Virgo New Moon August 2022: Ritual + Horoscopes

Virgo New Moon August 2022 Ritual Horoscopes Girl and Her Moon

Virgo New Moon Times & Dates

  • Wellington ~ Saturday August 27 – 8.16 pm
  • Sydney ~ Saturday August 27 – 6.16 pm
  • Tokyo ~ Saturday August 27 – 5.16 pm
  • Singapore ~ Saturday August 27 – 4.16 pm
  • New Delhi ~ Saturday August 27 – 1.46 pm
  • Dubai ~ Saturday August 27 – 12.16 pm
  • Moscow/Istanbul ~ Saturday August 27 – 11.16 am
  • Paris/Berlin/Johannesburg ~ Saturday August 27 – 10.16 am
  • London ~ Saturday August 27 – 9.16 am
  • NY/Toronto ~ Saturday August 27 – 4.16 am
  • Los Angeles ~ Saturday August 27 – 1.16 am


Key themes:

Service, health, wellbeing, tension, assertion,

Virgo element:


Ruling planet:



27 August, new beginning is initiated. A new cycle, chapter, and opportunity meeting us in the sign of Virgo.

As we meet a new Moon, the Sun and Moon are together in the same zodiac sign. This gives a focused intention, energy and overall vibe to the initiation taking place. While in Virgo, the focus lies in our day-to-day living, our health, our stripping back of the noise and zoning in on what is important. It lies in our attention to the detail, the small pieces, and healing on all levels.

Virgo upholds a certain standard in how it interacts with the world and with itself, with what it accepts, creates, and the actions it takes. This way of being invites each of us to rise into our potential, as if seeing ourselves from the perspective Virgo reminds us of our worthiness and potential.

This new Moon desires to initiate a new chapter within our relationship to our body, healing, our relationship with the Earth, our habits, organisation and day-to-day routines. With such change sweeping through the month that is soon to close, allow yourself to ponder on the small steps, the pieces that make up the whole, that allow you to ground yourself into your own relationship with health, wellbeing, and fulfilment on all levels.


Virgo New Moon August 2022 Girl and Her Moon

Present in our skies is Mars, our planet of passion and war, motivation and action. It is how we assert and protect, and what helps us to push past our fears, giving us the stamina to take steps forward.

With Mars squaring the Moon, our cosmos is bringing somewhat of an edge to this overall energy. Where a new Moon is fertile ground for planting seeds and beginning a new chapter in our lives, the sharpness that Mars brings to this lunation is powerful for cutting ties. It is here to protect what is sacred, to take action that is necessary, to address what emotions, patterns, or fears come to the surface in a once-for-all fashion.

Virgo holds a sharp eye that can see what is out of place, and what isn’t in service to the desired path forward. This lunation is making any fears, insecurities, mental patterns visible so that we may cut ties with them with strength, with determination, with the fire and heat that Mars holds.

Intentions to begin in a new way that releases you from anything you may feel burdened by, held back by, anything that is inauthentic to your expression – this is what this new Moon is guiding us into.


Girl and Her Moon Virgo New Moon August 2022

Mars can bring tension and heat, especially around our mind and communication. The medicine available under this lunation is grounding through the breath, communing with the body as a temple, and journaling through any mental insights or emotions that come up to be witnessed. Use the sharp eye of Virgo to see what is ready to be released. Use the power of Mars to cut them loose. And use the soft supportive energy of the Moon to nurture yourself through the process.

Lean into what can soothe mind, whether it is movement, speaking, mediation or a walk in nature. If anyone knows how to be its own healer, it is Virgo.


Virgo New Moon Ritual

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Virgo New Moon Horoscopes

Virgo New Moon August 2022: Zodiac Tarot Horoscopes ⊹


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