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Nodal Shift: Aries North Node Invitations with Jordane Maree

Season 1
Episode 29
July 21, 2023
Nodal Shift Aries North Node Invitations Girl and Her Moon the Podcast

In Astrology, we look to the Lunar Nodes for insights into purpose, soul growth, destiny, and evolution. On 17 July 2023, the Lunar Nodes shift from Taurus and Scorpio, and into Aries and Libra where they will remain into January 2025.

Aries as an archetype exists within each of us, and as the North Node shifts into and journeys through this sign, we are invited to reach into deeper and higher reserves of courage. Courage to be wholly and independently you. Courage to claim your desires and take action towards your vision. And the courage to say yes to yourself, even if that means saying no to others…

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