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What is Your Dominant Sign & How Does it Affect You?

What is Your Dominant Sign & How Does it Affect You? Girl and Her Moon

Happy New Year, dear readers!

As you enter 2022, you may be thinking about all that needs letting go of and the changes you wish to see in the coming future.

Perhaps you have made some New Year’s resolutions and you are pumped up with energy, ready to take on the world. Maybe you have some anxiety within as issues from the past just keep coming back to haunt you.

Perhaps you have accepted that nothing is for certain and it’s just best to expect the unexpected.

Numerologically-speaking, 2022 is a powerful year. 222 is an angel number and one that represents new beginnings and manifestation. This is a year where the power of your thought coincides with reality. Your thoughts shall come to pass and the reality you imagine will manifest. The you that you envision shall flourish into the world, like a sunflower blooming in the summer.

In the Chinese Zodiac, this is the Year of the Tiger. Tiger years are dynamic and often surprising. Everyone will be called into the role that they are destined for – so don’t be surprised if people you know seem to suddenly do a complete turnaround of direction in their life!

With such an impactful year ahead of us, it is worth diving more into astrology and seeing how your natal chart can help you. If you aren’t sure about getting a twelve month forecast, it is very helpful to know what your dominant sign in astrology is.

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What is a Dominant Sign?

Your dominant sign is the one that is strongest in your chart.

You may think this is your Sun Sign, but that is not necessarily the case. The majority of people know what their Sun Sign is (the sign of the month they were born.)

But your dominant sign is the one that has the most influence over your chart and this could also consist of your Moon Sign, Rising Sign, Venus Sign, Mars Sign, etc, as well as aspects that are present in your natal chart.

Your dominant sign will also indicate which planet has the most powerful influence over you. Each sign is ruled by a planet, and each planet has its own special qualities that it bestows on the individual.

Let’s say you find out your dominant sign is Libra. This means that the planet with the most influence over you is Venus, the planet of love and beauty.

The reason the dominant sign is so special is because it provides clues to the way you interact with others, the many complexes of your personality, and the way your own life path is headed.

You may be a Taurus Sun Sign, for example. But you may have felt you don’t identify much with Taurus. You may then find out your dominant sign, which is Aries.

That would explain the fiery passion within you and why you may have a tendency to leap boldly into things, which isn’t really Taurus’ style!


Finding Out Your Dominant Sign

The best calculator I have found for your dominant sign is this one here. To fill it in, you will need to know the details of your birth, including your date, time, and place of birth.

Once you have discovered your dominant sign, read on to find out what it means for you!



If your dominant sign is Aries, you are passionate and forthright. You know what you want, and you are not afraid to get it. No matter what your Sun, Moon or Rising Signs may be, Aries energy is strong within you. No matter the face you show to the world, with Aries energy dominating, you are an innate leader, and you have great strength and courage within you. You are heavily influenced by Aries’ ruler, Mars. This is the planet of energy and war. You are ready to fight for what you believe in. Sometimes it just takes someone or something to light that flame within and then off you go!


If your dominant sign is Taurus, you have a love for the finer things and you prefer what is steady and stable over what is unexpected. You like to have a plan in place and when you put your mind to something, there is no letting go! Others may do their best to change your mind, but their efforts are in vain. Yours is a stubborn nature, but you have extraordinary resilience. The planet with the dominant influence over you is Venus, the planet of love and beauty. It is through your Venusian influence that you seem to just exude grace and charm. You love experiencing the joys of the physical world and you may be money-oriented.



If your dominant sign is Gemini, you are quick-witted and good at networking! This is a mutable sign whose mind is easily distracted and can sometimes bounce all over the place. As an Air sign, Gemini is intelligent and sprightly, keen to be intellectually challenged and at your best, you are keen to bring people together for a worthy cause. No matter how old you are, there is something young about you. Your dominant planet is Mercury, the planet of communication. It is through Mercury that you seem to just know what to say, whatever occasion arises, and others are impressed by your ability to manifest your thoughts into reality.



If your dominant sign is Cancer, you are emotional and nurturing. This is a cardinal water sign and there is a lot going on with you beneath the surface. You may not always show it, for Cancer is a protective sign. You are very protective of friends and family, and you have a powerful motherly nature attached to you. Your power of empathy is strong, stronger than any other sign. Your dominant sign is the Moon, and you may feel the Moon’s energies very powerfully. The Full Moon may be an especially potent time for you! Just like the Moon, you are like a light in the dark for others and this is why others are drawn to your caring and compassionate nature.

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If your dominant sign is Leo, you are strong and regal. Even if you seem shy and reserved on the outside, there is an extraordinary strength within you. This is a sign of power and nobility. At your best, you are brave, strong and very creative. At your worst, you may be too proud and your ego may run away with you. You have the ability to make a huge difference in the lives of those around you and when you shine brightly, you can light up the world. Your dominant planet is the Sun. The Sun’s power goes unrivalled, and the same is true with you. When in its benevolent stage, the Sun provides light and life to the entire world. But the Sun can also scorch and burn. With all this power inside you, it must be handled carefully and harnessed for the greater good. Like the lion in the jungle, you too are like royalty!



If your dominant sign is Virgo, you are practical and meticulous. You are someone who knows how to get the job done and others find you reliable – someone to turn to when times get tough! You are someone that others want around in a crisis because you don’t lose your head and you are able to keep things calm and stable. Your dominant planet is Mercury, the planet of communication. Mercury endows you with an ability to view things from a practical perspective where you are able to find the best solution to a problem and then convey it to others in a manner that is clear to understand. We don’t know what we’d do without you, Virgo!



If your dominant sign is Libra, you are charming and graceful. You also have a strong sense of justice. You are someone who has the ability to use your sense of fairness to make positive change around you. However, sometimes you may avoid conflict when it is necessary to stand and face it, because yours is a sign that doesn’t like conflict in general. As a Libra dominant sign, there is something very attractive about you and others are drawn to your charm. Your dominant planet is Venus, and it is through Venus that your grace and beauty shines through. You take care of your appearance, and you like to be in an environment which is aesthetically pleasing.



If your dominant sign is Scorpio, you are deep and enigmatic. There is something mysterious about you. Others may automatically fear you or be enthralled by you. As a Scorpio-dominant, you exude strong sex appeal. This sexual energy, when manifesting in its highest form, can be used for fantastic creativity or used for the highest spiritual purpose. It is likely you have some interest in the occult. You are not interested in shallow talk; instead, digging beneath the surface is your speciality. Your dominant planet is Pluto, the planet of transformation. Through Pluto, you may be familiar with obstacles and crisis, but it is through crisis that you experience personal transformation. Mars is also the ruler of this planet and because of this, there is a warrior mentality within you. Like the scorpion animal that represents your sign, you have extraordinary resilience and can withstand the worst storms. You are a survivor.



If your dominant sign is Sagittarius, you are free-spirited and eager to learn. You are an adventurous soul and the quest for truth is important for you. There is a bright and light energy about you, which explains why others are drawn to you. You are someone who gives off positive energy and others pick up on it. As a Sagittarius dominant sign, you are keen to find the truth. This is the sign of the student who becomes the wise master. You may be drawn to foreign lands, and nothing interests you more than exploring new cultures and learning about different types of people. Your dominant planet is Jupiter, the planet of luck and benevolence. Lucky you! Jupiter brings you luck and good fortune, as well as a desire to expand your knowledge. Yours is a sign that believes working together in harmony can lead to great things and at heart, yours is a heroic and trustful soul.



If your dominant sign is Capricorn, you are ambitious and determined. This is a cardinal earth sign, and the persistence of your sign is second to none. This is the sign represented by the mountain goat. The mountain goat exhibits extraordinary determination and will reach the mountain, no matter what stands in its way. You may find that you have incredible staying power. As a sign of leadership, others may also look to you and follow your lead. You know how to get things done and see things through to the end. Your dominant sign is Saturn, the planet of hard knocks and karma. Saturn is not always the most popular planet because of the challenges it brings, but it is the planet that teaches discipline and perseverance. It is the authority figure that toughens you up for the outside world. As such, you are someone who is capable of achieving extraordinary things.



If your dominant sign is Aquarius, you are original and unique. You really do march to the beat of your own drum! Chances are, you’ve got a rather fascinating and unusual look about you that makes people stop and stare. As a dominant Aquarius, you are someone who doesn’t follow the norm. You are inventive and original, keen on looking towards the future and embracing new ways of doing things. Others admire you for your quirky character and originality. You are someone who always has a fresh new idea and others are fascinated by this. Your dominant planet is Uranus, the planet of revolution. People with dominant Aquarius signs are people who help change the world. At their best, they progress mankind towards a state of compassion and benevolence. Uranus influences you to stand by your convictions and stand out from the crowd. Why fit in when you were born to stand out?



If your dominant sign is Pisces, you are compassionate and creative. You have a dreamy quality about you and others are drawn to your magical and ethereal energy. A dominant Pisces individual is an idealist. You see the world in a certain way. You are a visionary and you want to see world where we can exist in harmony and love for one another. You may be drawn to forms of escapism, preferring to find a place in solitude when things become too tough. You may seek methods of escapism as you wish to escape the harsh realities of this world. At your best, you are able to influence others with your creativity and desire for a better world. Your dominant planet is Neptune, the planet of hopes and dreams. With Neptune influencing you, you are able to manifest your great creative skills into reality and enable others to see the world as you see it. The world is a more beautiful place with you in it, Pisces.


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