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Your Sagittarius Season Horoscopes Girl and Her Moon

Welcome to Sagittarius Season. Where the Sun seems to shine brighter, and hope finds its way into our hearts.

As the Sun shifts through this Jupiter ruled fire sign, we are invited to dream big and live just as fully, to broaden our minds and leap into experiences, and to seek meaning and follow our inner fires of purpose.

When is Sagittarius Season 2023?

Sagittarius Season begins November 22, 2023, and continues into December 21, 2023. It is initiated by the movement of the Sun that shifts and dances through each of the 12 zodiac signs, highlighting each archetype for the approx. month it takes to travel through its realm.

It is when the Sun sits in Sagittarius that we are invited to step into its world, to bathe in the frequency of its offerings and invitations, and to live through its lens.

Sagittarius Season Invitations

The shift from Scorpio Season to Sagittarius Season takes us from the underworld of depth and transformation to that of adventure and expansion. We are shifting from the emotions of water to the passions of fire. Where the focus moves from inward to outward.

Scorpio took us beneath the surface and into the mysteries, meeting deep transformation and rebirth. Sagittarius brings us back up to the surface, reborn and filled with passion, excitement, and a sense of adventure.

It is here that our quest for meaning begins.

Where did we come from?

What is life?

Is there an inherent meaning to existence, or do I create my own?

Is there something larger and wider holding and guiding me, or is it all up to me?

Can these kinds of questions be answered objectively, or are they doorways to expand my perspective, expand my mind, ask more questions, and widen the lens through which I move through this life?

Sagittarius Season invites us to step back from the minutiae of life to ponder the larger questions. To stand upon the highest of mountain tops so that we may see from all vantage points. It is an archetype that philosophises, discusses, questions, and seeks. But not only through the mind.

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There is an innate understanding in this zodiac that knows knowledge doesn’t necessarily equate to wisdom – rather wisdom comes from lived experience. It is a sign that doesn’t just invite us to learn through texts, classes, or teachers, though these experiences of learning are a big part of it.

Sagittarius invites us to live so fully that each moment is filled and overflowing with the potential for growth, meaning, and becoming. It guides us into experiences that take us beyond what we already know – whether through travel, interactions with those that have lived vast and different lives, religious or spiritual experiences outside of our realm of understanding, or simply – anything that sits outside of our current narrative of the world.

Sagittarius lives with the notion that life is vast and wide, and it is through journeying where we are guided that we not only meet more of who we are and expanded in the process, but we meet more of life, too. We are shown meaning and given answers to those larger questions. We are offered doorways into something larger than ourselves – an energy, intelligence, or knowing that seems to hold us throughout it all, singing songs of purpose and guiding us in synchronistic directions.

Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, hope, abundance, the higher mind, and wisdom – this season invites us to hope again. Both Sagittarius and Jupiter are concerned with and looking to the future. From the top of the mountain, they can see great magic ahead. From the top of the mountain where we are reminded that anything is possible. Beyond the stories, beyond the doubt, beyond the limitation of our minds, there lives great potential.

This season, we are invited to hope again, to reach into the dreams, visions, and desires even if stretch us that little bit beyond what we have been told is possible for us.

It’s an opportunity to re-write the narrative. To believe in ourselves, believe in the support and guidance of all-of-life, and say yes to the visions that call our name. With its emphasis on experience, it is through taking steps forward, stumbling, living, feeling, falling, and getting up, that we learn, grow, and seem to find ourselves living our dreams.

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Sagittarius Season Horoscopes

As the Sun dances through Sagittarius, it also highlights and moves through the area of our natal chart that Sagittarius influences. We all have this archetype alive within us, and this season it is our unique expression of Sagittarius that is highlighted.

By looking to our Rising Sign, we are shown the astrological house that is illuminated, and therefore the themes that desire to come to the surface for us this season.

Aries Rising

As your fire meets the fires of Sagittarius Season, it’s a passionate, exciting, and full season ahead, Aries. And what Sagittarius Season supports your fiery passion with is its long-term visioning. There is an invitation to leap into your desires, dreams, and visions in pure Aries style, keeping your eye on the big picture. This season invites you to expand your vision, expand what you believe possible both for who you are and what is available in the world. It offers new perspectives and wider vantage points to support you on your journey and asks you to reflect on the meaning and belief systems that drive and feed into these desires of yours.

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Taurus Rising

As the Sun dances through Sagittarius, it brings you into the unseen, Taurus. It invites you to look within and ponder on meaning. It asks you to observe your inner narratives, perspectives, and patternings – and how they seem to shape the world within and around you. And it asks you to reflect on your relationship with intimacy and how your close relationships feel in your body, your felt emotions, and within your ideas of what they should be.

It’s a season of inner exploration, traversing the terrain of the many worlds, layers, and complexities that live within as if you were travelling the many countries, cultures, and philosophies of this Earth. For there is something new, unseen, expansive, transformative, and unknown in each direction.

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Gemini Rising

It’s the season of your opposite sign, Gemini. Where you guided across the galaxy and offered the perspective of life, and of you, from a whole new place. Things look different over here, and it reminds us that reality may not be as objective as we thought.

This season invites you to expand your perspectives, to see from and through the eyes of another, and observe new ways of thinking, being, and living. Sagittarius invites a social season, where conversations, interactions, and collaborations are where the feeling of hope, joy, and visioning can filter through. It invites conversations that expand your mind and connections that feed your heart. And it invites interactions that feed your dreaming and open your vision wider, connecting you more closely to the direction and path that is calling your name.

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Cancer Rising

What ignites hope from within you, Cancer? What allows you to be willing and open to dream new realities for yourself? How can you support yourself to feel safe enough to believe again?

This season brings expansion through daily behaviours. The rituals that support you. The small steps that feed into the whole. And it is through stepping back, figuratively, or literally, and journeying to the top of the mountain where you can see the big picture often. For this big picture is the inspiration, the fuel, and the meaning that directs your daily action. It is what inspires and feeds into each step taken, and habit intentionally created. Journey here daily, whether though visualisation, meditation, writing, literal hiking or something else. Let the big vision be your medicine, passion, and inspiration. 

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Leo Rising

This season invites you to sink into the comforts of exactly who you are Leo. To shine. To play. To create. To express the magnetism, beauty, and wonder of who you are. It invites you to tap into your inner fires of passion and pour them into your creations, whatever they may be. And it invites you to play in different philosophies and cosmologies, and explore how they seem to shape and feed into both your sense of self, and your artistic expressions. By expanding your mind through looking to different cultures, periods and mediums of art, belief systems, and to alternate paths taken by others, you will simultaneously be feeding into your own vitality, inspiration, creativity, and sense of belonging in the world.

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Virgo Rising

For some, inspiration and expansion seem to come from being out in the world. For others, it is found by sinking deep into our chosen home, tending to its roots, and building our sense of safety and belonging. This season your deepest joys, dreams, and meaning come from the latter. From tending to your home and home life as if it were an extension of you and your inner world. From tending to your home and home life as if it could then hold and support you in every way needed. To feeling into the sense of expansion and freedom found within belonging, family, and a comfortable and safe space that is ours to sink into.

This season, the pathway to inspiration, nourishment, dreaming, and hope is available from within. As if tending to the core and foundation of who you are only seems to widen the possibilities that present themselves to us.

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Libra Rising

It’s all about the mind this season, Libra. There is an invitation to play in the mind, explore in the mind, feed the mind, break down the limitations of the mind, and expand the mind. Sagittarius Season invites new threads of curiosity that when journeyed with, have the potential to alter the framework through which you see and live life. Books, conversations, classes, teachers, will all be a source of medicine, inspiration, and absolute joy and vitality for you this season, Libra.

The mind is your playground. Information, knowledge, ideas, perspectives, and wisdom is your playground. And these playgrounds desire to absolutely fill you up with everything good.

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Scorpio Rising

A feeling of freedom is a necessity, Scorpio. A feeling of meaning is a necessity. How do these two states of being feel in your body? What steps and movements and ideas do they inspire? And what value do they hold in your life? Freedom and meaning are doorways into a sense of security, safety, inspiration, dreaming, and belonging this season, Scorpio. They are the doorways into reaching deeper into your body and landing further on the earth. To calming the nervous system. To tending to your felt sense of value and inner and outer worth.

This is a season invites you to be in your body. To tend to your felt experience. Because as you tend to yourself, you tend to your sense of freedom, meaning, belonging, passion, security, financial abundance, and inspiration. As you tend to yourself, you open your visioning and hoping capacity – the very things that will take you closer to your dreams.

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Sagittarius Season

As the Sun shifts through the first house of Self, it is as if the vitality, life force, joy, and light of the Sun can reach deeper into us, Sagittarius. It’s as if the rays of the Sun while shone through the frequency of Sagittarius have more of an opportunity to nourish, activate, and feed us. And this is exactly what this season offers.

It offers an expansion of the self, and a reignition of passion. It offers play and a sense of freedom, new desires and the fuel to leap into them. And it reminds us of something vaster than us, guiding the way, supporting our every step, and filling us with fulfilment as we say yes to ourselves and our path.

Explore this season ahead with a 1:1 reading, or join us in the Flow with the Moon Membership for astrology, ritual, and workshops.

Capricorn Rising

Through reaching into the divine, whatever that may mean, we are offered the source of all wisdom. Through having our own felt experience of the mystical, the unseen, the realms that others philosophise about – this is where we reach into true meaning, wisdom, belonging, joy, and inspiration, Capricorn.

An Earth sign, there is a practicality to your energy. An appreciation and understanding of the tangible. Yet this season, you may just find yourself receiving all that you desire within the intangible. There is an invitation to explore what spirituality means to you, and how it shapes, and cannot be separated, from what life means to you. To allow the divinity in each moment to bring you into new corners of yourself, and existence, undiscovered – as if a new country, culture, or cosmologies awaits within them. To open that little bit wider to what lives beyond our five senses and let it hold you for a moment.

And, to reach into your own true source of inspiration. The energy, meaning, and connection that drives and fuels every step taken, every mountain climbed, in the physical.

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Aquarius Rising

What is reality, Aquarius? Is it the structures that hold up the collective or the narratives that bring communities together? The structures that only seem to change over time, collapsing and rebuilding. The narratives that seem to differ when we shift from community to community, culture to culture, belief system to belief system. What then, is real to you? What then, matters to you? What then, is your meaning that lives at the bottom of these many shifting and changing building blocks that we find ourselves living within?

This season invites you to lean into what is real to you, what matters to you, and the meaning that seems to sit at the core of it all – uniquely for you. And it invites you to bring your answers into everything – your perspectives of the world, your desires, your beliefs of what is possible and the way you interact with others. It invites you to find your own space of belonging within these answers, for your own belonging, and your own way to see the world, may just be medicine for all one day.

Explore this season ahead with a 1:1 reading, or join us in the Flow with the Moon Membership for astrology, ritual, and workshops.

Pisces Rising

What does legacy mean to you, Pisces? If you could change the world, create an impact, leave something (tangible or intangible) behind that seems to exist beyond your physical body, what would that be?

This season inspires you to swim within the meaning that inspires your action. To let this meaning permeate and fuel the legacy you are building. And to explore and adventure the world around you as if it held every whisper of guidance, every moment of clarity, and every space of vitality required for your visions to come to reality, and for fulfilment to flow through you.

Explore this season ahead with a 1:1 reading, or join us in the Flow with the Moon Membership for astrology, ritual, and workshops.

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