Uranus Retrograde Comes to an End: January Astrology 2024

It’s a brand-new chapter. One that seems to open its arms with fresh new energy, with a path forward, and with invitations and excitements towards new movement, new ideas, the opening of our minds, and beautifully rich innovation.

Not only are we within the ethers of Aquarius Season with our recent era-defining movement of Pluto into the same Air sign, but we now have Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, finalising its five-month retrograde and moving forward once again.

It is this movement that not only gives us even more access to the innovative, quick, and exciting energy of both Aquarius and Uranus, but also sets the cosmic stage for the next two months of no retrogrades.

When Does Uranus Retrograde Finish?

Uranus will return to its forward movement on 27 January 2024, after being in retrograde since August 2023.

For another layer of insight, take a look at what house Taurus occupies in your natal chart, for it is this house that it will also station direct within, bringing openings and expansion.

Uranus Direct: What it Means for You

Uranus is change. Uranus is freedom. Uranus is expansion. Uranus is cracking open so that the future may begin to pour into the now. Uranus is innovation. It is quick.

Known as the ‘Great Awakener’, it is higher consciousness, breakthroughs, forward thinking, and heightened awareness. Uranus is a planet that desires to take us beyond the confines of the known, the expected, and current structures that are in some way inhibiting our magic.

Uranus has been retrograding in Taurus since August of 2023, bringing opportunities and space to sink into who we had become by that time in our lives. To integrate the growth, movement, and change that we moved through. To put down roots and sink into the medicine available in becoming comfortable, intimate, and safe in the person that we had grown into.

We were getting to know ourselves.

It’s forward movement can be felt as an invitation to open up, once again, the expansion that is calling our name.

To let more light into our minds and our bodies. To welcome in the change that has been waiting for this season of our lives. The change that we are ready for – for it wouldn’t be calling our names if we were not. It brings fresh new energy and higher perspectives.

It opens doorways into new ideas, new consciousness, new pathways available for us to explore.

And, it brings our attention to any structures, narratives, spaces, beliefs, patterns, or expectations – either from within or without – that are restricting us in any way. As if the clothes we are wearing have gotten too tight, feeling uncomfortable, restricting our blood flow, restricting our movement.

Uranus reminds us that much like life itself, we are always in motion.

Every person that we have been, in every season and every chapter, every expression of ourselves among the timeline of our lives, has allowed us to stand within the arms of this week as exactly who we are today. We have been shedding just as much as we have been growing, and each moment of us leads beautifully into the next.

As Uranus moves forward once again we are offered a clear and supportive pathway for a beautiful season of becoming, expansion, and growth into the self that has been waiting to meet us.

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Uranus Direct in Taurus

While in Taurus, it highlights a beautiful paradox. The more we are in our bodies, the more we have access to all that exists beyond the body. The more we are rooted in the tangible, the more we have access to the intangible.

Uranus in Taurus highlights our bodies as alive, receptive, transmitters of energy, consciousness, wisdom, and information. To arrive into the body as if it were a map, a treasure chest, a divinely designed key that opens up our next season. To ground into our bodies and the Earth so that we may hold more of this light and expansion within our flesh and bones – as if it were a vessel for consciousness to pour into.

And to breathe into simplicity. The quiet moments. The simple, yet profound truths of the Universe, of being a human. The practices and spaces that make us feel most alive, most us. And the silence that, somehow, seems to hold so much.

How to Work with Uranus Direct

This cosmic movement invites us to take a step back, for just a moment, so that we may open up in a way that we feel safe, loved, supported, excited, trusting, and ready. So that we may say yes to the waves of change inviting us into its arms, so that we may begin to ride these waves with glorious joy.

To step back and reflect upon the timeline of your life:

What were some of your major moments of transition, of breaking free, or leaping into change?

What were the steps you took that allowed you to enter an entirely new way of being, a new potential, a new you?

What were the moments that allowed so much more of you to enter into your life?

And what are you most grateful within these moments, leaps, steps, experiences or actions? How did they continue to ripple out into your future in ways that you couldn’t possibly have seen in the moment?

This is where Uranus desires to guide us, bringing our visioning and dreaming capacity to new heights so that we may come into its realm, peer into our futures, see the potentials that await us, and with intention, choose the direction that we desire to go in, choose the energies that we desire to embody more of, choose the dreams that we are ready to bring into our lives.

Meditation, embodiment practices, writing, future visioning, dreaming, playing within possibilities, releasing what may be restricting, and opening our bodies and minds to fresh new energies.

These are the invitations of Uranus as it moves forward once again.

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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