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Solar Eclipse in Cancer June 2020: Hand in Hand Stepping into a New world


You and I, we, us, collectively, hand in hand, we are stepping through the portal and into a New World. A New world rooted in love. 



  • Sydney: Sunday June 2 4.41 pm
  • Hong Kong: Sunday June 21 2.41 pm
  • Moscow: Sunday June 21 9.41 am
  • Paris: Sunday June 21 8.41 am
  • London: Sunday June 21 7.41 am
  • New York: Sunday June 21 2.41 am
  • Los Angeles: Saturday June 20 11.41 pm


There is so much happening in our Cosmos, and we can see this reflected not only in our communities but also in our hearts.

This entire year, wow has it been intense. Who knew this year would bring such great shift, I guess our Souls knew – I guess that’s why we are here in this exact time of history – to be the change. To re-align our collective way of living back into our truth… love.

Great change is never easy. It calls for a crumbling of old structures, it calls for awakenings to hurt, pain, suffering – all that isn’t love – in order to re-align into love. It calls for such strength and bravery while venturing into the depth of who we are. It calls for the deepest and truest energy of trust.

So it makes sense that the cosmos brings us such nurturing energy of a Cancer Solar Eclipse. This is a time to allow yourself to feel loved, allow yourself to feel held, allow yourself to feel guided, allow yourself to feel safe – as you bravely step into the New World.



From fear to love

Cancer is a deeply nurturing energy, and with what may feel like such a chaotic year, this energy is right on time.

Cancer is here to remind us of just how held we are, just how safe we are, just how loved and completely adored we are. Even if we are scared. Even if we have veered off our path. Even if we fall into cycles of what is not our truth.

Whatever it is that your heart is deeply craving at this point, wherever you feel neglected, life is here and life is tending to you.

This Eclipse is a safe container of vulnerability where our hearts are wide open, exposed, bare. We are being asked to lay down our defences and pick up our hearts most sincere callings.

We are being held in such safety that we can finally feel our strength, the strength that it takes to honestly and wholly heal through any loneliness, shame, guilt or pain that has been pushed to the side.

Because when we allow a space of deep safety, vulnerability and honesty, we can’t help but heal

in the most beautiful way.

This Solar Eclipse is here to remind us of our deepest, most true essence – love.

We are healing with love. We are transforming with love. We are breaking through with love. We are letting all that isn’t love crumble with the past. We are flooding every thought with love, every step, every interaction. We are moving into love, truth, oneness, wholeness – we are moving into our truth.

This Solar Eclipse is kicking down the chains of fears that we have all been holding onto so tightly, so we can finally and fully step onto our paths.

We are no longer operating from fear – but love.

If you have felt yourself trapped in fear – this is your moment, this is your time, this is the end of that chapter – this is the moment where you unchain yourself, in full confidence, in full trust and in full love.

Call on life, call on Life to flood any corners of your being that lies in fear and it will. Call on Life to remind you of the strength that lies within your heart and it will. Because your strength is far stronger – your love is far greater – than any fears that sit with you.

Now is the time to lay down all that has you chained in fear. Fear of being seen. Fear of being heard. Fear of being too much. Fear of being too little. Fear of not being enough. Fear of change. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Whatever it is, lay it down and let Life fill those spaces with the pure essence of love.

Let Mother Earth hold you. Let her hold you so lovingly that all form of strength is returned to your awareness.



The Eclipse Portal: Manifest your truth

New moons mark times of beginnings, eclipses mark important life events, Solar eclipses do both.

This Cancer Solar Eclipse finds us right in the middle of Eclipse Season, right in the middle of two intense Lunar Eclipses – the Sagittarius Eclipse June 5th, and the Capricorn Eclipse on July 5th. It also occurs just moments after a pivotal change in Life’s flow – the longest, or shortest, depending on where you are living, day of the year – Solstice.

It’s a brand new space. A brand new energy. At zero degrees of Cancer this Solar Eclipse is totally and completely supercharged with the Divine Power of transformation. We are being reminded of our innate power as divine creators of our reality.

Let’s allow ourselves to see our power, stand in our power, embody our power. There is no room for staying small anymore. We are power. Backed with love, we are power.

Life is asking us to look at this Eclipse as if it is a portal into everything we’ve ever wanted to manifest… Because it is. In fact, the energetic shifts, the intentions, and the steps we take around this Eclipse have the potential to shape years ahead of us.

Open yourself to this energy. Open your heart and let your Soul shine through. Open your crown chakra and let light beam through you. Cancer is an incredible intuitive energy, and under this Solar Eclipse we are so deeply connected to the Divine.

The desires that are sitting on your heart, the ideas and inspirations that have come into your awareness – use this energy and flow it into your new reality.

Sit down with La Luna tonight. Meet her power as you sit in your power. Speak confidently of what you are ready to create. Speak with gratitude in trust that she, that Life, that your entire Cosmic Team, are standing with you, creating with you.

If you are a Flow with the Moon Member, sit down tonight with confidence and move through the Solar Eclipse Ritual – knowing that you are creating your life as you do.

Your dreams matter. Tonight, let them shine.


Returning home to our roots

Emotions. Foundations. Roots. Core.

Creating lasting change requires us to venture all the way down to the core, to the foundations, to the beginning. It requires going in deep. It requires going to the root of the problem and healing all the way up.

The Cancer energy of this Solar Eclipse is going deep into our core. Life is going deep into our hearts, our Souls, to allow for a beautiful blossoming of our hearts. A grand, brave, vulnerable opening of our heart that will unlock gifts, wisdom, energy that has been waiting for lifetimes to be re-discovered.

It will open the chain of energy that has been weaving through our ancestors lineage for millions of years, bringing you all of their power – you have never stood alone, but this time in history marks the point that you have become aware of it.

If you allow it, you will feel your ancestors by your side. Walking as you walk. Hand in hand. Connected at the heart.

Their wisdom your wisdom. Their strength your strength. Their guidance your guidance. Call upon them and they will always answer. Call upon them for strength and trust in the face of fear. Call upon them for love and empathy in the face of anger and separateness. Call upon them when you aren’t able to see yourself for all that you are – a bright light, the bright light that the world needs right now, full of divine strength, full of everything you could ever need, full of all that the world needs right now.



Horoscopes For your Zodiac

We always recommend reading your Sun, Moon & Ascendant for a full overview. ⁣⁣⁣


Aries Girl and Her Moon


Aries your strength is so acknowledged right now. You have risen high, you have grown so much, you have persevered so deeply, and we all see this, Life see’s this.

Right now, your ancestors are standing with you. Hand in hand. Their strength is your strength. Their wisdom is your wisdom. They are so proud, and they are so grateful – if only you knew just how deeply your strength has nourished them.

When you dedicate yourself to a life of healing and growth you heal all those that came before you, you heal cycles of pain within your heritage, you heal their wounds alongside yours and you pave the way for generations to come.

All that has shaped you in your early life, all that holds you energetically and physically in your present life – tonight give thanks to it all. Your culture, your upbringing, your community, your family, your home. All that keeps you feeling safe, sit in that comfort and safety tonight and let it nourish you as you continue to step independently and boldly into the world.

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Taurus Symbol Girl and Her Moon


You have so much to share with the world, Taurus. There is so much wisdom, so much love, so much creativity, so much so much so much within you that is absolute medicine to the world – now is the time to share it all. Now is the time to express and communicate and circulate your medicine.

We’re moving through such energetically potent times, a time where the world is shifting, and it is no mistake that you reincarnated right now. It is no mistake that you are a part of this great shift. Your energy, your wisdom, your medicine, it is needed amongst this shift. Your light is a major part of this shift. You, with your words, with your creative expression, you are contributing to the awakening of the collective.

Now is the time to be brave. Feel the power in your words and your voice. Feel the wisdom in your heart. Feel the mission of your Soul and share as you feel guided.

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Gemini Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Gemini your perspective and energy around financial abundance is expanding. You are seeing finances less as a means to build up the ego and more as a means of freedom and ability to impact.

You can see now that as you step deeper into your self-worth you step deeper into financial abundance. You can see now that your openness to receive financial abundance reflects what you feel you deserve; reflects how deeply you acknowledge your worth.

Well, let Life show you – you deserve abundance, you deserve freedom, you deserve safety, you deserve the space to make an impact, you are worth receiving money, you are worth your desires, you are worth the freedom your Soul seeks, you are worthy, you are worthy, you are worthy.

Under the Solar Eclipse tonight is a particularly potent time to call in abundance, for a ritual, see our Flow with the Moon Membership. You see, life wants to bring you all the abundance in the world, truly. Let this new chapter of your life be one that is expansive and open to all that you desire.

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Cancer Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Oh Cancer. Sweet Cancer. We appreciate you. Your nurturing, loving, intuitive energy is flooding our skies right now, because it is everything the world needs.

Life is speaking loud and clear to you Cancer – it’s time to acknowledge just how worthy, capable, special, needed you are in this world. A Solar Eclipse in your sign opens up an entirely new way of being for you, and a life that is reflected in this new way of being.

It’s time to see your worth – truly see your worth. It’s time to let the strength of your worth overflow into every corner of your life. It’s time to take steps, show up, interact, only in the energy of your full worth.

When you show up fully embodied in your divine power, radiating with self-love, so deeply aware of your worth, life re-arranges itself for you. Your desires flow to you. Opportunities can’t help but flood your way. Love surrounds you and fills you.

This is a new chapter, Cancer. A pivotal moment in your life. It’s time to step into your power. And we are so excited to see you rise.

Spend some time under the Solar Eclipse engaging in Ritual aimed at delving into your inner power. You can find guidance with this inside of our Flow with the Moon Membership.

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Leo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Under this Solar Eclipse Life is taking you to new realms of consciousness, Leo. It’s a time to let go of the ego, let go of your attachments, your identities, your stories, and let life take you. Let your Soul step forward, let your intuition lead.

The deeper you surrender and allow, the deeper your growth and expansion. We are right in the middle of two powerful Lunar Eclipses, we are walking through a total portal where new energies and new levels of consciousness are waiting to be discovered, and Life has powerful things to show you.

If you feel doubt, if you feel fear, lean into trust, lean into your intuition and imagination. Don’t fear if you move through any darkness, for you have all the light you need within you. Don’t fear if you don’t know the way, you are being guided so deeply. Your Soul is highly active under this Solar Eclipse – let it take the lead. You will come out a different person.

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Virgo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


The energy you bring into your community matters more than you likely notice, Virgo. Keep sharing your light, your wisdom, your support. Keep stepping forward. You are touching more lives than you know, you are making a deeper impact than you could ever see.

Tonight under the Solar Eclipse is a powerful time to look forward in an expansive, unlimited way. To see into the infinite opportunities that lie ahead of you and those around you. To see all the ways you can be of service, make an impact, transform lives in the most beautiful way. Tonight, let yourself step into the visionary you are, see all that is possible, feel all that is possible, trust all that is possible, and let your Soul light the way for all of those around you.

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Libra Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Your strong sense of justice and balance is so needed in the world right now, Libra… You are so needed in the world.

Take the time tonight to sit down with La Luna and really think about what energy you want to put out into the world. Think about what impact you want to make. How you want to reach others. How you want to make your mark. And as you do this, remember, remember so deeply how much you have to offer.

You are here on purpose, in this moment, in this time of great change, on purpose. You have a purpose. You have so much to offer. And the world needs what you have. You have been walking through a beautiful stage of self-expansion and you are ready to share all of it with the world.

Whatever path is calling your name, know that you wouldn’t be standing on it if you weren’t brave enough, strong enough, if you didn’t have every single thing needed within you to walk this path.

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Scorpio Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Have you felt Life shifting and expanding your mind and awareness, Scorpio?

This Solar Eclipse is here to open your eyes, bring more depth, understanding and awareness into your mind. This Solar Eclipse is bringing wisdom within you to the surface for you to bask in. This is an expansive time for you, a beautiful time for you, a big picture time for you. There is so much magic to discover in this world and you have moved into a whole nother level of seeing.

Let yourself explore new levels of wisdom and truth. Let yourself see new ways of living and thinking. Let the world amaze you again as if you were a child seeing it all for the first time. Listen to others as they share from their heart, immerse yourself in different philosophies and cultures – let Life take you on an expansive, rich journey.

As you let Life show you all it has, you will find yourself remembering your truths deeper. As you expose yourself to different schools of thought, history, culture, let your Soul remind you of who you are – you will know – you will feel that deep deep resonance, that’s you remembering, and it is the most beautiful feeling.

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Sagittarius Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Your going deep within, Sagittarius. You’re going deep within your psyche and your discovering parts of yourself never seen or felt. You’re evolving spiritually. You’re awakening. You are opening wider and wider your channel of clear connection with the Universe. You are returning to your essence.

Tonight under this powerful Solar Eclipse let La Luna take you to places you have never been within your heart. If you feel a pull towards discovering past lives, let yourself see. If you feel a pull to connect deeper than ever with your Soul, let yourself connect. Wherever Life is guiding you within, go all in. It is a great time for powerful meditation or ritual.

This Solar Eclipse marks a pivotal change in your life, whether this change has appeared yet or not. Be open. Let your love of adventure and freedom shine through whatever life brings you.

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Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


This Solar Eclipse in Cancer relates deeply to how you show up and connect with those around you, Capricorn. It relates to how deeply you allow others into your heart, and how deeply you allow yourself to see into the hearts of others.

You are in constant energetic interaction with those around you, and the deeper you open yourself to these interactions, to these Souls, the deeper you can see yourself and come home to yourself.

Let your heart open tonight, let yourself become vulnerable, let yourself connect and interact at a deeper level than usual. Let yourself sit in your true essence – love. Let yourself see past the physical and into the Soul of your loved ones. Let yourself remember your oneness with every single Soul on this planet.

As you open your heart you step into a new chapter of deep connection. Deep connection with yourself, and deep connection with the world around you.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised New Moon Solar Eclipse Reading ☾


Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Take a deep breath, and another, and another, Aquarius. Let go of the pressure. Let go of the heaviness. Let go of the expectations. Let go of the stress. If you allow it, within your body lies great harmony, peace, and love.

Let tonight mark the night that you surrender into the harmony within. Let tonight mark the night that you allow this harmony to guide your entire life. Let yourself let go, let yourself be guided by peace, let yourself connect with the balance and stillness within your body.

This Solar Eclipse is a beautiful time to sit in stillness and reconnect with your body. It’s a beautiful time to let silence fill your Soul. It’s a beautiful time to let your intuitive body lead.

If you are feeling stressed in any particular area of your life, set the intention to pour peace into it. It you are feeling pressure, allow yourself to let to of expectations. Let life take what feels heavy, and bring peace into your days.

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Pisces Symbol Girl and Her Moon


You are one with life tonight, Pisces. Close your eyes and soften your heart – can you see the inspiration flowing around you? Can you see the energy, the love, the dance of the cosmos?

Your imagination is medicine to this world, and under this Solar Eclipse you are stepping into a new chapter of your life that allows for deep creative expression of your magical imagination. It’s a chapter that supports who you are at your essence, it supports and encourages you to show the world who you are at your essence. This is your chapter to create something absolutely amazing. Whatever it may be. You know your Souls unique expression, go there.

Give yourself permission to play, to soften, to laugh, to express. Give your imagination permission to reach new levels of consciousness. Give your Soul permission to shine fully, wholly, and with so much love, into every corner of your life.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised New Moon Solar Eclipse Reading ☾



This is a powerful time in each of our lives, and within our Soul lies the guidance, the trust, the strength, everything we need as we walk through this great shift. If you are ready to connect with your Soul under this Eclipse, take the step into our Flow with the Moon Membership. Commit to this new phase of your life. Get excited. It’s coming.


All the love, always, Jordane x

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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