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A Magical Pisces New Moon February 2023 Horoscopes + Ritual

Pisces New Moon Times & Dates

  • Wellington: Sunday February 20 – 8.05 pm

  • Sydney: Sunday February 20 – 6.05 pm

  • Tokyo: Sunday February 20 – 4.05 pm

  • Singapore: Sunday February 20 – 3.05 pm

  • New Delhi: Sunday February 20 – 12.35 pm

  • Dubai: Sunday February 20 – 11.05 am

  • Moscow/Istanbul: Sunday February 20 – 10.05 am

  • Paris/Berlin: Sunday February 20 – 8.05 am

  • London: Sunday February 20 – 7.05 am

  • New York/Toronto: Sunday February 20 – 2.05 am

  • Los Angeles: Saturday February 19 – 11.05 pm

Our second new Moon of the year offers both flow and structure, imaginative dreaminess and grounded practicality. It lives in the liminal space where the unseen and the seen come together, where energy meets matter. Its a Pisces new Moon meeting us on February 20, 2023, teaming up with our master of the physical realms, Saturn.


Pisces New Moon – February 2023

New Moons initiate new beginnings. From this point of emptiness, where the Moon is nowhere to be seen in our night sky, over the coming days she will begin to build, to fill herself, to grow in size, shape and light until she is entirely full. How she builds, what she builds herself with, are guided by the seeds planted under this emptiness of the new Moon.

The same is with each of us. Just as what sprouts from the Earth depends on the seed that was planted, we grow and bloom in the direction, shape, and experience of what seeds of desire and intention we have planted within our own hearts.

The sky may be dark under this lunation, but this Pisces New Moon holds the essence of magic.

Pisces is the mystic, the dreamer, the intuitive connected to all that is. Held by the flow of the current, surrendered to the movement of the Universe, Pisces remembers our inherent state of oneness.

The last of the zodiac, it is a zodiac deeply in tune with the currents of energy, emotion, feeling, and intuitive knowing that may not be visible to all. It takes us into the realm of imagination, spirit, oneness, and inspiration.

Learn Astrology Girl and Her Moon

Saturn, which sits nice and close to the Sun and Moon under this lunation, brings his influence of structure to this dreaminess. Saturn brings practicality to the imagination; it holds the space for the inspiration of Pisces to land on Earth in a way that makes sense.

Sitting at 1 degree, this new Moon initiates within our lives all that this mystical sign offers us. Imagination, compassion, inspiration, oneness, forgiveness, creativity, intuition, oneness with Soul, Source, Spirit, seeing the unseen, feeling the intangible.

The gift within a Pisces New Moon is the invitation and ability to tune into the energy of pure potential that floats around us existing in another vibration.

This new Moon gives us the tools to fine tune our senses so that we may perceive this potential – so that we may pick out our dreams that already exist as energy from the ethers, and we may bring them into our imaginations, our hearts, and into our bodies.

With the influence of Saturn nearby, we can choose to either see two opposing forces with one taking us into the direction of the ethers and the other into the physical or we can choose to see a spark of creation as these two forces team up in the cosmos to support and work with one another.

As Pisces exists in energy, potential, where All-That-Is shows us that anything is possible, Saturn is our doorway for that same potential and possibility to become realised, to become physical, to step into our grounded reality. This partnership is where frequency meets form, energy meets matter, and potential meets reality.

This lunation is soft, flowy, and dreamy. It is adaptable, creative, and poetic. It is an opportunity for each of us to initiate a new journey that is connected to trust, faith, and a relationship with the spiritual, unseen realms of existence. Where we can be reminded that we are living within both a tangible and intangible world, where energy creates just as much as physical action, and where there is an entire realm of existence to play, dream with, and support our each step.


The partnership of Pisces and Saturn that will be awakened within us all under this lunation is an opportunity to peer into the dynamics and invitations of the next few years, as Saturn moves into Pisces next month where it will remain until 2025.

Allow yourself to curiously explore themes that present themselves to you throughout this lunation, giving yourself permission to energetically commune with whatever might be waiting for you beneath the surface. Witness what desires, dreams, and potentials (Pisces) that you feel yourself stepping towards with commitment (Saturn).

This New Moon is a spark of creativity as the bridging of energy and matter – and therefore a return to the true sense of manifestation. It is the dance of frequency into form, and we are the choreographers bringing it all together.

Allow this time to plant your seeds, even if they arent entirely clear yet they will emerge over these next few years. Explore how it would feel to take those exciting and creative dreams that your imagination takes you towards, and begin to bring them into your body. Ask Saturn to show you how this could be structured in the physical world and spend time in imagination of all the possibilities.

Dream, plan, imagine and create. These are the invitations of this new Moon.


Pisces New Moon Ritual

Playing with Energy

Created by Girl and Her Moon founder, Jordane.

Pisces is our connection toAll-That-Is.It is our access point to every frequency, emotion, energy form, ideas, realms of wisdom.

This playful journey is a reminder that you have access to interact with the energetic just as you have access to interact with the physical, and that every frequency is available for us to call upon in any moment to create, manifest, and collaborate with.

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Playing with Energy Girl and Her Moon


Pisces New Moon Horoscopes

Watch your full moon tarot-scope by Zofiia here!

Happy Pisces New Moon,

Jordane x


Jordane is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, numerology and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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  1. Thank You fellow seeker and Soul for your posts, knowledge, wisdom and dedication to finding our own True Potential and the Power of different realms. I am a seeker too and Honor You. Namaste!!

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