Sexy Scorpio Meets Sensual Taurus – Scorpio Full Moon

Transformation can be hard, but it happens to bring you back home to who you truly are – to bring back a life of alignment with your self at a soul level. Surrender to it, loosen your grip and trust that life is working for you at this time.



Captivating our hearts and imagination, the butterfly is one of the most profound symbols of change, transformation, regeneration, renewal, expansion and rebirth – which is exactly what you can expect for the Scorpio Full Moon. Transformation. Regeneration. Renewal. Expansion. Rebirth.



Scorpio is one to see past any and all facades and directly into all that is hidden underneath – any inauthenticity will be clear as day – inauthenticity of the self AND of others.

We may be feeling extremely sensitive and receptive to other’s emotions. Expect slips of the tongue, and hurtful and dramatic words revealing all undercurrents. Others and your own values and motives will be clear as day.

Through this, the heavens are forcefully reminding us of inevitable transformation. Expect a spirit of dramatic endings and new beginnings. What are you holding onto that is no longer in alignment with your true self? Where are you being called to step out of, and into a new you?

The Full Moon in Scorpio will evoke worldly desires in everyone. Thoughts of futures, careers, money, living arrangements, and life direction will be at the centre of our minds.

The planets of love, revolution and transformation accompany this Full Moon. This special Venus-Uranus conjunction will bring about revolutionary changes in many relationships and marriages. If you have been complacent in your efforts to maintain a conservative and predictable situation in your relationship – expect that to be completely overridden with the unstoppable transformative energies that are headed for us.

P.S If you’re wrestling with an issue, this Full Moon is the perfect time to ask for clarification.





Women and children will be on the front burner for the next 120 days thanks to the Scorpio Full Moon. All adversity or cruelty against women and children will be made obvious to the hearts of all, forcing transformation.




On an individual level, anything inauthentic in our lives no longer has the space to continue – relationships, jobs, beliefs – anything built on unsteady and inauthentic ground is destined to tumble down at some point, and the Scorpio Full Moon is bringing that sometime, to now.

Surrender to this rebirth. The Scorpio energy will make it obvious what is no longer in alignment with you. Surrender to the transformative energy. Loosen your grip and allow them to fall away.

On a wider societal level, attention will be brought towards issues and the unethical production of many well-known health and nutrition organisations.

The Scorpio Full Moon has the potential to create a devastating impact on these well-known food and health sectors. Expect many leading brands in the sector of food, beverage and health industry to damage or even lose their reputation.

In a similar case, we may experience the hacking of world-famous sales sites. Within the social media sector there may be talk about the big guys (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc) being exposed to a number of claims, and even being restricted in certain countries.



The Sun is in Taurus in a harmonious connection with Mercury, the planet of thinking and communication, and the fixed star Capulus, which encourages the power of thought, quick mindedness, and the realisation of ideas and plans.

The hard masculine energies of the trio are at 28° degrees in the 4th house of Home and Family.

Venus, the goddess of art and beauty is in Taurus, where it rules, in the 3rd house of Communications. Which is also in a harmonious position with freedom loving Uranus.

Uranus Venus combination forms a small triangle between the Sun, Mercury, Capulus trio and Mars the ruler of Scorpio in Cancer.

The fixed star Zubenelgenubi, representing social transformation, takes its place in the Midheaven point representing career, status, goals, aspirations and public reputation.

Neptune, the planet of dreams and compassion, forms an emotional water triangle with Juno the asteroid of commitment and marriage and the dog star Sirius representing success, recognition and leadership.

Neptune’s presence inspires going beyond the known and being open to miracles.




April 10, 2019 – August 10, 2019

Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo will be teaching us to learn to trust our bodies and its signals, all over again.

We are shown how to be resourceful and consume what is wholesome and purifying.

April 30, 2019  – September 18, 2018.

Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius will teach us to restore faith in our chosen paths and to look beyond hopelessness using synchronicity as guidance.

April 24, 2019 – October 3, 2019.

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn helps us to re-root in what’s enduring, timeless, and in harmony with nature.



As there are no planetary movements representing the air element – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will be feeling the Full Moon energies most through stress, impatience and feeling as if they are under-pressure.

Scorpios and Taureans are not the only signs entering a new process of change and transformation. Everyone will be feeling the effects of change during this rebirth. The degree of, and area of energy will depend on the individual birth chart.

If you were born between 1970-1984 during the Neptune Sagittarius transit, going backwards and forwards for the last three years may have had you thinking you haven’t gotten what you deserve with the effort you have put in. Don’t lose hope, finally your time has come – it is a new era for you.

If you were born between 1984-1998 during the Neptune-Capricorn transit, this Full Moon will give you courage to speak/put your word across in a clear and direct manner.

The Full Moon in Scorpio will somehow compel us to speak the same language. It will be a blessing in disguise, leading us to global unity.


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Eighth and tenth house matters concerning power, sex and money, career, fame and honours. Credit, debt, tax, insurance, scholarship, alimony, inheritance issues, money from partnerships, losses, surgeries, gains of the spouse will be highlighted during this transformative period.

Your approach towards your relationships during the Full Moon is transforming. Your demands on romantic matters are increasing and emotional reactions can intensify.

Conflicts from the past may resurface and there may be efforts to conclude unfinished business.



Seventh and ninth house matters concerning marriage, partnerships, personal relationships, travel, adventure, learning and higher education will be highlighted during this transformative period.

The full moon allows you to renew your health and daily routines.

If you have been trying for a change of order for some time, now is the time to expect results.

If you want pregnancy or children, developments are likely.

Deferred health issues may be on the agenda.



Sixth and eighth house matters concerning work, health, daily routines, power, sex and money will be highlighted during this transformative period.

Dreams and creative skills are evolving during the full moon.

Peace of mind, harmony, and affirmations can be appreciated.

You will have the opportunity to stand out amongst friends and group activities.



Fifth and seventh house matters concerning creation, recreation, self-expression, fun, marriage, partnership and personal relationships will be highlighted during this transformative period.

During the Scorpio full moon, transformations in career, status and social awareness are possible! There are developments that enable reconciliation, leaving your safe haven, evaluating others objectively, and transforming family sensitivities.



Fourth and sixth house matters concerning family, home and hearth, work, health and daily routines will be highlighted during this transformative period.

During the full moon, you will learn to specialise in a wide range of events. You are filled with the moon’s energies to realise your dreams, and the desire for creative new skills increase!



Third and fifth house matters concerning siblings, peers and social networking, communication, community, creation, recreation, self-expression and fun will be highlighted during this transformative period.

During the full moon, you can develop new areas of expertise using your creative skills.

You have the courage to leave routines that shadow your skills. Investment, production and expenditures are in the flow.



Second and fourth house matters concerning material values, self-worth, family and home and hearth will be highlighted during this transformative period.

There are developments that will truly highlight your identity during the Scorpio full moon. It is a time to leave clingy relationships of any kind.

You are gaining knowledge in the fields of foreign languages, philosophy and art.

Although your goals may vary, the most efficient areas will attract you.



First and third house matters concerning yourself, your approach, siblings, peers and social networking, communication and community will be highlighted during this transformative period.

During the Scorpio full moon, big dreams and overly ambitious approaches may lead to frustrations. If your focus is more on your meaning of life, then you are in a period where your deepest wishes are granted.

Your skills and abilities will amaze us all.



Twelfth and second house matters concerning dreams, delusion, deep shifts, hypnogogic dreams, transformation, transition, material values and self-worth will be highlighted during this transformative period.

During this full moon there is a lot of active change within your social environment. You will be transforming beyond all that does not benefit you.

You can start out from the shallow, stereotyped points of view and work to expand your vision, thinking outside the box. You will be the catalyst and your social environment will change as you renew yourself.



Eleventh and first house matters concerning the group, peers, friendships, your wider social circle, your approach, and yourself will be highlighted during this transformative period.

Changes in status are possible during the full moon. Significant incidents will trigger your creative skills.

It is important to behave rationally in business matters and aim for practical goals.



Tenth and twelfth house matters concerning career, fame, honours, dreams, delusion, deep shifts, hypnogogic dreams, transformation and transition will be highlighted during this period.

During this full moon, you may feel the need to renew all areas that require your expertise. It’s time to make decisions on the things you’ve delayed for a long time.

Now is the time to let go of outdated goals.



Ninth and eleventh house matters concerning travel, adventure, learning, higher education, speers, friendships and your wider social circle will be highlighted during this transformative period.

You may have to let go of your effort to postpone any crisis during this full moon, it will not work. Allow what needs to flow, to flow.

Your goals of material and spiritual value are being renewed.

Emotional boundaries are being replaced by more functional projects.




In Shamanism it is believed that the water element is responsible for carrying our emotions and thoughts, whether they be negative or positive.

 A big percentage (approx 60-70%) of our bodies are made of water, and during the Full Moon the gravitational forces are much stronger, pulling the water in our bodies. Sensitive individuals, animals, plants and water bodies like the ocean feel this pull strongly. If you are an empath, you will most likely be feeling this for up to a week before the full moon.

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Find a spot outside under the moon where you are comfortable. Stand facing the moon with your palms facing outward and up. Your arms should be hanging by your side in a comfortable position.

As we stand, our energy bodies will be pulling the energies of the moon, and the moon will be pulling us.

As the energies of the moon are being pulled towards you, you will sway backwards, and as the old energies leave you, you will sway forwards. Let this happen naturally and give in to the motion.

You do not need to make any requests for release, it will happen instantaneously and naturally.

During the ritual you should feel emotional release. After the ritual you should feel physically lighter.

The Scorpio full moon is the absolute best time to do this ritual.

Enjoy and have fun!


With Love and Light Always



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Dilosh has been working in the Spiritual world for over 25 years through various modes such as Tarot, Energy Healing, Numerology, Astrology, and Art.

Her passion and path in this life is to enlighten and heal Souls from all walks of life, to help make your journey smoother and filled with even more joy, magic, and growth.

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