Your Sagittarius Season Horoscopes: Intuitive Astrology

Your Sagittarius Season Horoscopes Girl and Her Moon

Welcome to Sagittarius Season. Where the Sun seems to shine brighter, and hope finds its way into our hearts. As the Sun shifts through this Jupiter ruled fire sign, we are invited to dream big and live just as fully, to broaden our minds and leap into experiences, and to seek meaning and follow our […]

Wisdom of the Astrological Elements: Fire, Air, Earth & Water

Wisdom of the Astrological Elements Fire, Air, Earth & Water Girl and Her Moon

The Astrological Elements of Fire, Air, Earth, and Water are a foundation of astrology. We are all made up of each of them, differing in balance and modes of expression. But what can this tell us about ourselves? Whether you find yourself immersed in the esoteric and mystical, or simply desiring to live with greater […]