Watery, spiritual + transformative Cancer Full Moon January 2022 + Ritual ♡

Watery spiritual transformative Cancer Full Moon January 2022 Ritual Girl and Her Moon


  • Wellington: Tuesday January 18 – 11.48 am
  • Sydney: Tuesday January 18 – 10.48 am
  • Tokyo: Tuesday January 18 – 8.48 am
  • New Delhi: Tuesday January 18 – 5.18 am
  • Dubai: Tuesday January 18 – 3.48 am
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Tuesday January 18 – 2.48 am
  • Paris/Berlin: Tuesday January 18 – 12.48 am
  • London: Monday January 17 – 11.48 pm
  • New York/Toronto: Monday January 17 – 6.48 pm
  • Los Angeles: Monday January 17 – 3.48 pm



Full Moon Key Words:

Release, illumination, heightened intuition, ending

Cancer Key Words:

Nurture, emotion, safety, inner emotion, roots

Cancer element:


Cancer Ruling Planet:


Active Planets:

Neptune & Pluto


Our first Full Moon of 2022 dives deep into our waters. It is emotional. It is spiritual. It is transformative.

Reaching us on 17/18 January, depending on where you are in the world, we can typically feel the energy surrounding a Full Moon a few days before and after.

Following the cyclic nature of the Moon, we meet a Full Moon approx. every 29.5 days. During these 29.5 days, the Moon begins from nothing, bare and invisible to the human eye – a New Moon, and slowly builds itself up until it is full, bright, and illuminating like a giant torch in the sky, only to again, chip away at itself, releasing, releasing, releasing until it is nothing once again.

And the journey continues.

Over and over.

This Full Moon sits in the sign of Cancer.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and so it has a very intimate and intuitive connection with these cycles. Feeling on some level that continuous cycle of building up and letting go, of birthing and dying, of waxing and waning.

Being a water Sign, Cancer knows the healing that can be found in emotion. It intuitively knows that when we shed a tear, we shed much more than that tear. We shed the emotion that was felt with that tear. We shed the past. We let it fall. We heal ourselves.

Cancer is both the Mother and the Child archetype. It nurtures and desires to be nurtured. It nourishes and seeks nourishment. And it is within this knowing that we are reminded that we are our greatest healers. We are our greatest nurturers.


This Full Moon is here to illuminate where we need to nourish ourselves, how we need to take care of ourselves.


It brings into our awareness just how we can fill ourselves up from the inside in. It asks us to embody both the mother and child within ourselves. It asks us to simultaneously give to ourselves and receive from ourselves. All from the inside. All from your heart.

Sensitive and aware of even the most subtle energetic and emotional shifts, this full moon is accompanied with both Pluto and Neptune, only heightening this sensitivity.

Emotion runs deep under this lunation, and revelations can feel larger than life.


Pluto is transformation; it is death and birth. It is renewal.

Neptune is our subconscious; it represents our night-time dreams and is highly spiritual.


With these cosmic bodies joining the already potent Full Moon, this lunation reminds us that transformation can only meet us with presence, with feeling, with honouring, and with allowing. We must be with what we desire to heal or transform.

Where Pluto wants to transform, Cancer feels it all. Neptune sensitises to the energy, and the Full Moon illuminates.

This Full Moon takes us deep, but it is no more than we can allow, it is in this depth that we find greater healing than anywhere else.


With feeling we heal. With surrender we allow. With death we are reborn.


When we allow ourselves to energetically align with astrology on all levels – the mental with our awareness, the body with our presence, and the heart with our emotion, we are allowing ourselves to be with our true nature – to be with our souls.

We are allowing ourselves to flow with the cosmic movement of Life itself, we are aligning the beat of our heart with the heartbeat of the Universe.

There is no forcing involved. There is no pushing involved.

Astrology is an ancient language and the codes of this language lie within so many of us.

Lean into the Full Moon tonight by leaning into your heart. Explore within what Cancer energy means to you, ask your heart what Full Moon energy means to you – and see what emerges. Asking awakens these codes. Exploring and trusting the subtle messages of Soul awakens this beautiful language.

And if you desire to go deeper, we have a beautifully transformative, embodied, and healing soul journey and meditation for this lunation inside of our Flow with the Moon Membership.

Cancer Full Moon Ritual:

Inner waters of transformation

A Soul Journey and meditation diving deep into your inner waters, followed by soul based journal prompts.

During this ritual we are surrendering into this powerful Full Moon energy, we are letting the Cancer energy within us all guide, Neptune tap us into higher spiritual truths, and Pluto transform.

With this ritual are releasing layers.

We take it off. We let it drop. We leave it behind.

We allow ourselves to feel lighter and barer.

Letting go of past versions of self.

Letting go of expectations.

Letting go of any heaviness.

Within this ritual, we allow ourselves to be rejuvenated.

We allow it to fill us up with love, with wisdom, with calm, and with trust.

This ritual/journey is available for all Flow with the Moon Members under this beautiful lunation, and is available instantly upon signing up.


Joining under this New Moon you will also receive access to:

⏀ January exclusive Tarot Reading

⏀ Soul Check-ins and Intention setting

⏀ 2022 Numerology Workshop

⏀ Bonus Mercury Retrograde Workshop

Find out more about the Flow with the Moon Membership here. 🖤


Cancer Full Moon January 2022 Ritual Girl and Her Moon


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All the love, always, Jordane x

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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