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Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse June 2020

Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse June 2020 - Girl and Her Moon

We are the shift. We are creating the shift. One with Source energy, we are re-aligning our lives.

And we are doing that by strongly, powerfully, and honestly looking within. Now is the time to face truths, now is the time to stand in your personal power, now is the time to connect with your Soul and let it show you your destiny, your purpose, your path.

Now is the time to take your truths and own them. To create the shift. To re-align the direction of our lives..



  • Sydney: Saturday 6 June 5.11am
  • Hong Kong: Saturday 6 June 3.11am
  • Moscow: Friday 5 June 10.11pm
  • Paris: Friday 5 June 9.11pm
  • London: Friday 5 June 8.11pm
  • New York: Friday 5 June 3.11pm
  • Los Angeles: Friday 5 June 12.11pm



Taking an honest look

This Lunar Eclipse is a powerful point of realignment of our beliefs, faith and perspectives.

Sagittarius is the seeker of the zodiac, our freedom lovers that are always looking to expand – and that is exactly what this Lunar Eclipse is bringing us, the potential to expand.

But not before re-alignment takes place, not before new and clear perspectives are noticed, not before we let go of what is and was never really us.

This Lunar Eclipse highlights the balance of light and shadow, so that something which was hidden may move into the light, or something which has been the centre of our attention drifts away into darkness.

The contrast is clearer. The colours are stronger. All that is not in alignment will be so obvious, finally, so clear.

It brings a heightened energy, an energy which has been building and building for some time, now ready to blaze up strongly and make itself known – so known that it is no longer possible to ignore.

So known that we have no choice but to honestly look at it, honestly feel it, honestly heal it.

La Luna is speaking to our Souls journey and unique path in this lifetime, both individually and collectively, while also bringing clarity to where we may have drifted off course.

With such a deep emphasis on our beliefs, our faith, our connection, our inner and outer journey – there is a lot to bring to the light.

Any and all beliefs that are not really us, that are not really aligned with our true selves, any beliefs that are getting in the way of embodying our Souls individual and collective path in this lifetime in the fullest will be so obvious, so clear, so strong.

We are being asked to hold bravely and honestly what is coming up for us, what La Luna is shining her light on.

We are being asked to clear, to let go, to re-frame, face fears, in preparation for this new journey that is yet to unfold.

Where life is changing around us, we are learning to be adaptable and to move when we are called to, to let go when we are called to, to begin a new when we are called to.

To be so trusting that we are willing to let go into total re-alignment.



Mars: Strength and passion like no other

Mars is very active under this Lunar Eclipse. As our fiery planet of passion, drive and action, things may be feeling heated.

Mars brings a strong, passionate and powerful pull to stand our ground, claim our power and let our inner warrior lead.

Paired with Sagittarius, a passion like no other is ignited within us to re-align our lives, re-align our beliefs, re-align all that we feel is wrong.

Emotions may feel intense at this time. Emotions may have been building in intensity over the last week or more.

We can see this collectively. All that doesn’t fit. All that isn’t right. All that doesn’t align with who we truly are at a Soul level. It is invoking the Mars warrior energy within us and we are standing up.

Life is mirroring all that isn’t on our path.

May we take the hurt, the injustice, the pain of the death of George Floyd and all those who came before him and may face it.

May we use it to mirror the injustice within our hearts. And for those of us outside of the US, may we use it to mirror the injustice within our own countries.

May we use it to stare so fiercely at all that isn’t truth, that it crumbles right before our eyes.



The Eclipse Journey

Astrologically, 2020 is one of the most intense years in centuries. I have no doubt you feel this. And I know, I so deeply understand, that sometimes it can feel too much. Like its time for a break.

If you are feeling this, know that you are seen, that you are not alone, and that we are walking through this together hand by hand.

We are in the middle of it. We are walking through intense transformation right now as we enter Eclipse Season.

This Lunar Eclipse is working in harmony with the next two Eclipses, and as we enter this portal over the next few weeks, a major shift will take place. By the time we have moved through this portal, we will be reborn. Life will be different.

A Lunar Eclipse holds the energy of a Full Moon with even more power. It is a supercharged Full Moon, and its effects, in totality with this Eclipse Season, will shape the energies on our path for years to come.

Inside of our Flow with the Moon Membership, we are taking advantage of the illuminating factor this Eclipse and we are asking questions, setting intentions, and allowing this Eclipse to show us the way.

We are taking the clarity that comes with this Eclipse and the readiness of transformation and we are remembering who we are at a Soul level.

If this is resonating with your heart, we are offering powerful guidance into transformation and Soul alignment this month. If you are ready to transform, if you are ready to know who you are, your purpose, your Soul, we welcome you with open hands and deep gratitude.



Horoscopes For your Zodiac

We always recommend reading your Sun, Moon & Ascendant for a full overview. ⁣⁣⁣


Aries Girl and Her Moon


Aries you are entering a portal of total mental and spiritual transformation. This Lunar Eclipse is here to shine a light on all beliefs that aren’t you anymore. All beliefs that were never you. All beliefs that aren’t true to your Soul, aren’t serving your growth. Any truths that don’t fit how infinite and bold and expansive you have grown to be. Any truths that don’t stem from love.

With your ruling planet, Mars, very active under this Eclipse, your natural gift of drive, passion and action is amplified.

Your emotions may be intense over this time. Your passion may feel almost too much. But they aren’t too much. It isn’t too intense. You were born for this. There is no one else that is more familiar with, and perfect for, this kind of intensity.

Use this. Use this intensity and transform. Use this bravery and stare honestly at all that isn’t serving you. Use this passion to bring forward all that you desire, your most aligned life, all that you deserve. La Luna is sitting right by you, so proud of who you are while you bravely and honestly transform into all that you truly are.

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Taurus Symbol Girl and Her Moon


This Lunar Eclipse is here to trigger a new phase, a new journey, a new level of awareness, a season of letting go of old versions of you and expressing you in all that you truly are, Taurus.

You are on a journey of re-discovering all that you are, who you are at a Soul level – which includes becoming aware of all that you aren’t. All that you have picked up from others, all that isn’t your truth.

Deep intimacy is an underlying theme as you move through this transformative time. Close relationships may come to the surface for your attention. Be brave, be honest, face your truths, hold your emotions.

If your usual habit is to hold on and seek a sense of permanence and stability, it’s likely being challenged by Uranus’s long journey through your sign. This may be uncomfortable. But that’s the whole point, to embrace discomfort, to allow discomfort, to transform yourself through the discomfort.

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Gemini Symbol Girl and Her Moon


With the Sun still in your own sign, this Lunar Eclipse activates the dynamic of self and other for you.

Close relationships and friendships are vehicles for personal growth Gemini, each interaction is the Universe speaking, each moment of connection with another is a moment of connection with yourself. Life is mirroring great potential for growth, expansion, shedding and total transformation through those around you. This is a powerful time to listen to the wisdom that others hold and let it bring you home to your truth.

As one of the most adaptable signs, you may sometimes find yourself adapting for those around you. This Lunar Eclipse is asking you to stand strong, to express your unique truth, to assert your own identity. Because all that you are holds all that you need. All that you are holds what the world needs. All that you are is total magic.

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Cancer Symbol Girl and Her Moon


You are transforming at a cellular level, Cancer. You are healing deeply. Your vibration is changing.

Your energy and the energy of life is aligned and ready to upgrade your daily rhythm. To upgrade it to where your frequency is sitting. To upgrade it so that is holds, supports, and encourages your growth, expansion and fullness.

Have a look at your daily routine honestly – how can you re-arrange how you show up day to day so that you are supporting yourself? Are you showing up with the belief that you are infinitely capable? Are you showing up with the belief that you are creating the life of your dreams? Are you showing up with the belief that you are worth every moment of love in existence? If not… it’s time to. Create your days around the unshakeable truth of your worth.

This goes for your physical body too. Show up for your body with love, with support, and with space to listen to what it needs. Ask your body what it needs and listen to the answer from within.

Grounding yourself in nature over this Eclipse Season will be especially renewing for you.

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Leo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


You don’t fit inside the rules, Leo. You don’t fit in any of their boxes. You are too spectacular. Too magnificent.

This Lunar Eclipse is bringing you such a beautiful burst of creativity. And with this creativity you are being asked to express, express, express, and break any rule that makes you feel restrained or held back. It’s time to let yourself out. Let your inner spark free to roam and create and inspire. Let go of any suppressive views of yourself, let go of any self-doubt, let go of any need to conform, and let yourself free.

You are entering a new stage of creativity, self-expression and freedom, and it is an absolute gift to the rest of us.

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Virgo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Your emotions are holding such deep messages during this Lunar Eclipse, Virgo. Open the space, set the intention, and make the commitment to hold and listen to your emotions. Especially the ones that keep coming up front and centre.

Where you spend your time, where you ground yourself, where you re-charge, where you create – your home – sets such a strong foundation for just how deeply you can show up in your life. This Lunar Eclipse is bringing your attention here, especially if your space is anything but supportive, loving and encouraging.

It’s also the same with your inner foundations – how you grew up, the family/friends that supported you, the ancestral line you come from and the culture that shaped you. These things shape how deeply you can show up in your life, just as a plant is so shaped by the soil it grows in. It’s time to go all the way down to the soil, to face it honestly, to nurture it, to heal it and to bring it all the love it needs.

Sit honestly with your emotions under La Luna tonight, Virgo. Show up in the form of nurturing you need. Give yourself what your heart yearns for. You are healing from the Soil up, from the bottom up, from the inside out.

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Libra Symbol Girl and Her Moon


The Last New Moon marked a beautiful new journey of mental expansion and this Lunar Eclipse is taking that journey and going deeper deeper deeper.

This is such a beautiful place of learning and exploration, Libra. You are expanding each and every day that moves through you. Your eyes are opening wider and wider and your truths are becoming louder and louder.

All that you are soaking in and learning is transforming you into more of yourself. All of this learning is you remembering all that you are. Can you feel this? Can you feel yourself coming home to yourself? Stepping into your own truths? Can you feel your life changing?

No longer available for what no longer aligns with your truth, keep learning, keep remembering. Clarity is coming. Sureness is coming. A deep sense of feeling at home in yourself is coming. Keep going.

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Scorpio Symbol Girl and Her Moon


When you look at yourself, Scorpio, do you see your infinite worth? When you wake up in the morning, do you sit in your appreciation for all that you are? Do you let pride wash over you? Gratitude flow through you?

The depth in which you can see and feel and acknowledge your worth carries out to everything in your life. And now, right now, is the moment to commit to valuing yourself.

You have moved through many lifetimes, hundreds, thousands, you have accumulated knowledge and wisdom that expands across worlds. You are worthy. You are here and you are worthy to be here. You are worthy of all you desire. You have infinite value. And it’s time to start seeing yourself in this truth. It’s time to begin a new chapter of deep self-love, self-trust, and self-appreciation.

This Lunar Eclipse highlights your self-worth, but also your ability to receive and hold material abundance. Because the deeper your self-worth, the deeper your ability to receive and accumulate material worth. Let this chapter remind you of how deserving you are of any and all material desires you hold, and trust that as you move deeper into the truth of your worth, financial/work opportunities will flow to you in the most aligned way.

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Sagittarius Symbol Girl and Her Moon


There is something so beautiful and impactful about this time for you, Sagittarius. A Lunar Eclipse in your sign is a powerful, pivotal and divine moment. It’s a point in your life that your Soul becomes louder and clearer than ever, guiding you into coming home to yourself, guiding you into embodying your deepest truth and all that you are.

This marks a new season of showing up as you, the real, authentic, raw you. It’s a new season of putting yourself out there and presenting yourself in a way that is true to the deepest corners of your being. There is no more space for limiting beliefs, there is no more space for identities, stories, or labels that were never really you. There is no space for fear holding you back and keeping you small. This is a time to let you and your deepest truth overflow and shape your entire life.

This is a new season. A brand new season.

You are ready to step forward. You are ready to become. You are ready to let go. You are ready to embody all that you are. You are ready to align your life.

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Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Close your eyes Capricorn, place your hand on your heart and listen to the silence. Think of all the times life has had your back, of all the times things have come together in the most beautiful and divine way. Think of all that you have achieved, all that you have loved, all that you have laughed.

Let trust flow through your being and fill every corner of your heart. This is a time of trust.

This Lunar Eclipse carries a strong energy of release for you, beautiful Capricorn, a letting go of old ways of being. There is a new chapter coming, but it’s not quite here yet. Right now, you are at the end of a cycle, the moment in-between. This is a beautiful space to look back, without judgement, at the journey you have just moved through and let yourself soak in the wisdom that is available to you. This is a beautiful space to reflect on what you would like to hold onto and bring into your new chapter, and what you would like to leave behind.

This is a highly spiritual time for you, where your connection to Source is strengthened. Sit down with your Soul and let its voice speak.

What no longer holds you, serves you, comforts you, fills you up? Do you have beliefs, structures or people in your life that are holding you down, filling you with hurt, not reflecting your truth?

Let it go. Next months Lunar Eclipse opens a brand new door for you, think about what you want to bring with you into your new journey.

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Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


This Lunar Eclipse inspires total authenticity for you, Aquarius. It’s time to claim your personal truth, let go of any fears of rejection and let your dreams, hopes and wishes pave you a beautiful new path.

As you stand in your truth, you encourage others to do the same. As you stand in your truth, you introduce new ways of being, new paths for yourself and for others. You have the potential to have such an important impact on your community. At heart, you are a visionary and now is the time to embody this truth.

Eclipses bring a deepened connection with the Soul and a greater understanding of our Souls purpose in this lifetime. Spend some time going within to understand your Souls purpose and drawing out how you can manifest it into your life. This is the time to dream big, think big, plan big. This is the time to open your eyes to the never ending, limitless opportunities in front of you.

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Pisces Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Pisces this is an exciting time with the Lunar Eclipse looking directly at your career and public life. If you have been dreaming up a career that is in total alignment with your Soul, tonight the cosmos is reassuring every moment of that dream. Your guides, your angels, the Universe is saying yes, yes, yes. You deserve to put your Soul into your work, you deserve to put your love into the world, you deserve to earn and receive for your passions.

If you feel unsure, lost, or like there may be something coming but you just can’t see it yet – trust. Set the intention for this Eclipse Season to bring you clarity, alignment and deep fulfilment in your work life and let it piece together the rest of the puzzle. The Universe will move heaven and Earth for your dreams, let it.

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For your Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual and Soul-work, take the step into our Flow with the Moon Membership. Commit to this new phase of your life. Get excited. It’s coming.

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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