Venus Cazimi Magic: 13 August 2023

Venus Cazimi Magic 13 August 2023 Girl and Her Moon

When the Sun comes together with a planet in our cosmos, it is known as a ‘cazimi’ coming from an Arabic term meaning “in the heart of the Sun”.

The Sun in astrology is our conscious awareness, our vitality, and our individual self. The centre of our Solar System, it is the focus point from which all other planets are held and moved by. This is mirrored in astrology, with the Sun as the motivating force behind all of individual movement and expression.

Venus, representing beauty, desire, love, and partnership, has been retrograde in Leo since 22 July, moving through the underworld and journeying through our shadow. Read all about Venus Retrograde here.

On 13 August, Venus in her retrograde comes into an exact conjunction, or cazimi, with the Sun also in Leo.

Venus’ glyph in astrology is that of the hand mirror. It reflects back to us who we are through the way we share ourselves in the world, the creations we create and the choices we make. It reflects who we are through the humans we choose to love or the things, ways of being, subjects, or places we hold as valuable.

As Venus conjuncts the Sun, it is as if this mirror is placed directly in front of our conscious awareness.

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The Sun shines its light on this mirror, on all that Venus has witnessed from deep within our shadows and her retrograde, and places it front and centre so that we may look at it, be with it, and hopefully, accept it. As these two planets come together there is beautiful potential for deep introspection, new awareness, a shift in perspective, and deeper awareness of your journey.

Venus retrograde is a deep dive into our underworld.

It is a reflection, an invitation to go inward, and a space holder to reframe, reconsider, realign and recenter ourselves and our path ahead before we move forward with fire and passion once again. As Venus and the Sun come together on this day, we are invited to get to the heart, the core, the truth, and the conscious awareness of the insight that Venus Retrograde is offering to us.

Venus Cazimi prompts

  • What house in my natal chart does Leo live within, and how are the themes of this house presenting themself to me throughout this retrograde?
  • What Venusian (or other) themes have been inviting my awareness to reflect upon, reframe, and reconsider over the last ~month?
  • What is my relationship with Leo? How do I feel free, safe, confident, and resourced (or not) to shine my light and share my magic?
  • How do I feel within intimacy and partnership? Is there something here that is asking for attention, healing, love, a re-frame?
  • Do I feel loved? Both by myself, and others I hold dear to me? Did I always feel loved? How is my heart desiring to be loved?
  • What are my needs, and are they being met? both by myself, and others I am in close relationship to?
  • When I think about money, what are all the things that come up in my mind? How does my body feel? What do I want to come up in my mind around money, and how do I want my body to feel?
  • When I think about expression, what comes up in my mind? How does my body feel? What do I want to come up in my mind around expression, and how do I want my body to feel?
  • Are there any past experiences or wounds around relationships/love, money, or expression influencing my present reality?
  • What patterns and narratives around love, intimacy, worthiness, or beauty am I ready to bring love to, heal, and rewrite, and what would this look like?

Venus Retrograde Horoscopes

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For a 1:1 experience exploring Venus Retrograde, this cazimi, among other major transits occuring in the skies and in your chart, book your astrology reading here.

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