WHEN: 4 May 2019 – 10:45pm GMT (5 May 08:45am for my fellow Aussies)

The Taurus New Moon is known as the Mother’s Moon, the Milk Moon or the Flower Moon – it is all about rebirth, fertility, and growth, where intuition and sense of identity will be in perfect alignment.

It is an opportunity to refresh your finances, your love relationships, and most importantly your love relationship with yourself.

Taurus season is all about the senses – anything sensual and all things beautiful – which will be encouraging us to connect with our earthiest, most indulgent, sensual, pleasure-seeking self, while luring the seductive energies, if only we are open to it whole-heartedly.

With Earth and Fire elements being more prominent during this time, inspiration and passion can bring our dreams into reality. Time for big manifestations to come to life!

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Honour Your Throat Chakra.

Taurus rules the throat and speaking out, take this time to heal these areas of the body. Use your voice as expression through singing, teaching, chanting, healing hypnotherapy and more.

Reach for your blue coloured crystals (such as Lapis Lazuli and Celestine) to help with speaking your truth and regulating your throat chakra.



Our Father of Time, our Lord of Karma Saturn goes retrograde in Capricorn until September. This is a five-month period where we are being asked to level up, work hard and become the masters of our goals with dedication and discipline. Saturn knows you have it in you, it’s time for you to see this too.

Expect big growth and development – but of course not without the growing pains as the Moon squares Saturn, and both Saturn and Pluto go retrograde. Endure and trust as the Moon in Taurus is working with Neptune for the purpose of your dreams becoming a reality.

Chatty Mercury is in a favourable aspect with Jupiter, bringing about joyful interactions, inspiring conversations and networking opportunities our way!

Mars in Gemini may bring forward anxious energy, leaving us feeling eager to let go of the past and move forward. Keep in mind there is likely still work to be done setting foundations for that future you are so eager to move into. Focus on establishing solid ground to avoid mistakes.

We may be feeling some friction and tensions in communication with the Moon joining Mercury in Aries. Just remember, keep it kind hearted, even when you’re feeling frustrated or disappointed.

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Tarot card: The Fool

Take a deep breath Aries! It’s time to wipe that slate clean, scrap anything that isn’t helping you right now, and move forward with confidence cutting off old strings from the past.

 Regardless of potential setbacks at home or work stunting your growth, don’t give up. You got this!

You may go through an experience that will force you to set clearer boundaries for your future.




Tarot card: Wheel of Fortune

Get ready for a new adventure Taurus, it’s time for you to do some manifesting! Create a vision board, make some lists of what you want to achieve during the rest of the year, and it will come true.

Treat yourself and buy that thing you’ve been wanting, put it in a spot where you can admire its beauty daily.

With the new moon in your sign, this is a wonderful time for events, experiences, and intentions to go your way.




Tarot card: The Hanged Man

Surround yourself with positive and intriguing thoughts, people or ideas that stimulate your mind Gemini.  This is the perfect time to engage in your favourite activities that allow space for subconscious processing.

Book yourself a massage or take a hot bath and manifest your new dreams. You may discover something new and unusual related to work and/or an opportunity involving paperwork or contracts.

Educate yourself – listen to a podcast or read a new book that help you learn and get to where you’re wanting to go.




Tarot card: The Tower

It’s time to take it easy Cancer! Don’t worry yourself over the small stuff or small people – gossip amongst your friends may be too much for you to deal with right now.

Let yourself get cosy and comfortable at home with nostalgic foods bringing back happy memories of family and home. If possible, take a day off – you deserve it, work demands have been feeling time restrictive lately.




Tarot card: ​The High Priestess

Time to unwind Leo. Monitor your health-related matters and take it easy with sports/risky behaviour. This New Moon is a good time to stay at home with your slippers.

Tensions may take place during the first part of the day forcing you to slow down, so take it easy – besides, someone that cares will be there helping out.




Tarot card: The Star

Take a day trip to get away from your daily routine and help bring you closer to the one you love.

Prayer, meditation and speaking into reality what you want and need will bring you joy during this time. Listen to beautiful music and surround yourself with beautiful art and colours that relax and sooth your mind.




Tarot card: The Chariot

Keep doing your best – even when it feels like an uphill climb.

Have you felt the energy sucking vampires crossing your boundaries lately, Libra? This is your time to take back your power and elevate your spirit, creating hardcore boundaries to protect your energy.

You may be spending some time reminiscing or doing something fun that takes you back to the past this weekend. Enjoy it.

Take a short road trip or gather up collectables thrift shopping – have some fun.




Tarot card: The Fool

Play it safe Scorpio, just go with the rules for now.

It can be easy to assume it may be tense today – this is due to the Moon squaring your ruling planet Pluto. The past may have an influence on how you view things around you today, but don’t jump to conclusions without checking the facts.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, the new moon in Taurus is the perfect time to get you moving forward again, just keep in tune with your intuition.




Tarot card: Knight of Wands

Look inward and focus on your part of the plans, you are preparing to take a project to the next step Sagittarius. You benefit from quiet activities this weekend where you can get into your thoughts and analyse while you work.

A new activity will inspire you to change your daily routine.




Tarot card: Two of Swords

Saturn goes retrograde until September 17th in your sign Capricorn.

You may experience delays in changes that were meant to be short term, thanks to a dynamic between Mercury and Saturn. What you thought you needed could become unnecessary, allowing you to be resourceful and use tools that you already have.

You may want a break from social media, however, do not isolate yourself too much from others during this New Moon. Be with the ones you love.




Tarot card: The World

A sudden change in how you feel could take place early this morning giving you a chance to contemplate big changes Aquarius.

Start documenting things relating to what you are trying to change, especially in the area of health. Start a visual journal or vision board as a tool to motivate yourself with matters of health and fitness.

Health or fitness concerns were triggered for you back in August 2018 but didn’t get the full go ahead up until now. Make it more of a priority for you at this time.




Tarot card: Knight of Wands

You are in control now more than you have felt in a long time.

Try setting a goal this New Moon and see if you can turn it into something worthwhile by the Full Moon.

A gift or a physical item you’ve wanted for some time may manifest for you. Be ready!





We recommend doing your New Moon ritual a day or two after the New Moon instead of during.


  • Create an Altar

Making an altar space is one of the sweetest ways to call in Spirit (whatever that means to you — the Divine Force, the Universe, your Ancestors, Magic).

The act of creating an altar is itself sacred as it slows you down it brings you into the present moment.

I love to think of the elements as I create my altar –

I lay down beautiful fabric, gather the incense and candles. I bring flowers, stone and wood honouring the Earth element. I honour the Water element and bring a bowl of water to my altar, perhaps sweetened by flower petals or lavender oil. I then play music or my singing bowl, honouring the Air and wind element necessary for sound (and of course, I breathe).


  • Open ceremony

How do you create sacred space? Simply by intentionally thinking or speaking it into existence.

You can thank your Ancestors and Guides, the Earth, and all the elements for guiding and protecting you.

Open with gratitude, really feel into it. Say thank you and ask for the permission to open up your sacred space.

Wait for the feeling of ‘yes’ and then declare that the channel is open.



  • Write & Express Your Dreams!

Write and then speak/ express that which you want to create.

This time is about creation, it’s about the sprouting of seeds, the blossoming of your dreams and, the Universe hears and witnesses you.

When you take the dreams that have been brewing within you and write them down – you are answering your calling.

When you speak them aloud (3 times is magic!) or express them through your body or art, the power of your dreams magnify.

Having a witness there can empower these dreams even further.

When we express or speak our dreams, we begin to call them closer to us and believe in them.

Then, watch how the Universe works to bring your dreams into being for and with you.


  • Celebrate

Close your ceremony with a heart meditation or some laughter!

Eat some sweet breads, honey, hard boiled eggs and drink sweet wines or teas (symbols of new life!).

Be grateful. Be grateful for the new warmth and light that is headed our way.


  • Rise with the Sun

The next morning, rise with the sun with a heart full of gratitude. Wake and say Thank You!

If you can, rise with the sun at least once a week to feel into your gratitude for your life, and for all that the Sun brings to you.


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Love and Light Always


Girl and Her Moon Astrologist


Dilosh has been working in the Spiritual world for over 25 years through various modes such as Tarot, Energy Healing, Numerology, Astrology, and Art.

Her passion and path in this life is to enlighten and heal Souls from all walks of life, to help make your journey smoother and filled with even more joy, magic, and growth.

Work with Dilosh with a 1:1 Tarot Reading here.

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