of Capricorn, this lunation speaks to our status, who we are known as in the world, and our reputation. Whether this reputation spans across our career, a broader community, our family, or loved ones. It is the energy, the message, and the influence that we radiate out into the world in our own way.

Capricorn asks us to initiate a path that feels ambitious, knowing that this requires a journey both inward and outward. It is the half-fish/serpent that can descend just as deep into our internal oceans of psychic energy, as the half-goat can scale to great heights of accomplishment. And it is the embodied reminder that success on our unique path asks us to venture in both directions.

It is the determined zodiac that climbs the highest mountains knowing full well that each step may not be simple, easy, or quick. Knowing full well that in each moment we stretch beyond what we believed possible, stretch beyond where we feel comfortable, stretch beyond what we believed ourselves capable is where the magic is, is where our growth is, and is where we get to meet new corners of ourselves, of our journey, and of Life, that were previously hidden.

This new Moon weaves forces of inspiration into our lives that say- we are ready to change our stories, updates our roles, and connect with our perception of success in an entirely new way. We are ready to surprise ourselves at just how capable we are, at just how much we are a match for our mountains, we are a match for our dreams.

It asks us to reach into our core and bring our next journey to the surface so that we can see it, we can say hi to it, align our energies to it and begin planning this new journey. It asks us to ground this vision into reality, and to lean into the structures that can assist us. And it asks us to befriend the physical, tangible, and practical world just as much as the etheric, intangible, dream state of possibility. Our invitation is to marry together structure and flow, energy and matter, possibility and reality, intuition and logic, organisation and creativity, physical steps, and imagination, masculine and feminine and let this marriage sustain us on our new trajectory.

Saturn, Capricorns ruler, sits in the sign of originality, out-of-the-box thinking and individuality, Aquarius – inspiring us to take the action and initiate the path that is right for us, without compromise. It invites us to reclaim the wisdom of our own guiding light. It reminds us that we dont need to accomplish anything that anyone else has, and we dont need our path to look like anyone elses for it to be worthy, rewarding, fulfilling or successful.

There is an invitation to reclaim our own set of rules, structures, and belief systems about success. The path that is ours, however steep, challenging, and fulfilling, will be the one that teaches us the art of resourcefulness, inviting us to use what we have been given so that we may remember that we were born containing all that we need. So that we may, if were lucky, know with deep embodiment and truth that we are a match for whatever new journey is calling our name.

As we close off the year, this is an auspicious opportunity to sit down with any intentions, goals, or dreams you may have for your year ahead and let the Capricorn within you get to work. Find some journal prompts exploring the year ahead here, or join us in the membership for year ahead intention setting and a Capricorn new Moon ritual.


Capricorn New Moon Ritual Girl and Her Moon


Capricorn New Moon Ritual

Grounded Vision

Energy Ritual and Journalling Exercise for the Capricorn New Moon.

Connecting with the Root, Third Eye & Crown Chakra for a cumulative view of your lifes journey, and to anchor your next chapter of Self into the Earth, into your Aura, and into your physical reality.

Peer into your year ahead. Ground your visions into your reality. Ignite responsibility, accountability, initiation, determination and drive.

This ritual is exclusive to our Flow with the Moon Membership, which includes monthly astrology classes, rituals, practices and guest healer workshops!

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All the love,

Jordane x

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moons founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way.Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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