Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse April 2024 Astrology & Horoscopes

Welcome to our second Eclipse of the year. A gift, an offering, an opportunity, a sacred portal of empowerment flowing from the Divine. There is deep healing available here. There is courage, life force, spark, renewal, wisdom, and insights available here.

When is the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse?

The Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse is April 8, 2024.

  • Wellington: Monday 8 April, 6:20pm
  • Sydney: Monday 8 April, 4:20pm
  • Tokyo: Monday 8 April, 3:20pm
  • Singapore: Monday 8 April, 2:20pm
  • New Delhi: Monday 8 April, 11:50am
  • Dubai: Monday 8 April, 10:20am
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Monday 8 April, 9:20am
  • Paris/Berlin: Monday 8 April, 8:20am
  • London: Monday 8 April, 7:20am
  • New York/Toronto: Monday 8 April, 2:20am
  • Los Angeles/Vancouver: Sunday 7 April, 11:20pm

The Astrology: Eclipse Season, Mercury Retrograde, North Node & Chiron in Aries

It’s a new Moon Solar Eclipse. Where the Moon begins a new cycle whilst held in the arms of the Eclipse Season Portal of destiny, change, and Soul growth. It’s a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Aries – the first sign of the Zodiac all about the Self, individuality, courage, purpose, our own spark of life and creative flow.

Eclipses bring major change. They are a turning point. A portal of destiny. A quickening unlocking of evolution. A breakthrough. Where there is something opening, catalysing, shifting beneath the surface. Where there is something awakening, activating, alchemising from within you, ready to come alive, ready to transform the path of your life that calls you forward.

A rebirth after the release of March’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra, while the energy of both the Solar Eclipse and of Aries invite us to begin again, Mercury is nearby also in Aries – yet unlike any other planet in our sky, it is retrograde. 

Mercury Retrograde is a planetary retracing, re-living, re-writing. It is untangling and re-organising. It is re-visiting the path we have walked, the people we have been, the experiences we have had – as if observing from a new perspective.

Step outside of where you currently are and take a look from a different vantage – things change, more is revealed, what was once thought was truth or fact reveals something different. What did we not see the first time around? What did we miss? What scripts around who we are did we write when we had limited capacity of understanding, of seeing, when we didn’t have the whole truth?

Astrologically, Aries is who we are. It is the spark that makes you you. It is the cultivation and expression of your Selfhood and your identity. It is your path that you are here for in this lifetime. It is the courage to live as you. When we heal our Aries energy, that healing reverberates out into all time in space, in all directions.

With Chiron in the sign of Aries sitting at the core of this Eclipse, Mercury is gathering the insights through its backwards spin required for our deep inner healing. The healing of Self. The healing of You.

The kind of healing that is so foundational, so fundamental to who we are, that it cannot help but touch, impact, and bring that healing into every aspect of our lives. Within this Eclipse we are building the safety and courage to be a conduit for ourselves, to be a channel for ourselves – and for our needs, desires, hopes, and visions.

New Moon Solar Eclipse: Your Astrological Invitations

There is an underlying strength present in the energy swirling around this Eclipse.

A strength to lovingly and wholly claim ourselves. To claim our unique spark of energy and our beauty. To claim our space in this existence as needed, worthy, on purpose, loved. To claim our desires, dreams, and needs as sacred and on purpose. To claim our courage to walk the path and live the life that calls our name. To claim our inherent goodness. To claim our belonging, both to ourselves and the world. To claim our joys, our creativity, our drive, our excitement, our life force, and our individuality. And, to claim our healing.

Energetically, it is both soft and strong, sensitive and courageous, a new beginning and a release of the old.

It is empowering. It is healing. It is a divine spark of new life, offering and planting seeds that will continue to bloom and reveal their medicine over the next 6-18 months of our lives.

It’s an Eclipse that is about you. Let it be about you. Offer yourself what you need. Celebrate who you are. Honour the experience of what it means to be you.

And, be open to your understanding of what it means to be you begin to change, shift, and transform through the untangling, re-writing, and deep healing taking place under this lunation. With the North Node in Aries, this Eclipse is growth, becoming, opening. A celestial portal taking us into our Soul’s direction.

While the asteroid Chiron invites a beautiful surrender into feeling and expression, Mercury Retrograde’s transit invites a surrender of the mind under this lunation, for it is through this surrender that we allow new insights in, we allow the untangling, we allow the re-writing, we allow the re-organisation of narratives, and we allow the destiny, guidance, and new beginnings of this Eclipse to begin to meet us.

Read more about the North Node and South Node on the Aries-Libra Axis 2023 – 2025.

Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse Ritual

Aries New Moon 2024 Solar Eclipse Workshop: EFT Tapping, Self-Expression & Somatic Dance

Access via the Flow with the Moon Membership.

Together through embodiment, breath, and EFT Tapping we will release the negative, re-imprint the positive, dive into the quantum field of possibilities, connect to our future selves, and receive the wisdom and guidance that we are ready to receive.

Join Astrologer, Healer, and Kundalini Guide Gabrielle Anand to tap away any limiting beliefs holding back the unfolding of your true potential, authentic Self, and unapologetic Self-worth with the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Our first Solar Eclipse of the year, it is here that we are clearly invited to be born anew, to let go of the past, the old story telling and create a new identity in alignment with our goals, authentic code, core values, what we believe, and to be surrounded with the environment we resonate with.

By tapping on certain meridians points and repeating self-affirmations, we tell the deepest part of our limbic brain to release the protective layers and surrender said “negative” emotions so they can start to point at the limitation, and not to us, as the victim of them. By desensitizing the “pain” around the triggered emotions, a neutral distance is taken and the emotion can be released, creating a sense of safety, freedom, lightness, and self-authority.

Join us here.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aries Horoscopes for your Zodiac Sign

This New Moon Solar Eclipse will affect everyone in different ways, particularly our cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). Watch below for your New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries Horoscope for your zodiac sign by Dilosh. Be sure to watch your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign!

For a personal 1:1 Soul Tarot Reading, explore your options here.

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