Aquarius Season Magic 2024: Horoscopes for Each Sign

Welcome to Aquarius Season.

Where time seems to speed up and we are offered the gift that is the expansion of consciousness. Where we are taken beyond what we know, what we see, and into the realm of what is coming in next. Where we are invited to fine tune our awareness to new waves of evolution. Where it’s all about innovation, revolution, and free-thinking humanitarian progression.

When is Aquarius Season 2024?

On January 20, 2024, the Sun shifts from the grounded, practical, and devoted Earth sign of Capricorn into the world of Aquarius, where it will remain until 19 February 2024.

And it is with this shift that we move from a zodiac of convention, tradition, and discipline, to one of radical change, cosmic inspiration, and futuristic thinking. Aquarius is a sign that takes us beyond the individual self and into a higher consciousness.

Aquarius is the water bearer, pouring forth libations for the collective. Yet according to mythology, it is not just water it is pouring – rather it is consciousness.

This season invites us to explore the paradox that the more we are rooted in our individuality, the more we are a gift and of service to the collective. The more we are contributing to the evolution and growth of humanity, the more we find our sense of self.

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What does Aquarius Season Mean for You?

A foundation of Astrological thought rests on the notion that the movement of what happens in our skies cannot be separated from the movement that happens within us – both individually and collectively. And it is as we shift into the realm of a zodiac such as Aquarius that we begin searching for the mechanics, logic, and possibility of this, and many other things, holding objective truth.

Aquarius is where science meets spirituality, and where logic and patterns are found within wisdom and knowing that esoterics have been intuiting and sharing for millennia.

It is an archetype that cannot be understood only from the mind that moves us through our daily lives. It stretches us. It is revolutionary, innovative, and completely out of the norm of what is accepted, as if coming from elsewhere.

It requires we take a leap into a new way of seeing things – like the esoteric idea that Aquarius is where we attune to the Universal Mind, or to Divine Intelligence, becoming a conduit of higher guidance, insights, downloads of consciousness from the Cosmos and beyond.

A possibility that, viewed from neuroscientific theory that the brain is a receiver and transmitter of consciousness as a fundamental aspect of the Universe, perhaps doesn’t only belong within the heart of mystics.

It is throughout these next few weeks that we are invited to attune to something higher, too.

Universal Mind, Divine Intelligence, Cosmic Guidance, or perhaps, Consciousness – a fundamental material of reality, weaving its way through in existence.

It is where we are invited to approach things from an entirely new vantage point, unique and out of the box perspectives, to open our minds to become a receiver – much like a radio – to new ideas, truths, perspectives, and information awaiting our awareness. It is where we are attuning to the new, becoming somewhat of a bridge for the future to come into the present.

This season, offer yourself the permission to do things completely differently.

To test and explore a new way of being you and living in your life. Offer yourself the permission to move outside of what we as a society have decided is normal and expected – for entire realities and vast freedom lives beyond these borders.

And, allow yourself to begin peering into the possibilities of the new waves entering into your awareness and life through spaces such as meditation, writing, and engaging the mind to reach beyond the individual self.

Aquarius Season is an expansion of the mind, if you so allow.

The kind of expansion that ripples into a fundamental shift in how we perceive ourselves and our lives, in how we approach and create our goals and dreams, and in our relationship to this vast and mysterious, yet perhaps also organised and logical, life.

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Pluto in Aquarius

Aquarius Season in 2024 cannot be separated from the entrance of Pluto in Aquarius on the same day.

While the Sun shifts through each zodiac within a few weeks, Pluto can spend up to 21 years moving through the one sign before entering the next. Its movement are a big deal, era-defining, generational, the markers of entirely new chapters within our individual and collective experience.

We have been dancing within the two very different worlds of Pluto in Capricorn and Pluto in Aquarius for almost a year. And it is this week that we take a significant and impactful step of the dance.

For the first time since the 1700’s Pluto first entered Aquarius in March of 2023. It remained there until May 2023 when its retrograde spin moved it backwards into Capricorn.

It is this season on 20 January, 2024, that Pluto returns to Aquarius. It will be in this future-oriented sign until 1 September 2024, where it once again, and for the final time in our lifetime, moves back into Capricorn while in retrograde. And it is on 19 November 2024 that Pluto re-enters Aquarius where it will then remain for the next almost two-decades, until 2043.

Pluto is our inner underworld. It is our unseen, mystery, the unconscious. It can only be found through journeying deep within, far past the aspects of self we show to the outside world. It represents death, transformation, rebirth, empowerment. It is our darkness, shadows, and vulnerabilities.

Pluto entering Aquarius brings a shift in both our own consciousness, and the collective consciousness that we find ourselves swimming within, unable to be separated from.

It invites us to break down the status quo, the consensus, the accepted and ‘normal’ way of doing and being in the world so that we may reach into the unknown gifts that live beyond it. It wants empowerment, asking us to look to anything within and without that has us feel disempowered, so that we may begin to reclaim our authority, step by step.

The shift of Pluto arrives with the opportunity to bring profound inner and outer transformation to the structures that hold us both as individuals and a society.

Aquarius Season Horoscopes for your Zodiac Sign

As the Sun shifts through Aquarius, it simultaneously shifts through the area of our own birth chart that Aquarius resides within. We all have this archetype alive within us, and this season it is our unique expression of Aquarius that is highlighted.

By looking to our Rising Sign, we are shown the astrological house that the Sun is bringing life force to, and therefore the areas of life that desire to come to the surface for us this season.

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Aries Rising

To be radically oneself is to be a gift to the collective that we live in, and to offer ourselves to the growth and wellbeing of humanity is to find, become, and radiate more of who we are. We cannot be separated from the collective body of lives that live within the same moment of time and space as us. We cannot live outside of the lives of those that surround us.

This season invites you to explore how you desire to be of service to your community. It offers new ideas and visions for enriching and impactful pathways of contribution and purpose. And it does so in a way that feeds into your individual sense of self, joy, and fulfilment, just as it feeds into the wellbeing and growth of the collective.

Explore this season ahead with a 1:1 reading, or join us in the Flow with the Moon Membership for astrology, ritual, and workshops.

Taurus Rising 

Aquarius Season is like a door opening. A door that when opened, reveals new information, possibilities, ideas, and purpose filled desires. A door that when opened, has the potential to shift our direction completely, or perhaps just slightly. And for you, Taurus, this door sits within the realm of your career and legacy, the long-term building of your visions, contributions, and even sense of purpose.

It’s a season that invites a deep breath out and surrender to change. For evolution and growth to meet us, so must change. Grounding into your body, breath, and trust in something beyond guiding our movements, what desires to shift within these spaces, Taurus?

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Gemini Rising

It’s a season that invites you to play both within, and beyond, the mind, Gemini. To explore your understanding of truth, wisdom, information, and meaning. Whether you’re guided to find this within quantum mechanics, intuition, philosophy, neuroscience, religion, the eyes of a child, the cycles of nature, or spaces completely elsewhere.

As the Sun shifts through Aquarius, it is an expansion of the mind, if you so desire, and the opening and deepening of your beliefs and perspective of this life we find ourselves in – and your place in and relationship with it.

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Cancer Rising

How does it feel to be in your body, Cancer? To feel the waves of emotion, insight, and information that move through your body? To have the body a conduit of the unconscious, of the divine, of higher consciousness? This season highlights the paradoxical knowing that the more we are rooted in our bodies, regulated in our nervous systems, feeling safe and connected to our tangible selves – the more we reach into deeply transformative and life-giving rebirth, and the more we access our intuition and all that exists beyond our tangible realities.

It’s a season of inner transformation – found through expression and movement of the body, through shadow and dream work, and new exploring and allowing new perspectives and ideas.

Explore this season ahead with a 1:1 reading, or join us in the Flow with the Moon Membership for astrology, ritual, and workshops.

Leo Rising

This Season brings shifts and openings to the way you relate to others, Leo. To your relationships, your partnerships, the way you collaborate and connect with the people around you. It brings awakening and change to the way in which you give and receive love, and the way you allow others into the vulnerable spaces of your life.

And it is a season where we often find new insights, perspectives, truths, and our own growth through another. Through looking through the eyes of someone else and their experiences, through opening ourselves to different ways of seeing the world and being in it, through vulnerability and love, or through simply witnessing the wonder and magic that another is. 

Explore this season ahead with a 1:1 reading, or join us in the Flow with the Moon Membership for astrology, ritual, and workshops.

Virgo Rising

Aquarius Season invites a shift in the way you move through your days, Virgo. A shift in the way that you tend to your body, your mind, and your soul through ritual, habit, and routines.

It invites more light, freedom, ideas, space, exploration, and expansion into your life and self through your day-to-day. For it is our accumulated devotion, our consistent actions, and repeated ways of living and being in this world that not only make us who we are, but also create the space for deep growth and becoming. Alternative or new practices or approaches to health, wellness, and even work may be where these healing shifts can be found.

Explore this season ahead with a 1:1 reading, or join us in the Flow with the Moon Membership for astrology, ritual, and workshops.

Libra Rising

It’s a season to play in the realms of your creativity, Libra. To express yourself in ways never done before. To create art – whatever art may mean to you – in a way that is free from the expected, outside of the norm, entirely in your own way. It’s a season to play, and allow play to open you to new possibilities, perspectives, ideas and thought-forms.

As the Sun shifts through Aquarius it is your invitation to touch within to the core of who you are and express that magic into out the world in some way – whether through movement, sound, fashion, painting, writing, loving – or the vast and unlimited modes of self expression available to us. Let it be freeing. Let it be you.

Explore this season ahead with a 1:1 reading, or join us in the Flow with the Moon Membership for astrology, ritual, and workshops.

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Scorpio Rising

This season invites an inner exploration, Scorpio. An exploration into the psychology of who you are, the foundations that make you, you, and the roots of your metaphoric tree upon which the health and growth of your branches depend.

It is an inner exploration that simultaneously invites awakening and expansion. As if coming home to ourselves is how we come home to something beyond ourselves, something of a more divine and evolutionary nature, a space filled with insight into ourselves and the inner workings of the universe. As if it is within us that all truth, growth, ideas, and evolution awaits.

Explore this season ahead with a 1:1 reading, or join us in the Flow with the Moon Membership for astrology, ritual, and workshops.

Sagittarius Rising

Aquarius Season is all about the expansion of consciousness. It speaks to the higher mind where all information, ideas, truth, and knowledge sits. And this season, Sagittarius, it pairs with your innate connection to wisdom and higher knowing, and asks to be grounded with logic and truth. It desires to bring together the intuitive right side of the brain with the analytical right side of the brain where your beliefs and subjective truths about the workings of this Universe, can be expanded and deepened through learning – whether through schools, books, courses, studies, conversations – any spaces that allow for the dissemination of information.

This season is all about information – learning it, processing it, sharing it, and allowing it to shift who we are and the way we perceive the world.

Explore this season ahead with a 1:1 reading, or join us in the Flow with the Moon Membership for astrology, ritual, and workshops.

Capricorn Rising

It’s a season of growth and change to the way you relate to your self-worth, Capricorn, and the ways in which you value both yourself and your resources. It invites you to ground into the inherent truth that you are worthy and valuable simply because you are you, and you are here. And it invites you to build upon this truth into greater self-definition and pride for who you uniquely are.

What do you value in yourself, and how do you wish to continue building who you are, both to yourself, and in the world? Are there skills that are calling your name to learn and obtain, or goals that feel both expansive and as if they were a pathway into more of who you are? Are there traits within that you desire to develop and expand upon, or narratives that you wish to free yourself from?

Explore this season ahead with a 1:1 reading, or join us in the Flow with the Moon Membership for astrology, ritual, and workshops.

Aquarius Rising

What does it feel like to hold more light in your body, Aquarius? When there is more space and life force in your body, mind, and aura?

As the Aquarian Sun shifts through your first house of Self it is what can only be described and felt as an energetic upgrade to our entire system. To bring more light in. To feel more space. To attune to new energy that wishes to flow through us. It’s a season of a shift in the self, with changes to the way we perceive, approach, think, feel, understand, and engage life.

Allow the space for new ideas, alternative perspectives, and radical changes in your direction – of they so call your name.

Explore this season ahead with a 1:1 reading, or join us in the Flow with the Moon Membership for astrology, ritual, and workshops.

Pisces Rising

It’s a season highly supportive of everything it means to be a Pisces. As the Sun shifts into Aquarius over these next few weeks, you are invited to step into the realm of the divine, to swim within the possibilities of higher truths, esoteric knowing, and receive your guidance from a completely Piscean place – that of dreams, intuition, the cosmos, and whispers of life itself.

Meditation, dreamwork, journaling, hypnosis, attuning your consciousness to future potentials and the collective waves of evolution. It’s a mystical season for you, Pisces, one that may invite time and space alone to explore these more esoteric realms.

Explore this season ahead with a 1:1 reading, or join us in the Flow with the Moon Membership for astrology, ritual, and workshops.

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