Weekly Astrology Forecast: December 11 – 17 ✨

Weekly Astrology Forecast December 11 - 17 Girl and Her Moon

What are your invitations from the cosmos this week?

The Sun and Neptune come together to ignite a new way to see ourselves, as Mercury and Uranus speak to new ideas and our future planning. Read on for your weekly astrology forecast for all zodiac signs.


14th December ~ Sun Square Neptune:

Neptune recently finished its retrograde and began moving forward once again. On December 14, this spiritual, dreamy, and illusive planet makes a square aspect with the Sun.

An aspect in astrology shows us how the planets are interacting and collaborating with one another. A square aspect occurs when planets are three signs away from one another and act as a point of friction to usher us out of complacency and into change.

While the Sun is in Sagittarius (9th zodiac), Neptune is in Pisces (12th zodiac) inviting us into greater self-awareness, healing, and inner power.

Neptune acts a doorway into our subconscious. It is the unseen and the intangible and on December 14, we have an opportunity to open that door and look around with the light of the Sun. Here we can gain insight into inner unconscious patterns, beliefs, doubts, past experiences that are dictating the present. We will get to see some of the ways we may restrict ourselves, dim our light, and doubt ourselves.

We get to see all this so that we may begin to take steps towards healing. As the Sun sits in Sagittarius there is an overall sense of growth, expansion, optimism, and gratitude and can be a beautiful support while we witness, accept, and hold compassion for parts of ourselves that we may have previously kept behind closed doors.


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17 December Mercury Trine Uranus

We know Mercury. Our planet in the skies ruling over our mental processes, our communication, thought, and technology. Mercury is linear and organised.

Uranus, on the other hand, isn’t quite so organised. Uranus is change and revolutionary, eccentric, and disruptive. It is here to shake things up in the name of truth and authenticity.

A Trine aspect is found when a planet is four zodiac signs away from another, and therefore in the same element. While Mercury is in Capricorn, Uranus is in Taurus, two Earth elements. A trine holds an essence of flow, of luck, of a door opening and a light turning green. Here, Mercury and Uranus are supporting one another.

This is a beautiful time to tap into the power of your mind, to open the floodgates of ideas. It’s an invitation to brainstorm new ideas, think in entirely new ways, look so far out of the box that you forget one ever existed.


Weekly Astrology Horoscope: Your invitation

This week brings a mixture of directions. It’s a tension that invites us to be in a deeper relationship with ourselves than ever before. And it’s an exciting flow of new ideas and planning for our future. Perhaps these seemingly separate invitations actually pair together perfectly, and this week is exactly what this transitionary time before the new year calls for.

If we bring together a healthy expression of the Sun, Neptune, Sagittarius, and Pisces, we see expansion, adventure, dreaming, and compassion. We get a healthy self-concept and a beautiful connection to spirit. And we get creativity and faith. This is what December 14’s square is inviting us into, even if it is through some initial tension.

The invitation of this transit is to see ourselves without judgement, or perhaps take it another step and see ourselves with deep compassion. A journaling practice and gentle yoga flow pair with the Sun square Neptune just beautifully. Think soft, gentle, and loving on this day.

On the 17th, we get to turn up the volume a little bit. The softness of the last few days has allowed us to renew our batteries and we have the space for some excitement.

As Mercury and Uranus make a trine in our skies, we are working with the Earth elements, and therefore bringing a sense of grounded practicality into this transit.

Uranus wants you to look into the future and it wants you to free yourself from any limitation. Mercury can then bring all that we discover as we look forward, into a beautiful, logical, and linear flow of ideas, planning and steps.

Capricorn and Taurus are both here to ground all of this into reality, to make it real. Here we have two zodiac signs that love to build and aren’t afraid of long-term commitment.


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