An exciting week in Astrology ~ Jupiter in Aries, Solstice, Capricorn Season and New Moon ✨

An exciting week in Astrology Jupiter in Aries, Solstice, Capricorn Season and New Moon Girl and Her Moon

It’s a week overflowing with expansion, initiations, and new beginnings. As Jupiter moves into Aries, Capricorn Season begins, we meet the Winter Solstice and a Capricorn new Moon comes our way.

This week acts as a threshold into something new, something daring, a new path calling our name.


December 20: Jupiter in Aries

It’s a transit we have all been eagerly waiting for. Our planet of luck, expansion, growth, and overall joy, Jupiter, moves into the fiery and independent sign of Aries, where it will stay until May 2023.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our Solar system, corresponding perfectly to the kind of growth it invites us into as it moves through the zodiac. In Aries, it brings expansion of our personal courage, growth of leadership qualities, re-ignition of inspiration and vitality, and fortune and luck through action.

Jupiter spent May to October 2022 in Aries before it dipped backwards retrograding through Pisces. Allow yourself to explore themes that presented themselves at this time, especially around new ideas, initiations taken, or new chapters that began.

How did you grow or change during this time? What was exciting to you? What desires sprung forth? What, if anything, did you initiate during these months?

As Jupiter returns to Aries on 20 December 2022, we are presented with our second opportunity to leap into the direction calling our name. Aries, as the first of the zodiac, is the pure excitement that sparks forth every idea and sets every step thereafter into motion. It is pure inspiration, initiation, and determination.

For the next 5 months while Jupiter is in Aries, it is our acts of courage, independence, leadership, and initiation that will be our tickets into the beautiful growth, abundance, and opportunities that Jupiter loves to shower us with.


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December 21: Capricorn Season & Winter Solstice

December 21 marks the sacred day of the Winter Solstice for the Northern hemisphere, and the Summer Solstice for the South. It is also the beginning of Capricorn Season as the Sun moves into this grounded and practical zodiac sign.

The word Solstice is derived from the Latin words Sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still). It is on this day that the Earth’s axis has reached its maximum tilt furthest away from the Sun, birthing the shortest and darkest day of the year.

Ancient mystics and astrologers have spoken of the time around Winter Solstice as a season of sacred initiation – filled with thresholds of consciousness crossed, opportunities to connect with the inner spirit, and the opening of new paths towards self-realisation.

It is on this darkest day of the year that we are presented with an opportunity to become our own light, to be our own warmth, and as Capricorn encourages, to believe in, and say yes to, ourselves and our inner calling above all else.

Capricorn, symbolized by the sea goat, is a bridge of spirit and matter.

It is the half-fish that can descend just as deep into our internal oceans of psychic energy, as the half-goat can scale to great heights of outer accomplishment.

Any zodiac that begins as the Earth shifts into a new phase represents new beginnings. It is a new chapter of our lives with central themes of accountability, success, and grounding our goals, visions, and dreams into tangible reality. It is a season reminding us that self-responsibility is a prerequisite to the achievements of our dreams.

Read the full Solstice blog here.


December 23: Capricorn New Moon

December 23 brings us our final New Moon of 2022. While the Sun sits in Capricorn, the Moon joins it. Here we have our desires (sun) and needs (moon) coming together, sprouting forth a new chapter of our lives.

As the name suggests, a new Moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Meeting us just two days after the Earth initiates a new cycle and the Sun begins a new season, this New Moon is filled with multiple sparks and layers of beginning energy.

Regardless of what your Sun sign may be, within every one of us exists each of the twelve zodiac signs.

And as the cosmos immerses itself and takes on the lens of this grounded and ambitious sign, the spark of Capricorn that lives within each of us all also becomes activated.

We get to meet the parts of ourselves that are innately responsible, the parts of ourselves that know we are a match for the dreams that sit in our hearts no matter how big they feel. We get to meet and embody the self that is determined, ambitious, and patient. And we get to lean on ourselves as we methodically approach, plan, and structure the path of this new beginning.

This new Moon acts as a doorway to peer into our next venture, sitting at the transition point of a new year, a new energy, and a new chapter of our lives. This is an auspicious opportunity to sit down with any intentions, goals, or dreams you may have for your year ahead and let the Capricorn within you get to work.

New Moon blog coming soon.


Weekly Astrology Horoscope: Your invitation

Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity, derived from ancient texts exploring the interconnectedness between the individual and the cosmos, or the inner world of self that is perhaps not so separate from the external world.

It was when these inner and outer worlds blended together that a synchronicity would occur. A book that comes into your life after declaring your interest in a new subject. A friend calling you just after they enter your mind. Numbers or symbols that speak a deeper meaning into your heart.

~ Or this week, where multiple separate astrological transits each invite you into the same direction of courage, into saying yes to yourself, into new beginnings, and into devotion to your path ahead. Or the synchronicity of these cosmic invitations of new beginnings as we peer into a new year. Synchronicities can be reminders that we are a part of something greater. A divine orchestration of movement and flow. A force of growth and evolution that we are one with.

As the cosmos this week invites you to take a chance on yourself, I hope that it reminds you that you are a part of something greater, supported, and loved.

Astrology is one of the many ways we are lucky enough to decode the language of this unexplainable force of existence, and as we look at the astrology of the week, it could only be likened to each of us being loudly cheered on.

As Jupiter comes together with Aries, allow yourself to be excited by your life again. This is fire and fire coming together – pure inspiration, a thirst for becoming and being fully alive. And as the Sun and Moon shift into Capricorn bringing with it the Winter Solstice, allow yourself to ground this excitement into your body and into realistic planning.

There is no dream too big, and no mountain too steep. Capricorn is the sea-goat that is quite literally built to climb the highest of mountains, and Aries is the inextinguishable belief in Self that will take you to the top.


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