Weekly Horoscope for Your Zodiac: June 16 – 22 2024 Astrology

Welcome to a new week and a shift in the tides of the cosmic energies of which we are all a part.

This week, June 16 to 22, is the threshold bridging us from Gemini Season to Cancer Season on the sacred day of the Summer Solstice. And it is a week that holds within it the movement of Mercury and Venus into Cancer, as well as a full Moon in Capricorn, and the Sun squaring Neptune.

Venus in Cancer: June 16 – July 11

It is a breath out and it is soft movement. It is tending to our emotional body, and it is becoming a safe space for ourselves. As Venus enters Cancer on June 16, 2024 where it will remain until July 11, 2024, we are invited to become the medicine we need for ourselves, to pour love into our emotional body, and remember self-care as an act of self-love.

As Venus shifts this week, it is our first introduction into the waters of Cancer, where Mercury and the Sun will soon follow. Observe over this time the shift in your emotional body, and how you are called to tend to yourself as if becoming a loving parent for your inner child. Venus here is reminding us that we deserve to be taken care of – by ourselves, and our loved ones. It is a space to observe your needs in relationship, and it is a space to emotionally come closer to your loved ones, caring for them with affection just as you care for yourself.

Mercury in Cancer: June 17 – July 2

A day after Venus on June 17 2024, Mercury too enters Cancer until July 2, 2024. Mercury is the mind. Cancer is emotion. Mercury is awareness. Cancer is our vulnerabilities and memories stored deep within our subconscious and body.

Mercury as an archetype is an objective observer, collecting and relaying information as if data. As it swims through the seas of Cancer, however, it loses some of that objectivity. It becomes more about understanding and tending to our subjective reality. The way emotions move and live often outside of logic. The way vulnerabilities and memories often don’t fit in a neat box of understanding.

Mercury in Cancer is an opportunity to be in conversation with our emotional selves – with compassion, and with care. It is an opportunity to be in conversation with our inner child and the memories we are still unconsciously running as if a template, scanning our reality through its structure. And it is an opportunity to witness our emotional reactions and movements, questioning – am I reacting to this present experience? Or is this touching on something already alive within me? Something based on past experiences or events? And what does this part of me need to hear?

Sun square Neptune: June 20

Just hours before the beginning of Cancer Season, the Sun makes a final contact while still in Gemini. It dances with Neptune in Pisces on June 20, 2024 inviting spaciousness for the dream world, the imagination, and intuition.

This offering of energies is less about doing than it is being. Being with silence. Being with space. Being with dreams and being with the sacred. It is an opportunity to remember this unseen world that we are simultaneously living within alongside this tangible reality. The spiritual, the all-encompassing, the energetic. It is a day for devotion to what matters to you, to feel the love that hums beneath the surface, and to melt into oneness as if a healing beath.

Neptune can create confusion, especially while in a square. It creates a sense of confusion in our tangible world so that we may remember its illusion. So that we may come within for a moment.

Cancer Season: June 20 – July 22

Welcome to Cancer Season. Welcome to nourishing softness, emotional subjectivity, and a season to create safety and care in your life.

Cancer Season begins June 20, 2024 and carries us through its waters until July 22, 2024. It is the shifting from the mind to the emotions. From analysing to feeling. From quick movement to whatever pace it is that nourishes us most. Cancer Season is an invitation to tend to our inner child and create safe and loving structures to allow our emotions to be heard and seen. It is an invitation to explore our inner terrain, our roots, our foundation of understanding and memory built in our formative years with compassion, seeing ourselves in ways that we need, offering ourselves the presence, words, and love that we need.

Subjectivity colours our lens just as our emotions hold information within them. Intuition heightens just as our sensitivity to emotions and energy of those around us. The journey of Cancer is to feel at home in itself. To feel at home in its emotional and inner world. To feel safe in its atmosphere. This season, we are on that journey too. What lives on this path for you?

Please note, depending in your timezone, Cancer Season may be from June 21-July 22.

Read more about Cancer Season 2024 here.

Summer Solstice 2024 

Astrology moves with the seasons. The dance of the Sun and Earth and the way our bodies move with it. As Cancer Season begins, we are in the peak of Summer, our longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. As Cancer Season invites us to nourish ourselves, the Sun offers its rays in abundance to support us in this.

The word ‘Solstice’ comes from the Latin ‘Sol’, meaning Sun, and ‘sistere’, meaning to stand still. The Summer solstice on June 20, 2024 is a favourable day of celebration, receptivity and new opportunities. We have been building and growing, we have been shifting and becoming. And it is on this day that we meet our peak. It is on this day that we create space and allow of this movement to begin metabolising. It is on this day that we stand still for a moment, just like the Sun. Receiving. Feeling. Integrating. Before we begin a new season of our lives, and shift into the second half of the year.

Please note, depending in your timezone, the Solstice may be on June 21. Depending on your hemisphere, it may be your Winter Solstice.

Read more about the Summer Solstice 2024 here.

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Capricorn Full Moon: June 21

As the Sun begins to softly make its home in the waters of Cancer, the Moon meets her fullness in its opposite sign, Capricorn. And while Cancer invites us to tend to our emotional realities, Capricorn is the sacred structure building around us offering a sense of safety and stability.

The Moon in Astrology rules Cancer, they hold a similar essence. The Moon while full whispers with what lives in our body. The reactions. The memories. The unconscious material. It moves past the narratives of the mind and into corners that our awareness can’t always reach. When it is full in our skies, all of us is on display – conscious, unconscious, and everything in between.

Acting as a mirror, the Moon moves the emotional tides within our body and brings them to the surface of our awareness. She creates a bridge between the body and our knowing, the stored memories in our underground and our consciousness. It is a full Moon offering self-insight, deepened intuitive awareness, and access to more of ourselves.

Read more about the Capricorn full Moon here.

Weekly Astrology: Bringing it Together

Observe the shift this week from Gemini to Cancer Season. Where does it take you? What comes alive, asking for your attention within you? This week is an opportunity to softly and lovingly dip into our own emotional body and observe what lives within it.

As the week comes to an end, the Capricorn full Moon contains within it this entire week in a culmination. With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces continues to square the Sun and now too the Moon and with this, it moves us deep into the unconscious and psychic material of our bodies.

The purpose of it all? To land us deeper into our lives. To plant us deeper into this Earth. To call this body home, inviting us to take up more space in our own being, sifting through memory and emotion that we are ready to bring love and transformation to. The purpose of this week and beyond is to create safety in our own beingness. What would that feel like for you? 

Other Astrological transits worth noting for the week of June 16 – 22

  • Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces: June 16 2024
  • Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces: June 17 2024
  • Mercury conjunct Venus in Cancer: June 17 2024
  • Mercury in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus: June 21 2024

Weekly Horoscopes for your Zodiac Sign June 16-22

As the planets shift in our cosmos, they simultaneously shift through our astrology chart, highlighting different areas of our human experience. By looking to your zodiac sign – in particular your rising sign, we can begin to discern those shifts and invitations.

Read on for your horoscope forecast for June 16–22, 2024. For a greater in depth reading based on your astrology chart, explore our Transits Astrology Reading.

Aries Rising: Aries Weekly Horoscope

How do you connect with you, Aries Rising? How do you come home to yourself? And what does it feel like to surrender, allow, feel? There is healing awaiting you in these spaces, and insights from both deep within the body and the more spiritual spaces of yourself. As the full Moon builds, allow your intuition directed towards your long-term visions.

Taurus Rising: Taurus Weekly Horoscope

It’s a week to move through your emotions observing the narratives, stories, and memories alive within them, Taurus Rising. Observing what is asking for your attention and what is ready – with love, presence, and compassion – to be re-framed and re-written. Allow your vaster trust and relationship with life guide you throughout the week, holding you in support and offering you wisdom.

Gemini Rising: Gemini Weekly Horoscope

You are worthy. And you are safe, Gemini Rising. What would it feel like to land in your body as your home, letting each cell come alive with its love for you? What would it feel like to journey through your underworld, offering yourself love, presence, and acceptance? It’s a week of inner child healing and reparenting. Reminding yourself that you are worthy, and you are safe.

Cancer Rising: Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Welcome to your Season, Cancer Rising. Allowing yourself to slow down and nurture yourself. Allowing yourself to swim in the healing currents of your own energy and the vaster support available. This is a week and beyond to tend to yourself, allowing yourself to come home, allowing yourself to remember your own healing, and allowing yourself to feel and emanate more of your own light.

Leo Rising: Leo Weekly Horoscope

Lean in and lean back, Leo Rising. Find space between and within the movement. Offer yourself moments of retreat and rest. This week invites you into the energetic, the emotional, and the undercurrents. It invites you to spend time with the sacred and the imaginal, allowing it to heal and nurture your very being. Silence, meditation, and safe spaces for emotional expression are your friends this week.

Virgo Rising: Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Dream into new spaces, Virgo Rising. Within your emotional currents live information, guidance, and meaning. What matters to you? What is your meaning and where does it guide you? Let it whisper direction, as if bridging your inner child with your future self and seeing where it takes you. Seeing what unfolds as you look ahead.

Libra Rising: Libra Weekly Horoscope

Tend to yourself because you deserve it, Libra Rising. And tend to yourself because the dreams calling your name and the life that you are building blooms from a space of inner safety, self-love, and rootedness in our own selves. Become what you need this week, bringing habit and ritual that is medicine for your soul into each day.

Scorpio Rising: Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Look up. What does it all mean? Open wider. What is the purpose of it all? It’s a week that invites you to open your heart and speak with existence, Scorpio Rising. To ask the bigger questions, and swim in the emotions that spark in response to them. It’s a week to bring deeper meaning into your understanding of life and your place in it, letting it shift your mind in the process.

Sagittarius Rising: Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

There are entire worlds within you, Sagittarius Rising. And this week is an invitation to explore them all. To move deep within your body. What lives in there? What flows through your emotional currents? To surrender into your own unseen. What patterns are within your unconscious? And to let the river of your memories take you deeper, as if letting the stream guide you through a slideshow of what lives within you.

Capricorn Rising: Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Open your heart, Capricorn Rising. For the world is much richer when you do. Create and offer yourself the safety you need so that you may meet the world and your chosen people with more truth, vulnerability, love. Remember the worthiness and the value of softness and tenderness, inviting it bring you home to yourself, and to your favourite people.

Aquarius Rising: Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

How can you become what you need for yourself, Aquarius Rising? Often, it is a delicate blend of structure and flow, compassion and loving discipline. This week invites you to create the habits, rituals, and movements that allow you space for healing and wellbeing. To observe the daily actions we take that hurt us, and instead choose the daily actions that would be an act of self-love.

Pisces Rising: Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Inspiration, imagination, and meaning. Self-expression, emotional truth, and creativity. It is a week to allow your inner currents to bring you home to yourself, reminding you of what matters, of the beauty in feeling, and the medicine and joy in self-expression. It is a week to reconnect to life and self through the streams in your body and the play of any creative projects calling your name.

Article originally written for Yoga Journal.

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