Are You an Orion Starseed? Everything you Need to Know About Orion Starseeds

There are many different types of celestial starseeds and we are living in a time when starseeds are incarnating to Earth with great frequency.

This is due to the monumental shift that the planet is going through. In 2012, it marked the end of an era, the 260,000 year old cosmic era of Atlantis. Not only are we in the transition period from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, we are moving into a Golden Age. It is the sixth Golden Age since the world was formed and the entire universe is conspiring to make it happen.

At the moment, the planet is operating on a third-dimensional frequency. It is one that encompasses our higher nature which embodies the energies of love, compassion and unity, but it also embodies our lower nature with feelings of anger, envy and jealousy among some of the emotions that humankind struggles with.

Are You an Orion Starseed?

The transition into the new age is to elevate the planet to a fifth-dimensional frequency, one that other places in the universe are already operating at and one which the beings of Atlantis many thousands of years ago were also living in before the civilisation fell.

Hence the influx of starseeds. Starseeds, indigo children, crystal children, lightworkers – all of them have positioned themselves in various parts of the planet, each of them playing a role in the planet’s ascension, and many more are coming in.

Starseeds are souls that originate from various star clusters in the universe. They choose from their own free will to come to Earth, their incarnation both to benefit humanity and also to learn from them.

The majority of starseeds are benevolent but there are some who are malevolent to humankind. Some starseeds, like the Andromedan, actively work to help free humans from malevolent starseeds whose aim is to control humans.

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Signs you Are an Orion Starseed

An Orion starseed, like all other starseeds, is here because they have a purpose on Earth, particularly to inspire others and help humanity shift into the new age.

Orions are believed to originate from the Orion constellation in the star system. There are certain qualities and unique traits that Orion starseeds possess:

Logical Thinker

Unlike Pleiadian starseeds who are very much driven by emotion, the Orion starseed is a logical and rational thinker who leans toward their head more than their heart. This means they have a powerful understanding of the mind and are often drawn to scientific concepts, guided by the wisdom of Orion still in their consciousness.

Strong Opinions

Orion starseeds have very strong opinions and it is difficult, if not impossible, to sway them once their mind is made up. These opinions stem from a strong sense of conviction and they will stand their ground, no matter how many people stand against them.

Insatiable Thirst for Knowledge

Orion starseeds feel most fulfilled when they are learning new things. They will devour information and are able to listen for hours. They will read great chunks of information to learn new things and they will watch hours of video content to absorb more. Orion starseeds are especially drawn to information that affects the world collectively including anything that might be going on behind the scenes.

Struggle with relationships

Like Pleiadians, Orion starseeds can struggle in relationships. But where Pleiadian starseeds struggle because of their tendency to always put their partner first, the Orion starseed struggles because of a lack of emotion or difficulty expressing emotion in relationships.

This is sometimes why Orion and Pleiadian starseeds are drawn together. They have a lot in common but they also have much to learn from each other.

Need Alone Time

Many Orion starseeds are sensitive even if they may not show it. It is important for them to have their alone time and space to explore their spirituality as they can become stressed if they spend too much time around other people. They enjoy meaningful conversations but small talk can become tiring for them.

Unique Sense of Humour

Orion starseeds often have a ‘wacky’ sense of humour which can sometimes shock and awe people but their ability to create humour out of any situation is what makes them so unique. Once you are familiar with an Orion starseed’s humour, life in general becomes a lot lighter!

Does Not Seek Approval

This starseed does not seek the approval of others. They do what they want, when they want to. They are fiercely independent and the opinions of others mean little to them. They are in touch with themselves and confident in their physical bodies about what they want.


One thing the Orion starseed values is their independence. This starseed does not follow the crowd and they pride themselves on their self-sufficiency and deep sense of self. Integrity is of great value to them.

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The Role of the Orion Starseed: Awakening Civilization on Planet Earth

This is a very intense time for humanity. Orion starseeds are here to help assist people as we transition into the new era. All starseeds with their connection to the cosmos have come here at this pivotal point in history to do the same but each plays their unique and individual role.

Humanity is on a cusp. For so long, we have wrestled between our higher selves and our lower selves. This perpetual battle has been existing for as long as humans began to build civilisations. Humanity must now make the decision whether they will move forward as the best of themselves or allow lower-vibrational behaviours to get the better of them.

Starseeds are here with a specific purpose to help guide humanity based on their cosmic heritage. This means reminding them of their true spiritual essence and helping them find the best of who they are. To help this world shift into a new era, each of us only need to do one thing – find the best of ourselves within and live in accordance with who we truly are. This power exists within all of us and we all have a choice of who we want to be.

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